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Episode 15. High Noon (1952): Masculine Heroes, the Old West, American "Values," and Late Oscars

What do you get when you make a film that even John Wayne hated?  The classic man-on-his-own Western, High Noon (1952; dir. Fred Zinnemann).  This episode, David and Shaun discuss the history of  93 altre parole


Jack Junior

I know it might sound strange but this is the only known photo of Tommy Knightley – at least that I know of. He looks mysterious – right? 850 altre parole

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The Life of Oharu

"Lady Oharu, a human being - no, woman - can only be happy if
she marries for love. Rank and money don't mean happiness."
- Katsunosuke… 58 altre parole

Undercover- An Austen Noir by Cat Gardiner- Excerpt

Earlier this week I was honored to be given an advance copy of Undercover- an Austen Noir by Cat Gardiner. I could not put it down! 1.270 altre parole

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Life with1952 Technology

In 1952 I was 14 years old and lived with my parents in a rented house (2-room + bath with sheet linoleum on the wood floor) in Carlsbad, NM. 906 altre parole

Can Do

Umberto D. (1952)


An older retired ex-government employee, Umberto Domenico Ferrari (Carlo Battisti), tries to survive on a miserable pension. When his landlady finally realizes that he cannot afford his rent, Umberto finds himself homeless. 532 altre parole


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