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Today in 1952: Elizabeth becomes queen

Today in 1952 King George VI dies, bringing Elizabeth II to the throne as Queen of England.

Although King George VI died in his sleep sometime during the night of Feb. 132 altre parole


Carol vs. the Price of Salt

Well I haven’t done one of these in a while, but I decided to bring this series out when I learned one of the most critically lauded and beloved movies of 2015, Todd Haynes’ Carol, was based on a novel. 3.590 altre parole


Quote • PEGGY ASHCROFT • Much Ado About Nothing

‘ Gielgud revived his own colourful, ingeniously designed 1949 production a year later, casting himself as Benedick to Peggy Ashcroft’s Beatrice. On the first night the pair drank a bottle of champagne before going on – and according to Gielgud “never played so well in our lives”. 108 altre parole


Monkey Business

This is a film about a brilliant scientist working on a cure for ageing, that he is testing on chimps in his lab. So it’s basically the plot of… 252 altre parole