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El periodismo desde los ojos de Spielberg

por Cristina Rojas

El conflicto entre la prensa y el gobierno es un problema que se vive actualmente, esa lucha por la libertad de expresión a pesar de las circunstancias y el dar a conocer la verdad con el propósito de que ayude a la sociedad. 309 altre parole


What To Do If You Did Not Match Into A Residency Position

Medical students who did not match into a residency position have a difficult, stressful, and uncertain time period ahead of them, thanks to overzealous funding of new medical schools, an influx of international medical graduates and specialty-switchers competing for positions, and above all a shortage of government-funded training positions. 11 altre parole

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Blade Runner 2049 (2017, Denis Villeneuve)

Whatever its faults, Blade Runner 2049 is breathtaking. Director Villeneuve’s composition, Roger Deakins’s photography, Dennis Gassner’s production design, all the CGI–the film is constantly gorgeous. It’s got nothing beautiful to show–the world of 2049 is a wasteland, all plant life is dead, the endless L.A. 836 altre parole


A Little Merry

Whatever holiday you celebrate this time of year, the expectation is that we’re all to be jolly and merry and joyful.  Some of that probably stems from the religious foundations of the holidays, but much of it comes from the giving and singing and the family traditions we observe. 374 altre parole


Personal Dictionary

When we’re very little there are a lot of things we can’t do.  As much as we’d like to drive a car or fly a rocket ship or be a cow-person, if you’re five years old, you can only pretend to do those things.  374 altre parole


50 Years Ago

Hey, remember 50 years ago?  You may remember, you may have read about it, or you may be delightfully unaware of what happened in 1967.  I was there, and unlike some survivors of the late 1960s, I wasn’t chemically impaired, so I remember a lot of it. 358 altre parole