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moving to Brooklyn

Taking a break from my Gossip Girl binge but still staying within the confines of Netflix I clicked on Brooklyn. Everything about this film was perfect – what would we do without Netflix – nothing more so than the fashion. 112 altre parole

My boy lollipop | Wedding plans ~ American old cars ♡

Hey ghosts! How are you? Me? Lol that’s a funny question! I’m tired and my back is killing. While the dinosaur is sleeping, I’m packing but right now I’m cooking something to eat and I’m gonna try make the dinosaur to eat as well. 259 altre parole


A Glimpse of the Past: Vintage Airline Posters

A little while ago, I spend a weekend at St. Louis Airport Hilton for a conference and got to see how they decided to decorate their hotel. 533 altre parole

Vintage Fashion

50s: I think it will be women who change the world and make it beautiful again.


What kind of career’s advice did you get as a young woman? 

I didn’t really have any career advice as a young woman, I was too busy skiving, smoking and shoplifting with my friends in town. 2.787 altre parole

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