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Somerville Car Nite - 2016

Some images from the current edition of Friday CarNite in Somerville NJ. Click thumbs for a larger view.


Red Car II

Red Car Interior… 21 altre parole


A large collection: Everyday life in Beijing in winter 1956-1957

The photos are from a Japanese book. 日文版的“岩波写真文库221”——《北京》,刊载了200余幅56~57年冬季的北京的照片



Trautmann's Journey

Some people have amazing lives.  Some people die far away from the place they were born and take life journeys they did not expect, in some cases crossing ideological borders.   293 altre parole


Fizzle and Tootso

I was looking at the filmography of Thunderbirds Are GO creator Gerry Anderson, and came across The Adventures Of Twizzle, which was described on IMDB thusly: … 88 altre parole

Comics & Cartoons


The Thirties & Forties had to lead to the Fifties. The Fifties to the Sixties. The Sixties to the Seventies.

In the depths of each phase, the forces defining that phase seem permanent. 16 altre parole