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The Sun is shining in the Sky

Grape – all smiles for this ’58 Twenty One owner/rider. The blue sky mirrors the sky blue bodywork. Bathtub rear skirt, valanced front fender, and nacelle headlight. 16 altre parole

Triumph Motorcycle

Red is the Tank

Cherry Pie – a year ago today we were enjoying Michigans best cherry pies in Beulah up near the Lelanau Peninsula. Well, this fine example of a pre-unit Triumph sure is a tasty treat wrapped in pastry, a la mode.


Pictures of Dolly - 2 dresses 

Hello dolls!

Today I kind of wanted to try and make something for the style segment here, so here you go. Here’s some pictures from today. 418 altre parole


Am I sitting comfortably?

I realised this morning (I seem to do a lot of realising, don’t I?) that one of the reasons that I am so aware of my body is I am constantly thinking about how my clothes feel. 253 altre parole

Weight Loss

Hello, let's get to know each other...


I thought the best place to start on this blog would be to introduce myself, it would be very rude not to.

My name is Megan and I love everything 1950s. 79 altre parole


Born To Be Bad (1950, Nicholas Ray)

For Nicholas Ray love (or ‘love’) is corrosive. It is unstable and moves with the waves and currents of societal corruption and sickness.
Born to Be Bad, despite what Dave Kehr persuasively argued, is not a major work, not a masterpiece and not a particularly important signal in Ray’s career. 1.123 altre parole