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Fashion through the decades.

1920’s waistline dropped while hemlines finally rose from the ground.

1950’s was the picture-perfect Stepford wife look, prim and proper.

1970’s was about peace, love, and freedom, dude. 20 altre parole

JAZZ MEETING mit den Spree City Stompers, 1958

Those damned purple Opera sleeves! Why did the design have to be so persitently unimaginative? It could not have hurt to put a little illustration or a photo on the sleeve. 519 altre parole

Berlin Records

Nostalgia is whenever you want it to be...

We all have fond memories of that magical time known as the 50’s… Wait, whats that?  You weren’t born then?  Ok, well we all have fond memories of “Leave it to Beaver”, or at least “Happy Days”, timeless TV shows that immortalized the mid-century design aesthetic.   227 altre parole


When Britain was Proud

On my line of enquiry, I have discovered numerous developments into my investigation of tradition. My focal point has been to examine British and African conventions and explore what it is to be a mixed-race white and black African living in Britain and how this can be portrayed through to your exterior, as this is a relatable topic for me.  254 altre parole


Free Knitting Pattern - For Pipe Smoking Gents - a shawl collar cardigan

Here’s a little number from the 1950’s. I’ve seen a few men wearing this style recently, so I’m guessing it’s back in fashion. I certainly have the same pattern for ladies from the 1970s too (some 70s patterns will be hitting the site soon, I’ve had a buying spree and am having a mini-phase of loving that decade). 45 altre parole

Free Vintage Patterns