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Oh You Nomi [Collectif]

I don’t really do trousers, not as a pinup. I wear jeans for work, as well as steel toed boots and a hi-vis jacket, because… 829 altre parole

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Icon: Marilyn Monroe

Norma Jean. Marilyn Monroe. I just love her. She’s my all-time favourite icon. 

Not only did she exude sexuality, sophistication and charm, but she was a much more complicated character than that. 1.224 altre parole


Legacy: Chuck Berry

March 18th, 2017 marked a monumental day in the world of music history, as it was the day that Chuck Berry, known to be one of the first pioneers of rock n’ roll, passed away. 276 altre parole

10" slide rules

10” slide rules
Hemmi, made in Japan, c.1954
Aristo, made in Japan, c. 1960
Royal, made in Japan, c.1960

The first slide rulers were developed in the C17th, for mathematical calculations. 138 altre parole