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Butterscotch Moment No. 484: The Screaming Bridge

“Barf me out!” Heather yelled. “This van smells like ALF farts!”

When I was 10 my family picked up everything and moved from Dallas to a little community outside of Mt. 997 altre parole

Family Shenanigans

Everybody Wants to Rule The World

One of the best songs ever made. There are no words to describe the aesthetics of this song. Its pure beauty. Now close your eyes and enjoy.


SOTD: Yaz - Mr. Blue

My favorite Yaz album is You and Me Both (1983)Softly Over, Nobody’s Diary, Walk Away From Love…When I go home for Mother’s Day I’m going to dig up all of my old CDs.  16 altre parole

Days 58 & 59 Back to the future.

The last couple of days have been those kind of days which you would prefer forget and in fact, if you had the chance go back in time and do them differently! 361 altre parole