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Ready Player One by Ernest Cline (2011)

A sci-fi novel set on a future Earth where existing within an 80’s style virtual reality is more important to humans than living in the real world.   147 altre parole


Can you tell what it is yet?!

Just a quick update today to share a potential Haqlins Productions ident for Passenger. As the movie is all but 80s inspired, we figured we should reflect that with idents so I’ve whipped up a special one just for this film and it’s based on a particularly iconic 80s film company…


– Shad

Passenger Film

60 Muppets Singing The Original Muppet Show Theme Song

This is promotion for that new Muppet show on ABC. Considering how much I (and many people I know) LOVED The Muppets growing up, I’m shocked I don’t know a single person that has seen this show. 39 altre parole


Fast Lane by Rationale

“Fast Lane” by Rationale is my new obsession. From the moment I heard the soulful vocals of the London-based producer, I was hooked. In addition to the beautiful vocals, the lush 80’s quality of the production creates the perfect chilled out vibe for late night drives. 19 altre parole


Hit Rewind to 1981: "Paradise" by Change

  • Weeks on Billboard Hot 100:  4
  • Highest Chart Position:  80
  • From the “Miracles” album

“Paradise” is a 1981 single by Change from the LP entiltled  148 altre parole


GothCast Episode 21: David Bowie Movies


We decided to honor the late great David Bowie by taking a look at three movies starring the Thin White Duke. Two of these films have strong connections to the gothic subculture and the third is a slightly obscure yet highly stylized film about an alien. 44 altre parole


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