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Smoke If You Got 'Em

In last weeks Episode we discussed the controversial (in our own minds) PSA starring C3PO and R2D2.

We also talked about an epic after school game show called Double Dare. 22 altre parole


The Stone Roses - I Wanne Be Adored

One of the first Britpop bands recorded ¬†the album “The Stone Roses” in 1989. It is regarded as one of the best albums ever recorded. 52 altre parole


Why We All Need Some Tina In Our Lives!

Tina Turner has been my idol since I was a little girl and I first saw her in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. I was probably way too young to watch that film (my age was single figures) but thanks to my awesome uncle¬†ignoring film certifications, I was able to build up an epic 80’s and 90’s film repertoire way before my age would allow it. 661 altre parole