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Family Ties.

As lovely as my childhood was, I cant deny that throughout the 80s I wanted to replace my entire family. There was nothing wrong with my family per se, I was just of the opinion that God had made a slight mistake in placing me in the west of Ireland, when it was blindingly obvious I was more suited to the bright lights of America- anywhere in America. 98 altre parole


Daily Cartoon! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S.2,E.12: "The Catwoman From Channel Six"

Welcome one and all to another fancy episode of TMNT! With only one episode left in Season 2 after today, I’m hoping we can build toward some sort of cliffhanger to give me a story to sink my teeth into. 1.324 altre parole

80s Cartoon

Song of the Day

Another song I liked to listen to and never thought about the meaning nor did I bother to really understand the lyrics back then. But when I listened to the song now it really made me think and I checked Wikipedia: 450 altre parole

Song Of The Day

Steve McQueen is complex and beautiful, just like Austin's eyes.

If this week had a theme, it would be “Austin Gerth is right, and I’m wrong”. I started watching the TV show Twin Peaks a few days ago, and I was totally disinterested in it. 512 altre parole

Ethan Hawke Talks Explorers

Part of the excellent DP/30 series of interviews on YouTube, Ethan discusses his career – beginning with the highs and lows of his experience auditioning for Explorers, making the movie, and living with its subsequent failure. 15 altre parole


Made in the 80's

Mióta az eszemet tudom, nagyon vonzódom az ezredforduló előtti évtizedek stílusához. Körülbelül a 60-as évektől a 90-es évekig terjedő időszak az, amelybe zokszó nélkül visszarepülnék. 604 altre parole


The 80's and 90's

yesterdays of photos;

frowns and smiles

catalogued in plastic.

The hands of time

freezing her history of errors–

bottle of Breck-teased hair

frantic to reach heights. 23 altre parole