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Emission #90: Spiral Ladder

Tone Loc – Wild Thing

Sheila E – The Glamorous Life

Nat King Cole – Calypso Blues

The Malibus – Cry

Larry & The Blue Notes –  25 altre parole


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My Foolish Heart

… slower?

… not slow enough?

.    .    .



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Review #92: GUNSHIP - Gunship

Artist – GUNSHIP
Album – Gunship (2015)

Check it out – https://open.spotify.com/album/03Rl4TjvJVdR2nBUupV7Wf

Gunship are a synthwave band from Northamptonshire, UK. The group consists of members Dan Haigh, Alex Westaway, Alex Gingell, Dan and Alex W also being members of the Charlie Simpson led band Fightstar. 270 altre parole


Martial arts, viking women with machine guns, David Hasselhoff, and Hitler??? Welcome to the world of Kung Fury

I….no, I really can’t describe how moviebox, sweatband, Final Countdown awesome the 30 film Kung Fury really is. You’re just going to have to witness it in all of its 80’s glory for yourself: