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I started getting into Alexander O’Neal’s discography during the holidays. Alexander O’Neal is an American r&b,soul,funk ,rock and pop artist. He was supposed to be the lead singer of The Time but got replaced by Morris Day following a disagreement with Prince.   53 altre parole


The Ferris Bueller Theory You Haven't Heard Before...

Hughes is a teen-flick King in the mind of many film fans, perhaps due to his sincere compassion for the alienation of adolescence. His 80s era films received cult status in the years after their release, and each one was written by a 30-something year old man. 626 altre parole

Tuesday : Accessories : Orphan V

This week we will have a look at some lovely Vintage accessories, starting with this elegant classic, Veiled Caplet hat, made from a textured silk fabric. 165 altre parole


Auto-Pilot – 8-Zero

Electronic music from the late 70’s to early 80’s is encapsulated in this latest release from Auto-Pilot. This album, with its retro sound & strong tracks really captures that magic era of Synth-pop.  27 altre parole


RALPH’s “Busy Man” Is Your New Heart-Pounding 70s/80s Disco Pop Hybrid

Toronto-based songstress, RALPH, shared another chic hybrid of 70s and 80s disco pop titled “Busy Man” and despite its retro melodic elements, it’s a theme that applies to our modern commitment-phobic, workaholic urban romance. 77 altre parole


Toys I Wish I Had As A Kid - Halloween Edition

I always think about the toys I could’ve had as a kid or the ones that I had no way in hell of ever getting my parents to sign-off on. 878 altre parole

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