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Boomtown - David & David (1986)

Over the holiday, I dug deep into what was left of my water damaged record collection at my parents house. Of the few long lost CDs and LPs, I came across one I forgot I had and had been looking for. 579 altre parole


Gregori Hunte

Gregori Hunte was a male R&B singer from the early ’80s. Not much information is given about him, but he was signed to the Acme Music Corporation label. 61 altre parole


Roman Holliday

Roman Holliday was a British pop\new wave band from the ’80s.

It originally consisted of singer Steve Lambert (born on March 14, 1962 in Mile End, London), guitarist\vocalist Brian Bonhomme (born on September 30, 1962 in Harlow, Essex), drummer Simon Cohen (born on January 11, 1963 in Kings Cross, London), pianist Adrian York (born on July 11, 1961 in Chiswick, London), bass player Jon Durno (born on March 4, 1962 in Enfield, England), trumpet player John Eacott (born on December 19, 1961 in Reading, Berkshire) and saxophone player Rob Lambert (born on February 22, 1963 in Epping, Essex). 732 altre parole


Nuova data annunciata! Live con Gost a Milano!

Mi si è incastrato il pulsante dell’acceleratore.
Aggiunta un’altra data nelle vicinanze di Milano (Rozzano), questa volta in compagnia di Gost (Blood Music). Dovrò vestirmi scuro per l’occasione e preparerò una tracklist abbastanza cattiva per arrivare al pineapple pizza slayer che è in voi. 14 altre parole


Bloody Movie (1987) - Movie Review

I Haven’t Seen That Guy In Years

A long-dead star from the early days of cinema returns to rack up a bloody body count when his estate is invaded by greedy land developers and party minded college kids in 1987’s Terror Night….. 1.109 altre parole

Movie Review

Do You Believe in Magic? (and other Great Commercial Jingles)

*Creaky old lady voice*

Back in the olden days before Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube, we kids used to watch this thing called TV. It had thirteen channels full of entertaining TV shows with laugh tracks and catchy theme songs. 451 altre parole