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Wedding dilemmas: Live band vs DJ

I love live music and have always wanted a band for my wedding. Finding a good group suited to both Polish and British audiences without breaking the bank, however, proved problematic. 354 altre parole

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It's Hair Metal vs. Giant Monsters in "Dead Ant" Trailer

In this corner…a hair metal band on the verge of a comeback. In this corner, giant ants!

Yes, that’s what we see in the trailer to the upcoming horror-comedy¬† 105 altre parole

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Led Zeppelin

One of my favorite classic rock bands. I take Jimmy Page and Jimmi Hendrix over Santana anyday.


Live Music + Great Food: Picture of the Week! (7/23 - 29/17)

Having a taste for gumbo, I went to Poor House Bistro (in San Jose, Ca) and not only had great food, but also treated to live music! 58 altre parole


Food & Coffee in Hanoi (Part 3) #13

Day xxx in Hanoi!

We went out for Bahn Mi after doing some research on TripAdvisor for ‘Best Bahn Mi in town’. HAHAHA! Honestly, TripAdvisor is the real deal. 983 altre parole


When Songs tell a Story. A Tribute to Chester.

A/N- I am deeply saddened by the sudden demise of the great singer, the inspiration behind numerous music bands that came into existence after listening to Linkin Park Songs, CHESTER BENNINGTON. 215 altre parole


New mural in the center of Athens illustrated by the Cypriot street artist Paparazzi. A music band on the walls of Psyrri area. A large scale colourful artwork not to be missed if you planning your trip to Greece. 14 altre parole