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Call me, maybe?

Hey Teen Mom.

Can we work together, next time?

My daughter had a memory pop up on social media this week from a year ago. 278 altre parole

Outpost Communication

Dr.  Martha Hawes has been a pioneering researcher on plant root border cells. I became fascinated with their role while researching the fungal/plant communication in the rhizosphere of goldenseal ( 422 altre parole

Chemical Ecology

It's in the Dirt

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Well, dirt plus nutrient content. Organic farmers know that it’s really about the soil. In particular, the “living” component of the soil. … 252 altre parole

Chemical Ecology

The Story Of The 1980 Oakland Raiders

The article below is the unforgettable story of the 1980 Oakland Raiders led by men like Jim Plunkett and Lester Hayes. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it. 7.801 altre parole