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Introducing: Night Shift

This Sunday at Corsica Studios, the Children of Jaded will be indulged with lashings of techno. Not only will J.TIjn play an extended set alongside Rodriguez and Stanford in R1. 100 altre parole


Chamber Party After Hours at the Aquarium

The Aquarium is always a blast! It is now only one year old! Tanked from the TV show actually had built it. Very cool experience and great place to take the kids too! 50 altre parole

Sunset Safari at London Zoo | Things to do in London


So last week my friend and I went to the Sunset Safari at the London Zoo, which basically means that we got to visit the Zoo and its inhabitants after normal opening hours. 303 altre parole


Pains and Gains

hello all of you that dont read my blog. seriously, no one reads it. but alas i have determined that its a rather fulfilling outlet that is also kind of fun. 134 altre parole

Ty Lawson is getting into the after hours insustry...

The place is called Medusa, its open from 2am to 5am fridays and saturdays. its at 1500 Market, and eventually it might become a classy place for rich people to sip ciroc and smoke blunts. 20 altre parole