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"Al terzo ascolto è un'altra cosa": Spread - Vivi per miracolo

Inauguriamo con questo disco degli Spread una nuova rubrica nella sezione “On Air” del blog.
Si chiama “Al terzo ascolto è un’altra cosa” e racconta i dischi che al terzo ascolto ti fanno vedere il mondo in maniera diversa. 233 altre parole

On Air

Emiliano Grigis - "Having less and less time I prefer to use my visual memory and a physical connection to music"

I notice on the down left corner “The Idiot” of Iggy Pop… I can’t avoid asking you: are you going to drink whiskey, watch “Stroszek”, listen to that album and hang yourself? 730 altre parole


Sem and Sténn

This PR thing is amazing. Now, I don’t want to imply that working as a lawyer is boring, that after the umpteenth merger plan or shareholders’ resolution carrying forward the annual profits they are all the same but… yes, they kinda are. 529 altre parole

Hey there, I wrote a story about a recent Ravyn Lenae concert. She's dope

Hey there guys!

Check out my latest published story with The Huntington News. I cover Ravyn Lenae’s show in a venue on Northeastern’s campus and talk a lot about Asoh Black! 8 altre parole


My Sweetest Mistake

Life is full of mistakes. They come in all shapes, different colors and divergent magnitudes. Some of them keep you blinded and in complete denial, these are the ones that land like a sucker punch out of left field, you simply don’t see them coming, the ones you refuse to accept but leave an indelible mark in your heart and mind. 747 altre parole


  Bigbabygucci has returned with a new single titled “Cyber” produced by Afterhours. The track clocks in a little over the two minute mark and is just enough time for Gucci to make a hit, delivering melodic bars over a beat that sounds like it’s straight from the soundtrack of a video game. 52 altre parole