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Golden Bean Coffee

Even though the coffee places are popping up in all sorts of places. This is another welcome addition. The place is narrow but the interior decor is conforting ans dare i say it urban city contenporart?(made that up myself.This place not for the feint of wallet 110 pesos for a cup of americano. 26 altre parole

11 Reasons Why Working At Night is Awesome

Night work. Starting your day when other’s are winding down theirs.

Perhaps you’ve been there. Maybe you haven’t. Or maybe you’re there right now as you read these words…. 309 altre parole


Jagna, Bohol

When I visit this town or when i watch the first star wars movie. The place that Luke Skywalker starts off in, his adopted home planet reminds me of this town. 103 altre parole

Coffee Factory

Another coffee place? You betcha! This place is kinda inconvenient when it comes to location but makes up for it with personality. They offer coffee beans from different countries and have cool chemistry looking sets designed to…yes you guessed it to make coffee. 32 altre parole

Beirut Bloody Beirut

BBB is my final masters project, a very personal ,black and white, 47 pages comic book .

It all started out with the following idea : a girl comes back to Lebanon after a trip. 196 altre parole