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Temple of Leah

“Build it and they will come” is the expression that comes to mind in regards to the “Temple of Leah.” I suppose one may think of this place as Cebu’s own version of India’a Taj Mahal. 94 altre parole

Calle Crisologo

I kept remembering that one of my super moon chase took me at Vigan City’s Calle Crisologo during the wee after hours.



Motor oil dripping off the dinner plate should have stained my uniform. The ugly, salmon dress molded to my hips and I knew a nametag sat squarely on my chest but I couldn’t bring myself to look down. 960 altre parole

Julia Horwitz

CLIMAX - Last Night at 76 Geary

On Friday January 20th, 2017, we said goodbye to one of our favourite after hours spot in the city. It was home to us for almost two years and in a very short time myself and a choice selection of underground promoters were fortunate enough to host a wide range of parties with some of our favourite local and international guests. 28 altre parole


Kumori Japanese Bakery and Cafe

Another place suggested by my cousins, but truth be known this one is a little biased since both of them like cheese cake like desserts and one of them likes the green tea matcha option. 125 altre parole

Candy and Kisses Lutong Bahay

Once more its about nostalgia. There used to be a school on this street called Philippine Paramedical and Technical School. Across from it was a carenderia that was as basic as can be but the food was good. 65 altre parole


PANW stock sold

#AfterHours #StockTrades #Earnings
Sold to Close $PANW stock for 146.52. Bought for 140.85 after their earnings announcement, after hours on Nov 21st. This was supposed to be a 1-hour to 1-day trade. 9 altre parole