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The Vampire Diaries Ruined my Life

After hours

time: 3:09

Nauseated from the tray of ghosts of cookies past that I quite literally wolfed down a mere few moments ago, I am now here. 725 altre parole



After hours

It’s 04:22 am. I know that when the sun rises I’ll be sleeping, and will continue to do so probably until 17:32- just a rough estimate- but for now, I’m here. 508 altre parole


Coffee Way

This is a new find on the way to the airport. The place has just newly opened, has not reached a year yet. Neat interior decor coffee is not bad and a nice place to stop by if you are in the area. 13 altre parole


After Hours - Adam Lambert

Gotta get out
Gotta get outside
I gotta get outside of my mind
Before I rip it out

I’m on a drive
I’m on a nightdrive… 114 altre parole


Temple of Leah

“Build it and they will come” is the expression that comes to mind in regards to the “Temple of Leah.” I suppose one may think of this place as Cebu’s own version of India’a Taj Mahal. 94 altre parole

Calle Crisologo

I kept remembering that one of my super moon chase took me at Vigan City’s Calle Crisologo during the wee after hours.



Motor oil dripping off the dinner plate should have stained my uniform. The ugly, salmon dress molded to my hips and I knew a nametag sat squarely on my chest but I couldn’t bring myself to look down. 960 altre parole

Julia Horwitz