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9: Moses Sumney — Aromanticism

The eerie headless and floating figure, photographed from behind, on the cover of this soulful L.A. up-and-comer’s debut album is unnerving at first glance. 161 altre parole


Album Review: Familia De Lobos by Familia De Lobos

It’s said that you should never start anything with an apology, but that’s what I’m doing right here. Usually when I premiere a single track… 1.055 altre parole

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Album Review: The Bellamy Brothers - 'Sons of the Sun'

The Bellamy Brothers’ sixth studio album was also released in 1980 and continued the duo’s winning streak with two high performing singles. The lead single, and album opener, “Lovers Live Longer” hit #3. 218 altre parole

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Stone The Crows - Ode to John Law (1970)

4 out of 5 Stars!

With the terrific Maggie Bell as the band’s front-woman, one might expect to hear thunderous and raspy Janis Joplin-inspired vocals, loaded with angst and emotion, over hard-driving Blues Rock, which is exactly what’s on offer here. 308 altre parole

Album Reviews

Best Albums of 2017 - Killian Laher

Best Albums of 2017 – Killian Laher

Hi folks, a year where albums were plentiful but were there gems amongst the rubble?  Well it’s Top 10 time so here goes: 307 altre parole


Spoon - Hot Thoughts

No band embodies the idea of independent rock better than Spoon. Since 1996, the Austin band has churned out a great album every two to three years (see: … 561 altre parole


Album review: Core Of Io – ‘Part II: Europa’ (Self-Released)

Core Of Io – ‘Part II: Europa’ (Self-Released) http://ift.tt/2l1A0bP

You know, at heart, UR boss Monk just a good old-fashioned rock ‘n’ roller. He doen’t really like the fancy things in life… a roof over his head, his beautiful wife by his side, a decently cooked steak and a slab of chips… He likes the basic things in life. 57 altre parole