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How to Get Your Book Accepted for Review on My Blog or Any Blog

“How to get your book accepted for review?” this is a question that I hear from both authors and bloggers because it affects both sides. So I thought I’d put together my personal tips for getting a book accepted for review on my blog. 1.196 altre parole

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Here is an update since I am just under 2 weeks until Spain!

I finally counted the money that I had been collecting in my coin jar, and it totaled to just over $140. 272 altre parole

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Finally Together

This morning as I sat in the quiet for my morning meditation, I had the thought about what to write today, and my intuition told me it would be a post that I’d share from my “Life in my 20s Series.” The thought was surprising and not surprising at the same time, since it had been a while since I’d posted such a blog. 474 altre parole

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PIXELART // Jammin Mage

Pixelart illustration and design work commissioned by Jammin Mage for his Twitch channel.





PIXELART // King Radinov

In the past months I’ve worked on a few pixelart illustrations and design work for Twitch streamer King Radinov who commissioned them for his channel. Although I’ve posted them before in other social media, only now I’m uploading the content to the blog. 19 altre parole


Prepping for Uni - Second Year

Being a fresher was stressful, so going into second year I know I can’t afford to make the same mistakes I did last year.  It turns out that being on an English degree requires quite a lot of reading. 324 altre parole

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The beauty of Black Desert - Castle ruins

Black Desert Online has given me the option of shooting some beautiful images from inside its beautiful world and it has given me quite a bit of joy. 188 altre parole

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