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Capitalism or abuse?

Let’s play a game. I’ll make a statement, and you tell me if I’m talking about an abusive partner or capitalism. (Potential triggers for discussion of abuse.) 162 altre parole

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Enforced attention

Oh well, we always knew it would be excruciating.  And this is not the week for it, either.

The time for pencils was over.  I tried out writing with… 57 altre parole

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Pure love

Johnny is now less than a month away. I can’t believe I will be able to touch him, to look into his eyes. So much has happened during this year we have been apart. 228 altre parole


Close View of Child with Doll (Archive Image #3136)

Post Mortem.. or not??? Archive members can view the entire uncropped photo [ here ].

*** If you are not yet a Thanatos Archive member and would like access to our online collection [ click here ].

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Facebook tagging

Why do I even try tagging people when they never reply? It literally takes less than a second to at least hit the like button. Makes me feel like shit. 144 altre parole

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