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Start With Solidarity

Montgomery, Alabama is one of the poorest places I’ve ever lived.

We live in a big beautiful house along with other wealthy (mostly) white people. The posh grocery stores are just blocks away. 804 altre parole



It’s not a symptom

of disrespect

or irreverence

to want America to be better,

but is instead of the purest love:

a love that wants… 8 altre parole


What to say?

I wanted to say something about what was going in on America, I didn’t want to ignore it, but everything I wrote sounded very hollow. 169 altre parole


Editorial: Blacks are also humans: The injustice must stop!

The Chronicle has sighted with utmost disgust a video of an American police officer kneeling on the neck of an African-American, who has since been identified as George Floyd, till he lost consciousness and died. 720 altre parole