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Another World (The Late Mini Review)

Seeing Another World (known in the past as Out of This World in some territories) arrive on Xbox One in its 20th anniversary incarnation was an interesting exercise for me as it was a game I knew of back when my Atari ST was my primary gaming and computing machinery but at that time I never got around to playing it. 688 altre parole


Mulher solteira

Quando eu era solteira e, mesmo agora comprometida, pensava que as mulheres descompromissadas são livres. Se quiserem dar em cima de alguém, não é um problema. 708 altre parole

Magazine Review: Retro Gamer - The Amiga Book

Factfile Published By: Imagine Expect To Pay: £9.99

What Is It?

A retrospective look at the greatest home computer of all time, the incomparable Amiga 500. 1.255 altre parole


Adventure of Norris (Amiga\UAE) Collision cheat

Hi all,

Adventures of Norris is a pleasant wander-about collect ‘em up game with good gfx and nice moody music. I personally think it is a bit better than the official Jet Set Willy on the Amiga since unlike the aforesaid port, it retains the room naming convention and flick-screen nature like the original Speccy JSW so you can more easily map it out. 87 altre parole


My Neighbor Totoro!!!

Hi to all!

We are ready for the new CD Amiga Anime course, with a new release, I hope it is welcome: My Neighbor Totoro !!! 76 altre parole