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New LCD-TV for my Amiga 1200

Hi there,

It’s Sunday morning and I thought I’d introduce you to the “new” LCD-TV I got for my Amiga 1200. :)

Up until now I’ve used a big, grey Philips CRT-TV, but the problem was that it took up too much space. 243 altre parole


10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast EP8 - Amiga OS 3.1.4 and Best Workbench

Hi guys,

Another episode of the 10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast has been released. :)

Welcome! This episode is about Amiga OS 3.1.4 and it’s companion software, Best Workbench 1.0 – I cover a bit of history, a bit of the more complex parts of the install and my feelings about it compared to OS 3.9 You can purchase Amiga OS 3.1.4 from Hyperion from here – …

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The Retro Hour EP144: Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis with Hal Barwood

Hi everyone,

The guys at The Retro Hour is back with another episode of their podcast. In this one they’re joined by legendary Hal Barowood, a friend of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, to talk about his time at LucasArts and the classic Indiana Jones and The Fate of Atlantis.


The End of Google Plus -- Just Another Blathering

It never gained as much popularity as some other social media platforms but I liked Google Plus. It was (is) a social media platform whose users seemed to focus on positive things, projects and so forth. 685 altre parole


My Amiga Mary Jane

The first time I smoked weed I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to feel. My parents had left town, we had the house to ourselves, what better time to try and smoke. 844 altre parole


AMIGArama Podcast Episode 51: Walker

Hello there,

Lorfarius has returned with another episode of his AMIGArama podcast! :) In this one he explores Walker from Psygnosis.


Amigos Amiga Podcast Episode 168 - Overkill

Hi everyone,

Boat and Aaron are back with a new episode of the Amigos Amiga Podcast. :)

In this episode they discuss recent Amiga news and reviews the game Overkill.