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My First Computer – The Amiga 500 plus

The year was 1991… Ok so before I carry on, I had obviously played games before this, I’d played in the arcades, I’d played on my friends NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) over at his house. 1.063 altre parole


Mastering the Monsters

After the release of Ultima, many role-playing games followed suit, while most just came and went, none of them tried anything new or different; most were either platformers or… 899 altre parole


How I made the attack waves to my experimental Amiga game

I’m trying to relax from my studies..

I seem to live very much in the past. Now I would like to share the strange idea I had, when I made the attack waves to my experimental Amiga game. 141 altre parole


Stephen Jones: Michael from Cloanto Interview and Q&A from Public

Hi everyone,

Stephen Jones, the man behind the new Amiga 3000 inspired cases and several other projects, is going to do an interview with Mike Battilana of… 60 altre parole


Blade Warrior

You can usually spot an Amiga game a mile off: It’ll have a bright pink gradient for a background and then everything in front of that will either look like airbrushed chrome, “I read The Lord of the Rings as a teenager”, or eighties anime as half-remembered by a British guy who saw Akira once on VHS.  1.980 altre parole


Amiga: How to Install AMOS 3D on AMOS Pro

Hi everyone

While working on new Amiga projects in Void, I thought it would be fun to try out AMOS 3D with AMOS Pro. … 366 altre parole


Carta para una amiga distanciada


Espero que
estés bien, y digo que espero porque, honestamente, no sé si lo estás. Ni para
ti ni para mí es un secreto que nuestro vínculo no es el mismo de antes. 1.017 altre parole

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