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Resolutions and Revolutions

Thursday tomorrow

Just what are the delights and highlights of a normal Thursday?

Well, if we get lucky at work, there is pizza for lunch at the canteen, as opposed to the normal Thursday offering of Andouillette (pronounced OND WEE YET) – this very particular French delicacy is best translated in English as “tripe sausage” – it is a sausage-like looking food made from pigs intestines. 590 altre parole


Don't mess with Andouillette

Accidentally ordered a tripe sausage. It came on top of my soup and was disgusting! That taught me one important lesson. Don’t mess with Andouillette… 56 altre parole


Winter French Dishes

Andouillette is an example of a peasant dish gone chic. You can find it in restaurants throughout boutique hotels in Paris – in this case, I tried it at Baragones, a lovely little…

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French Life

I'd like to dedicate this award to ....

This is where I say thank you to the lovely Bendilyn Bach, writer of a blog that I read and unfailingly enjoy, by the name of… 853 altre parole


Еда не для слабонервных

О том, как на меня напала сосиска. И про вознаграждение за храбрость.

После переезда мне, как надо, снесло крышу от еды и супермаркетов. Тем более, они в Люксембурге чаще лучше и дешевле, чем в большинстве мест во Франции.

French Cuisine: The Realest Shit, and a bit of sewer humour

When my Year Abroad was but a few hours old, I encountered the first situation in an ever-growing list of linguistic-ego crushing experiences. After rolling into Le Mans in the 2CV and dropping my stuff off, my dad decided wave his son off into the urban tundra of north-eastern France in one of the better ways you can spend an evening: in front of a mountain of delicious French restaurant food. 1.381 altre parole

A Bag of Assholes.


So. I went to Paris this summer, as previously noted, and have astonishingly less to report than literally all odds¹ would suggest. Part of this owes to the fact that it was July, and who knew (the answer: everyone. 1.267 altre parole

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