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Daily Attendance: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Episode Twenty-Five

There is a clear line of delineation as far as the settings for today’s episode, inside Gluttony’s stomach and outside Gluttony’s stomach. Outside of it are three groups. 347 altre parole


Updated Thoughts on Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu (1st Season)

Yeah. I overrated the shit out of this title.

When I first watched Baka-Test, I was impressed with two things: animation and effort. It’s so upbeat, so zany and fun that it almost seems like there’s more to this title than meets the eye. 753 altre parole


Our First Show of C2E2

Mykey Fresh here and this is the first of our C2E2 coverage, we have a few interviews coming out.  On a personal note, I really enjoyed C2E2.   41 altre parole


Update On My Blogging Life

Hello, everybody!

Sorry, I’ve been busy with moving and stuff. I just got accepted for Matriculation and there was a lot of stuff to do, and I couldn’t procrastinate on those kinds of stuff. 218 altre parole


Special: Ozine Fest 2015 (Day 3 Attendance)

Remember my special post about ToyCon 2014 last year? Actually this post is almost the same, but this time it was Anime-themed. I really like attending Anime conventions like this. 306 altre parole


Anniversary Celebration! Cosplay+Sz First Year

We are so grateful for all the support you have given us all during this first year with the movement of Cosplay + Sz. This past March 29, we conducted a photoshoot and get together to celebrate our achievements and affection that you, the followers, have given us. 785 altre parole