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Series Review - Joker Game

Written by Bananaowns

Images courtesy of Production I.G

Expectations can make or break pretty much anything in life.  In terms of anime, expectations can drastically alter how the audience perceives a show.  717 altre parole


Space Runaway Ideon Episode 35 BD

Not sure what else to say other than this is another solid episode and that we’re rapidly approaching the end of the series with only four episodes left. 38 altre parole


"Asymmetry" Revisiting Gatchaman Crowds Episode 2

When Gatchaman Crowds first aired, I was undecided on what direction the series would take. The premiere episode hinted at anything from poking fun at superheroes to an odd “buddy cop” duo starring Hajime Ichinose and Sugune Tachibana with Hajime inevitably spoiling Sugune’s stodgy plans, dragging his character forward. 931 altre parole


The Spirit of an Educator in Great Teacher Onizuka アニメ (Anime)

Teaching is perhaps the single most praiseworthy career path. Moreover, ALL human beings are teachers–not only those with certifications and degrees. 356 altre parole


Snow White with the Red Hair: Episodes 1&2

When Shirayuki’s unique red hair gets noticed by the prince of her kingdom, she must flee for her safety to the neighboring land of Clarines. There she hopes to follow her dream of becoming an herbalist. 524 altre parole


King Solomon X Kirito: Living the Harem Life!

If you have ever dived into mainstream anime, you have probably come across the term “harem” at some point. Traditionally, a harem is a genre within otaku culture that involves one main character that is surrounded by three or more others of the same or opposite sex. 902 altre parole


orange - Episode 4

Relationships are hard, y’all.

Friendships, romances, family ties–no two are the same, and they all take different kinds work. I’m not sure there’s ever a time when relationships get  76 altre parole