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Seasonal Thoughts: Summer 2015 Recap + Fall 2015 Anticipation

Considering current (and future) schedule, it’s simply unsustainable for me to keep up with all/most of the shows in a given season, let alone write about them on something resembling frequent basis. 4.130 altre parole


The Asterisk War Episode #01

Here’s another light novel adaptation by A-1 Pictures, and I have to say that it’s gonna be potentially good…

…especially the fanservice. Never mind, I’m skeptical about this series as A-1 Pictures are getting inconsistent when it comes to animation. 520 altre parole


End of September Update 10/3/15

Konbanwa, minna, it has been a while, has it not?

If you’ve recently taken your head out of your own blogging and anime whatnot, then you might have noticed my lack of content. 971 altre parole


IMO: Yondemasu yo, azazel-san

Genre: Comedy, Mature, Fantasy, Demon

Yondemasu yo, azazel-san (You’re being summoned, Azazel-san) is a 2 season series with 13 episodes each, packed full of comedy targeting mature audience. 145 altre parole


Young Black Jack - Episode 1

  • Man chest as the first shot.
  • Those aren’t scars, those are Frankenstein levels of stitching.
  • Oh my God, this OP is wonderful. Upbeat happy music about being alive while bullets rip through waterlilies.
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10 Anime Series You Need to Watch Before You Die (Part 2)

Dying refers to the act of y’know, kicking the bucket and spilling your guts or whatever is inside all over the floor. Just before you go though, you’ve gotta explore the world thoroughly enough, and what better way to do just that than to watch anime? 1.313 altre parole