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R.I.P: Defunct Anime Studios

While the state of the anime industry isn’t necessarily dire, not all anime studios have been lucky enough to withstand the test of time. There are perhaps around 80 Japanese anime studios currently churning out new titles on a regular (or at least semi-regular) basis, but others have unfortunately closed down, largely due to either the death of their respective founders or, more commonly, major financial problems. 624 altre parole


Dies irae: Amantes amentes — Nanaca Sakura

I recently finished reading the highly praised epic Dies irae, and what an epic it was. While a lot of it feels nothing more than action and redundant, generic speeches, there is a lot more going on beneath the surface of the plot which does not get revealed until the latter half.

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30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 1

Yo! yo! yo!

A friend of mine discovered this challenge few days ago. He sent it to me, then challenged me to do this on my blog. 152 altre parole


Film Review: Tokyo Ghoul (Live Action)

Despite the bad reputation of live action film adaptations of anime and manga, Tokyo Ghoul’s live action movie, screened in the GFT as part of the Scotland Loves Anime film festival, delivered a satisfactory result to anticipating fans. 319 altre parole

In Case You Missed It

I may have over-reached last week and found myself in the position of actually not having a post even draft for the following morning. Work travel was kind of expected though went a bit longer than anticipated and then my laptop died so while I could still kind of read stuff on my phone, drafting and scheduling posts was not going to happen. 603 altre parole

Anime Soundtracks

I have written a couple posts on Japanese Pop music and Rock music. One subject I never tackled was the soundtracks of Anime Music. I think we all at some point have taken the music from our favorite animes for granted. 168 altre parole

Urahara (EP 3)- Just some ramblings

A decent episode, nothing mind blowing happened. So far Urahara seems to be following the standard Maho Shoujo episodic formula, meaning the first half of the episode follows the girls around on their daily lives and the second half is on eliminating the unwanted guests. 290 altre parole