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Night Fox – Comic Post #099: Heat Transfer

Not caught up on the comic yet? You can go visit the comic’s archive through this link here.

Can I just say, I really hate how bi-polar the weather can be around where I live? 251 altre parole


Going Down The List: Yuyushiki


I must make a confession, a confession that might make me unpopular: I didn’t actually like Yuyushiki that much. I watched it all when it aired, but I haven’t touched it since July 2013. 193 altre parole


Staff and Cast Announced for the Clione no Akari Anime

The staff and cast have been announced for the forthcoming anime adaptation of the Clione no Akari illustrated online novel.

Naoya Ishikawa’s one-man animation studio Ishikawa Pro is directing the anime at drop. 137 altre parole


Picture of The Day: Neko Girl 7

A combination of nekomimi and megane are always good for the eyes. Here’s a Neko Girl for you and this will be my selection for today’s Picture of The Day post. 11 altre parole


Walking around in Osaka

In most travel guides, Osaka starts with the Glico figure. And if I am really honest, what pulled me there was…



More specifically… 791 altre parole


Winamp Skin: M60

Another Girls Frontline character is ready to be used as a Winamp skin. This time it’s M60 to be featured as a Winamp skin and she is looking rather rowdy here. 87 altre parole


Boruto Episode 5 Preview

The girls won the fight and yes, that does mean Sarada had technically defeated Boruto. We are slowly getting to know each and every character from this new generation, with another newcomer appearing next week. 100 altre parole