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Cloudy – Windy – Wet


The number of disappearing children and young adults is on the rise. In the last post, I linked a story about a girl of nine who vanished while at a wedding reception in France. 1.381 altre parole


Brain Storm Front

I looked and looked for clues on the who, what and why of animal mutilations and managed to put together a plausible answer. As we as citizens of the world are still living in the stoneage, it’s no wonder that he who wields the mightiest club gets to call the shots. 1.510 altre parole


Stranger than

A cattle abduction as seen by a UFO spotter (Devon, England) – 13-Dec-2016

“I estimated that the object must of been the size of a large transit van. 1.365 altre parole


R a n d o m

Why are my words going haywire?

Links are not being clicked and they sometimes expire

I write Conversation instead of Conservation

People’s minds are melting as if on a fire… 829 altre parole



A little birdie came and tweeted in my ear

It said don’t be worried now and have no fear

These mutilations are not local or very near… 1.774 altre parole



More mutilations. More and more mutilations. Animal mutilations. Human mutilations. Why is there still no, let’s say, apparent interest by our governments and law enforcement in general? 1.564 altre parole



Everything you always wanted to know about Animal Mutilations (not for the squeamish!)

Listen to the interview (35 min.) between Linda Moulton-Howe, a science investigator (earthfiles.com), and a farmer in Kentucky (USA) whose goats were mutilated, followed by info on sheep mutilations in England: 1.287 altre parole