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Meta Morph

A meta morph

While reporting is fun

Nothing is getting the job done

The word is staying in

I’ll pry open some of my verse… 646 altre parole



It’s pretty obvious that nobody in officialdom is interested in stopping animal mutilations but no fear, animals are no longer the main concern, we are! 967 altre parole



I’ve been writing this blog for just under a year

On a subject for me that is very dear

A friend’s goat was found without an ear! 862 altre parole


BLUE, part II

I am a bit perplexed as to why people follow this blog yet do not read the posts. It must be the sliced-up and shredded-animal verses or the reports on missing children? 345 altre parole



The very first blog entry (The Invisible Man, and its follow-up The Invisible Man, part 2) told the story of a goat mutilation that happened in Switzerland close to where I live. 1.354 altre parole


Creepy Tales

The wool is being pulled over our eyes

Aren’t you fed up with government lies?

Heads are cleaved with surgical skill

A master cut and n’er the blood to spill; 965 altre parole


Poetic Justice

I don’t know about you, but some mighty strange things are happening that get systematically swept under the carpet by governments and mainstream media.

Ask yourselves where all those missing children in Washington D.C. 752 altre parole