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443.3 MHz W5DEL Repeater

What a busy year it has been.  Today at 12:24 PM, the 443.3 MHz repeater signed on the new DB-420 antenna at 96 feet on the new tower.   328 altre parole


Don't Settle for Just a HT

Often a new ham’s first radio is a handheld transceiver (HT).  A HT represents the lowest-cost entry point to amateur radio and is relatively easy to set up and use.  719 altre parole

Amateur Radio

Heroes & Icons Comes to Boston

It’s official — Heroes & Icons is on 38.2 in Boston.  If it’s not in your channel lineup, refresh or rescan your channels.  WSBK just saved my wife’s favorite maple and, probably, a marriage.   112 altre parole


Cisco Patch Antenna (AIR-ANT2566P4W-R)

I have had some experience deploying the Cisco AIR-ANT2566P4W-R 2.4-GHz/5-GHz MIMO 4-Element Patch Antenna in both indoor and outdoor environments. One thing that I found was quite a lot of people deploying this antenna didn’t realize that it makes a difference in how you connect up the antenna to the access point. 472 altre parole