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Pringles Can antenna with a LinkIt ONE

With my never-waning obsession with wardriving, I wanted to make something that played off it that anyone could use. I’ve seen can antennas over the years, and wondered about making one. 634 altre parole


The Torture Room?

Anyone knows what is this? It looks like a torture room but its not…


CSA Stubby is now in production!

Multiband Antennas is proud to announce that our new, patent pending CSA Stubby has come into production this month!

CSA Stubby is the smallest certified Iridium helical antenna… 205 altre parole

Building a Horn Antenna for Radar

So you’ve built yourself an awesome radar system but it’s not performing as well as you had hoped. You assume this may have something to do with the tin cans you are using for antennas. 237 altre parole

Radio Hacks

Antenna stand for handheld radios & a mini-Communications Center

While I was beefing up my communications capability I was trying how to maximize my Baofeng UV-5 and Yaesu FT60 handheld Ham radios. Both are great radios for different reasons. 505 altre parole

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