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Amateur Radio

Apple Invents new material that does not block cell signals

     For better or worse, the iPhone 6 and 6+ have the antenna bands that almost everyone has complained about. The bands allow signals such as cellular, bluetooth and wifi to pass through the aluminium body. 245 altre parole


Antenna Discipline

If you’ve ever been an RTO and whipped around, smacking the face of your PSG or PL with the antenna of your radio, you’re likely familiar with term “antenna discipline.” It’s not a doctrinal term, but it’s one that I’ve heard used so often that it ought to be. 108 altre parole


Antenna modelling the real dark art!

Recently we came across a very interesting article on an antenna that NASA had designed, this strange design that is a close approximation to several unbent paper clips is apparently the best antenna their systems could design for transmitting signals across the galaxy and who are we to argue? 306 altre parole


NFC and a little bit about us.

In 1819 Danish physicist Hans Christian Oersted noted the needle of a compass move in presence of an electrical field, this was the first ever scientific study of the effects of an electrical magnet field. 636 altre parole