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K-Pop Star 5 Episode 12

The road to top 10 begins!

Before we start, I just want to say how awesome Antenna’s building looks. My favorite part has to be when it was late at night and there’s a clip of Sam Kim and Jung Seung Hwan putting things like drawers and shelves together, haha! 405 altre parole


Digital TV Antenna Installation In Brisbane- Important Facts To Know!

In Brisbane, analogue TV is being switched over by digital TV signals due to its poor picture and sound quality while watching any favorite television programs. 459 altre parole

Digital TV

A little to the right...

As a kid we lived in Wisconsin for about 6 years. Anyone who has lived in Wisconsin knows not only about the frigid winter but also the loyal cheese heads. 217 altre parole

HomeWorx Digital TV Flat Antenna, UHF and VHF - $7.99

HomeWorx Digital TV Flat Antenna, UHF and VHF –  $7.99

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Homemade Waterproof External WIFI Antenna For Camping Motorhomes Wardriving etc For Under £5

Was looking for a way to improve wireless performance when using the laptop in the car, either when camping and accessing the campgroung wifi but parked a long way from the access point, or when using free public Wifi when parked some distance away. 685 altre parole

Mitsubishi's SeaAerial is an antenna made out of seawater—yes, you read that right

The electronics manufacturer developed SeaAerial, a low-frequency antenna made out of seawater that can transmit and receive radio signals just like a metal antenna. The company believes that SeaAerial could be the first of its kind to receive digital terrestrial TV broadcasts. 19 altre parole