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The Amazing Antenna

Every once in a while I amuse myself.  You guys know I cut the cord a while back, and that I’ve been learning to juggle the Roku box I got instead.   520 altre parole

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Make Your Own "Snowman" Type Antenna

You Already Have One

That is, if you have ever bought a video transmitter. Most (if not all) VTX’s already come with an antenna – the infamous “rubber duck” antenna. 276 altre parole

Torsion-bar antenna adds new twist to gravitational-wave search

#TorsionBarAntenna #GravitationalWave  Torsion-bar antenna adds new twist to gravitational-wave search  Physicists in Japan have developed a new kind of compact gravitational-wave detector that works by measuring the tiny rotations of two suspended blocks of aluminium. 39 altre parole


If you squint you can almost see the sign warning against lingering too long near the base of this cell tower.


How Do You Find Digital Aerial Installer In Brisbane?

Are you on a quest to find professional for digital TV antenna or digital aerial installation in Brisbane? It can be a bit challenging that there are so many companies out these who do installation of digital aerials in Brisbane, Australia. 445 altre parole

Digital TV

Antenna Diversity Technique and MIMO System in Smart Phone

What is Antenna Diversity?

To combat fading effect, an array of antennas is used. Diversity techniques have been recognized as an effective means which enhances the immunity of the communication system to the multipath fading. 442 altre parole


Pumping Up An Antenna From A Stream Of Sea Water

Our Hackaday readership represent a huge breadth of engineering experience and knowledge, and we get a significant number of our story tips from you. For instance, today we are indebted to for delivering us a tip in the comment stream of one of our posts, detailing an antenna created by… 285 altre parole

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