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Home brewing a Vertical for DXing

Recently, I’ve been bitten by the 80M DXing bug.  Its not so much that 80M has taken hold, as it is that I have managed 140+ confirmed on both 40M & 20M now so all the ‘easy pickings’ are gone. 420 altre parole


WLAN und Internetzugang im Wohnmobil - WLAN and Internet access in the camper

Wenn heutzutage ein paar Freunde oder eine Familie zusammen mit dem Wohnmobil verreisen, so sind in der Regel auch einige Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops oder andere Mobilgeräte (Chomecast, Raspberry Pi mit OpenElec etc.) mit von der Partie. 905 altre parole


Plotting Elephant Signals

The history of US Signals Intelligence in Okinawa has shaped the landscape into a search for Elephants and Giant Golfballs. Elephant Cages was the local name for the military antenna because it looked like something large had escaped through the circular fence. 77 altre parole

A Remotely Tuned Magnetic Loop Antenna

If you are a radio amateur, you may be familiar with the magnetic loop antenna. It’s different from most conventional wire antennas, taking the form of a tuned circuit with a very large single-turn coil and a tuning capacitor. 184 altre parole

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