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Memory Lane - A 16 Year Old Behind the Wheel

I can’t be the only person who goes back in time with sporadic and random memories. I never know the reason behind the memory jog, but they typically put a smile on my face. 312 altre parole


Cord Cutter

I’m an official “Cord Cutter”. We cut our TV package some time ago, due to our service provider not being able to keep the service up for more than three days. 694 altre parole

Combined Rectifier and Antenna – Converts Light to DC Current

Using nanometer-scale components, researchers have demonstrated the first optical rectenna, a device that combines the functions of an antenna and a rectifier diode to convert light directly into DC current. 149 altre parole


No part but wish I could

Hello dear followers

Just a short post today as I am will be so busy with scouting and my mom’s tv antenna so won’t have time but hope to give you more tomorrow.

The little novelist


September antenna work continues

For our work-play session on September 16th, we assembled the antenna elements of the TH-DX-11.  We were visited by KS4UA, who took the photos. 151 altre parole

Club Station

North Alabama DX Club Picnic

A week and a half ago (Saturday September 12, 2015) Patti and I went to the North Alabama DX Club annual picnic.  DX is radio short hand for long distance “dx” communications. 600 altre parole

Amateur Radio

Recent Blog Posts: A Peek Into The Research Process

Recently I wrote a two-part series for the blog Antenna: Responses to Media and Culture discussing the process I went through when writing my dissertation on television genre and representation and the way I did and did not use technology. 71 altre parole