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Antenna Array

Array of Antennas is basically an arrangement of several antennas spaced & phased so that their individual contribution comes in a particular or preferred direction & cancel in all other directions so as to get greater gain in specific direction or directivity. 174 altre parole


Base Station Antenna Snow Removal....Watch These Guys Perform A Tough Job From The Comfort Of Home

When it comes to precipitation some of us may rejoice, for these guys it means toughing out the elements to make sure their base station antenna is clear and operable.   33 altre parole


Antenna: Portable Dual Band (70cm & 2m) Radio Antenna

One of the reasons I got into the Ham radio scene was to increase the effectiveness of handheld radios.  In my day job I use handheld radios a lot and they are critical to our wildland firefighting mission.  1.171 altre parole

Gear & Equipment

ams, STM demonstrate joint NFC reference design for wearables at MWC 2015

ams AG, a provider of high-performance analog ICs and sensors, and semiconductor manufacturers STMicroelectronics have introduced an NFC system reference design that they claim will ‘assure easy, reliable and secure contactless transactions while suiting the sleek form factor of mobile and wearable devices’. 612 altre parole


Samsung Galaxy S6 to sport new antenna tech to prevent metal chassis from interfering with signal

According to a report, the Samsung Galaxy S6 will sport a new type of antenna that prevents the smartphone s metal chassis from interfering with phone signal. 145 altre parole

Cutting Cable 101

It took us about a year or two, contemplating cutting the cable bill. It took us moving to a new state to make it happen. It’s probably easiest to make the transition over a move or a disruption in normal life, otherwise making the commitment to cut the cable could be extremely difficult. 424 altre parole


Wireless Antennas

Antenna has become one of the essential parts in multimedia accessories. It is in the top priority list among many industrial and residential sectors. The system of Wireless Antenna takes upper hand in the diversity effect at the transmitter, receiver or both. 301 altre parole