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Projective Geometry: A Historical Overview

Due to the desire of many artists and architects to produce more realistic pictures during the Renaissance period, they became deeply interested in discovering the formal laws that control the construction of projections of objects on a screen, and as early as the fifteenth century, several of them had created the elements of an underlying geometrical theory of perspective.  406 altre parole


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Reminds me of the magic of spherical geometry. I first ran into it when my buddies and I decided to track Canada's early Alouette satellites as a high school project. The math department head found us a university prof who thought we were nuts. I remember buying a tungsten slide rule to keep up with the computational workload. Can you imagine our excitement when we received our first signal from a makeshift antenna on the roof pointed in [almost] the right direction? Magic that kids take for granted today when they look at satellite images on their cellphones :) Leigh

We're ready to pour the concrete for the tower base

I’ve revisited the tower base to check its level before ordering concrete delivery for this Thursday.  Settling of the wooden base frame necessitated some adjustment.  Level between each of the legs was adjusted to less that 0.1 degree.  103 altre parole

NN4SA Station

Activating Mt Ainslie VK1/AC-040

Although I have already activated Mt Ainslie, I decided to walk up there again on Sunday 5 July as Andrew, VK1NAM would be activating VK1/AC-044 Boboyan Ranges, which is a four-pointer. 330 altre parole

Amateur Radio

From Flickr: "Skall's Colonial Wonder Bar - Appleton, Wisconsin" by The Jordan Smith Archive

Approved by Duncan Hines
"Where you are never late for dinner"
So. Memorial Drive at Grove, Appleton, Wis.
Highway #47
Valley’s Smartest. Quality Food served, in beautiful air-conditioned Dining Rooms, and Skyline Room. 53 altre parole

Nature | Inverted Aerobics

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GP Antenna

According to gain required in different applications, we can further categories them as follows:
1. 0 dB GP Antenna.
2. 3 dB GP Antenna.
3. 6 dB GP Antenna.