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Try It Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, Tryers!

Sometimes, I can’t think of a Try It or I’ve just been so busy that I can’t do one. Enter: my awesome friends and family (aka, “Guest Bloggers”). 596 altre parole

Anthony Mlekuz: Stand-Up Comedy

Check out the great, stand-up comic Anthony Mlekuz cover everything from his name, missing niece, looking like a farmer and explosive diarrhea. Just another day in the life of this multi-talented comedian who finishes off his set showing us his musical talents.


My Life Before My Last First Day of College

Well, today is the day. Since I just had work on Monday and decided to just add a MWF class, today ended up being my first last day of college. 414 altre parole


Anthony Robbins - Review Money Master The Game

Anthony Robbins
Phil and Tom TV Review Money Master The Game

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Who Is Tony Robins… 21 altre parole

So, What is Literature Anyway?

Literature – it’s one of those things you think you know, but when it comes to, y’know, actually defining it, it becomes less clear-cut. Then you think about it some more, and it becomes even less so. 689 altre parole


You Know You Were Thinking it and VEGAS!

Are you a morning runner or someone who works out in the morning? I am and when I read through this article, I was like this is me, me, me… oh and more me!  401 altre parole


Agent Anthony Brown: How Tax Reform In Australia Will Affect The Property Sector

The coming years will prove how tax reform will affect the property sector. Will tax reform help real estate market thrive better with the release of the Intergenerational Report? 6 altre parole