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On SCOTUS and single parents

You might know me as a married mom of two.

You might know me as a marriage equality advocate.

You might not know that I once co-founded a club called YAMS, or “Youth Against Marital Situations,” that my choice to marry… 1.114 altre parole


Who am I?

Well I am a person with creative mind. Also I have or had a disability. My grammar horrible and my word placement. But I get my words clear. 224 altre parole


Looking for Ancestors

I am looking for descendants of Charles and Velina (Anthony) Decker married June 30, 1842.  Charles born May 8, 1818 in New Jersey and Velina born Feb 1, 1821 in Jefferson County, New York.  106 altre parole

Anthony - #176

 Anthony – The way our eyes can evoke so much emotion all on their own. How cruel and cold they can be, gentle and remorseful at times and gloss up in lights too bright. 35 altre parole


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Citizens United: Supreme Court Justice Anthony M. Kennedy’s Gift to Moneyed Interests

From truthdig, by Bill Boyarsky, Jun 2015

To understand the reasoning behind Citizens United, the Supreme Court decision that has assured the corruption of American politics, it’s useful to go back half a century to California’s capital, Sacramento, birthplace of the author of that fateful ruling, Justice Anthony M. 570 altre parole


Sunday Inspiration

I started thinking about this song when I woke up this morning. It is a great song for Father’s Day, because we father’s have to be faithful in so many ways in order to set a great example for our kids. 44 altre parole