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Crazy weather

Well one day we have ice next day zero ice . Some days safe some days not. We can’t win at this point because of the weather. 361 altre parole


From Plantation Songs to Hip-Hop: The Evolution of Black Music Through the Centuries

From the time of slavery until now, music has played a vital role in the lives of African Americans. During slavery, it was used to overcome oppression and increase the quality of life. 951 altre parole


The Rules of Gentlemen and a Successful Politicians Guide

    “They often say I am a gentlemen, but never a gentle man” Source: youtube. Today I will be bringing up the topic of how to be a gentleman. 2.567 altre parole

Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain | The Culinary Connect

Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain is a hilarious, true account of this chef’s years in the restaurant industry that holds nothing back. Bourdain served behind the line in kitchens for many years – although plenty of restaurant guests like to believe that the chefs who cook their meals are as refined as the meals themselves, it’s most likely not the case.


Hula Girl Cigarillo - Vanilla Mac Flavour Part 1 of 5

This will be a set of 5 reviews of the different flavoured Hula Cigar Cigarillos.

First off, this cigar isn’t really a cigar, but rather a cigarillo. 690 altre parole


As she walked down the path away from him,

she turn around and did not grin.

Her eyes sparkled and glowed,

as our accord seemed so long ago.

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