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22nd March 2016: Anthony Toner

Anthony Toner plus support

Tuesday 22nd March 2016

The Admiral Bar Glasgow

Tickets £9 from Tickets Scotland 0141 204 5151

Book online

BELFAST singer/songwriter Anthony Toner returns to Glasgow for a gig in The Admiral Bar on the 22nd March. 134 altre parole


The Survival of the Philippics

“The Second Philippic, though technically perfect, is not a political oration, for it was never delivered: it is an exercise in petty rancour and impudent defamation like the invectives against Piso. 87 altre parole


Announcing our Thanksgiving Day Twitch-Cast!

We’re live-streaming Turkey Day from Honolulu and everyone is invited! Visit at the Games & Grinds Twitch channel this Thursday at 10:00 AM HST to join our Thanksgiving celebration! 51 altre parole

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What Is Complex Trauma?

Reading Anthony s announcement about this forum, got me thinking, do I know what complex trauma is? I know that my own trauma being complex effected the therapeutic approach needed to heal. 66 altre parole

Vice Vlog | Carmelo Anthony Visits Rikers Island #StayMelo 

This is the 4th episode of Stay Melo join him as he visits young inmates between 17-21 at Rikers.


Chapter 85 - Free At Last

Fayaaz’s POV 

I had never taken drugs in my life, nor had I consumed alcohol.

I didn’t know what it felt like to be under the influence of something so powerful that it could blind you, blind you to the truth, blind you to the reality of your actions. 1.454 altre parole