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The return

How to love someone who doesn’t love you back?

I’ve been having a friend-sex relationship with A for about a year now. Three times we… 233 altre parole


Author Piers Anthony interviewed by Captain's Blog

  I remember growing up reading piers Anthony and loving the world he created called Xanth.  Later on, I read his Incarnations of Fate series and he was my favourite author!  14 altre parole

Stranger 9/100 – Anthony

Walking down College Street, I heard some cool R&B guitar sounds and a drum machine. When I followed the sound to its source, I ran into this cool cat. 201 altre parole


Chapter 7

I walked to my car on autopilot and froze as I reached the door, suddenly breathless. I felt a strange warmth in my gut, a crawling on my nerves, a rising pressure on my mind. 4.255 altre parole

Non Classé

The Glougie Family

Shortly before my paternal grandfather (Cleon Earl Anthony Sr) passed away, he handed me a set of rolled oversized papers. “I want you to have these,” he said. 663 altre parole

Family History

Nine Octobers

Nine years ago in September, I told the guy I was dating that I wanted to break it off. He wasn’t serious enough.

Nine years ago in… 658 altre parole


#Film Review: Flatliners (2017)

(Spoilers, I guess)

Flatliners? Flatlined, more like.

I sincerely hope that you don’t like this film, because I am seriously about to rag it through the dirt. 811 altre parole