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So many memories
But there’s nothing left to gain from remembering
Faces and worlds that no one else will ever know

Lydie And Anthony VLOGS

Lydie and Anthony are a fun and young couple in New York, Lydie is originally from Cameroon) We first picked up the camera in May 2015 and turned vlogging in… 9 altre parole

New Charts Detail Steady Decline in Popularity of 'Pokémon Go'

(Source: www.macrumors.com)

According to Anthony, many other popular apps, which saw a decline in daily active users because of the Pokémon Go phenomenon, were scrambling to figure out ways for former reliable users to return to their app. 529 altre parole


Haiku - New Steps

Climbing on the stage

A preacher grips his bible

Looks at the faces


Very first sermon

Preacher prays for strong guidance

To enlighten minds… 9 altre parole


Rollercoaster 2

I will soon be facilitating a carer support group so I guess the last couple of weeks will help. The trauma of seeing Anthony unconscious, then the joy of seeing him okay again, over and over again, especially lately, has absolutely done my head in. 307 altre parole



I guess this is a ‘this-and-that’ post….

The other evening, one of our nephews rang to see how I was, and how Anthony was, and I got a bit weepy, so not long after, his beautiful wife arrived with a bottle of wine and she let me cry into her shoulder. 318 altre parole


Advice for the new recruits | Anthony

It’s nearly 3 years since I started my training and about 2 years since I graduated! Time flies eh! Talking to a friend of mine who is about to start their training got me thinking back to my training. 80 altre parole