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Configuring SSL On Apache HTTP Server Using OpenSSL


Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is an established technology used for setting up a secure link between a web browser and web server by scrambling the data in-transit. 1.193 altre parole

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Apache2 - Allow access to single directory when root is protected by basic auth

Add the following .htaccss file in the directory that requires access without authentication:

Allow from All
Satisfy Any

Options +Indexes

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How to: Setup phpMyAdmin with Apache2 on Ubuntu 14.04

phpMyAdmin is an free web software to work with MySQL on the web—it provides a convenient visual front end to the MySQL capabilities. I cant think MySQL installed without phpMyAdmin… 188 altre parole

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Creating a Certificate Authority to SSL Signed Certificate for our Apache Server

I wanted to create certificates but mostly you will find how to create Self-Signed Certificates but I want to create a Certificate Authority to sign them and just upload a single root certificate to the navigators in order to accept all. 443 altre parole


How to configure OsTicket Tracking System in Linux

 OsTicket is an open source ticket management tool to a arise a ticket form customer. Its a commercial tool. Now we are going to install OsTicket Tracking system in your Linux machine. 125 altre parole


Ubuntu repo Apache2 /www/html return to /www

With Ubuntu 14 they’ve changed the root apache folder from /var/www to /var/www/html

I know … defuq … waste of time if you ask me, so here an easy tutorial to return to the usual ways. 68 altre parole


Change Apache2 Virtual Host Running User on Ubuntu

In my development machine I have the project folders and it has been a nightmare to setup the permissions now that I use git because they want to change it into the Index and I don’t want it. 81 altre parole