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How to check apache version

To check the version of the apache you are running, go to the apache2/bin directory where your apachectl is. Then execute the following command.

 ./apachectl -version… 16 altre parole

Restoring 'apache2' Directory on Ubuntu 15.04

If for any reason you want to restore your apache2 directory located at /etc/apache2 to its default state on Ubuntu 15.04 then I have a sure way to do so which I’m gonna share with you. 125 altre parole

Apache Server

Enable mod_rewrite in Apache2 on Debian/Ubuntu

If you have installed Apache2 web server via apt-get or aptitude on Debian or Ubuntu systems, it has mod_rewrite module installed, but not enabled. After Apache2 installation, you need to enable mod_rewrite manually. 223 altre parole


Protect Your Ports with a Reverse Proxy

For various situations, you may need to use a reverse proxy to protect or redirect your internal web services, this can done really easily with an Apache server! 747 altre parole


Install LAMP on Debian


This tutorial just a copy/paste on wiki.debian.org (Only for archive)


Before starting the installation, make sure your distribution is up to date (the ‘#’ indicates that you should do this as root): 757 altre parole


Installing Apache Tomcat 8 on a Raspberry Pi

On my Raspberry Pi I have already installed Apache 2 HTTP server and this article does a basic install and configuration of Tomcat. In this case I have chosen to simply install and run the Tomcat software as the default ‘pi’ user on my system just for demonstration purposes, however you may choose to favour a more ‘production ready’ build by creating a dedicated service account to allow finer-grained operational control. 574 altre parole

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