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Hosting Grumpydev Imageflair locally

Even though StackOverflow and StackExchange now have implemented their own ImageFlair, I still like the original imageFlair that Grumpydev made at Stack Overflow – Share Your Flair – Now in PNG! 503 altre parole


Basic URL Rewrite Rules | Hiding the Content Root from URL

One of the requirements in almost every AEM project is to set up the rewrite rules. A typical content URL follows below pattern:


It is a best practice not to reveal the repository structure and hide the top level path in the URL i.e. 361 altre parole


Mod Proxy | Trailing Slash Issue

If you are using mod_proxy in apache and facing the trailing slash issue i.e. an extra slash is appended after the URL. For instance, if you are hitting  91 altre parole


Dev Env #2

Posted about the basic set up yesterday, but while I was trying to view the site on the dev environment found a few other little problems going on. 243 altre parole

Cloud Ide

node.js - a nightmare to get started. Did I try the wrong technology for my problem?

Most of my web-stuff is on Apache. Which works fine, has TLS/SSL enabled, etc.

But I wanted to do server-side JavaScript. Which somehow is a forrest without trees, or a nightmare to get started, especially on OpenSuSE. 384 altre parole


The owncloud odyssey - Part 3

This post was in draft and I never published it apparently. I just gonna leave it here, even though I can’t recall where I was going with it.

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