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Swamp Witches

I met Jordan through Lyz, and shot them separately with Celeste on wardrobe, and this time, they wanted to do a look together: swamp witches!  They braved through the mud, dirt, stinging nettles, and all… 12 altre parole


All about the alabaster

I am a carver with laser focus.

Well, with some kind of focus.  Left to my own devices I carve soapstone and then from the soapstone bears generally appear.   212 altre parole


Make-An-iPhone-Video Lecture: Lessons in Fun!

I attended a “how to make great videos with your own phone” lecture recently! See, I have plans…

I’d like to make some great videos – the kind you see popping up on youtube everywhere. 80 altre parole


Some fun I had today making a quick drawing for a friend. Always did get excited about marking systems. I need to sketch more often! (muscle memory is important).

Pen and ink on paper 2017
Visual Art