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Night Thoughts of a Graduate: Things you'll have to get use to after graduating

I’m honestly more proud of myself for not fainting after walking across stage more than anything. Not because of the nerves, but because i’ve basically gone 4 years without proper sleep and i’ve been breathing in oil paint and gamsol fumes for the past 6 months nonstop.

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4/21 days - Art book

I wondered before the prompt (don’t I always) what Tara meant by today’s title? An art book I love to look at, learn from, or a book of my own art, a journal, a sketchbook, a book as an art object in itself? 366 altre parole


10 Orientalist Paintings by Artists from the 19th Century, with footnotes, 16

Léon François Comerre (10 October 1850 – 20 February 1916)

An Eastern Beauty

oil on canvas

44 x 28 ¾ in. (111.8 x 73 cm.) 1.850 altre parole

Dreams are art of our mind...

English version below Polish version

Do stworzenia każdego projektu niezbędna jest wyobraźnia oraz oczywiście inspiracja – tę często czerpię z moich snów. Nie ma w tym nic dziwnego, w końcu sztuka i sny mają wiele wspólnego. 1.059 altre parole



Written by Jacob Ibrag

He plucked the stars out of the sky and clothed her neck

with a string of diamonds. ‘Each one for every time you shook… 17 altre parole


Week #19: Vancouver

After Victoria, I hopped back on the ferry to Vancouver. I loved this city – it really only has two things against it: rain and $$$. 1.001 altre parole