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Just the Beat Inside My Soul

“Music should strike fire from the heart of man, and bring tears from the eyes of woman.” – Beethoven

I had a moment toward the end of last week that made me really sit up and take notice.

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Red Campion

I loved painting this flower for many reasons, firstly because it is one of the most vibrant wildflowers I have ever seen, and secondly because I’ve never painted a flower with a red stem before and that made me feel brave!


Sleep, sleep,
Peaceful sleep.
Flicker, flicker,
My eyelids flicker,
My body getting tired and weaker

Twitch and writhe,
My pain is strong.
How much longer,

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new drawing & deadline

I really mean to post more here, so today I’ll add a recently completed drawing: ink and colored pencil on mat board, approximately 5×6″

Also I’m working on a large painting for an upcoming exhibition whose deadline in now only a few days away. 44 altre parole

John Otter News

Of stories, worlds, and Evryn (1)

So I have been doing some thinking, about the worlds that we created as children. And when Open Angel Arena (Standalone) announced their writing prompt (which can be found… 1.748 altre parole


Judith Leyster's radical artistic afterlife the lasting importance of art

I had the opportunity a year ago to attend the Southeast premiere of “Loving Vincent,” the movie about Vincent van Gogh’s death animated entirely in painted frames inspired by his classic style. 1.840 altre parole

Art History

Evening Musings

I sit outside tonight and

Breathe the fresh air.

It is thick, and heavy, and warm.

Katydids and crickets swell

In an ever-revolving cadence,

Reminding me of the sounds of home— 249 altre parole