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On my list of goals, this one is stated as “sell a piece of art.” Technically this is something I have done many times– between the ages of about four and eight, that is. 484 altre parole

Life Goals

Ghosts of Architecture Past: 14 Fossils of Fallen Buildings | weburbanist.com

Like hazy memories or flickers of imagination, architectural structures either long since lost or never built in the first place interact with three-dimensional space in the form of ghostly sculptu…

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The Tao of Badass

ជាសៀវភៅសរសេរឡើងសម្រាប់បុរស់ដែលខ្វះជំនាញ និងសេចក្តីក្លាហានទាក់ទងនារីៗ។ បន្ទាប់ពីអានសៀវភៅមួយនេះ សេចក្តីភ័យខ្លាច ខ្មាសអៀនពីមុនមកនិងលែងមានតទៅទៀត។ មិនតែប៉ុណ្ណោះ វាជាសៀវភៅសម្រាប់រាល់បុរស់គ្រប់រូប មិនថា ស ខ្មៅ មាន ឬ ក្រ នោះទេ ព្រោះថា បុរស់ទាំងអស់សុទ្ធតែអាចរៀនពីជំនាញនេះបានដូចគ្នា។

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The Cast and Crew

When we watch movies one of the common titles we see are “a film by ______,” or “a ________ film” with that same name almost always popping up in the “directed by” title. 465 altre parole


The Pigeons who took Photos ....

At the turn of the last century, when aviation was still in its infancy, a German named Julius Neubronner submitted a patent for a new invention—a miniature camera that could be strapped to the breast of a pigeon so that the bird could take flight and snap pictures from the air. 674 altre parole