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Article: Donald Trump and The Witch

The president has repeatedly identified with this ancient, persecuted figure, just as young marginalized women have started to do the same.

In the book of laws he compiled toward the end of the ninth century, King Alfred outlawed wiccan among the people of England, on pain of death. 929 altre parole

America set to go after Diezani Alison-Madueke

A former US State Department Nigeria specialist, Mathew Page, has suggested that a US civil forfeiture case to seize $144 million of assets from two cronies of Diezani Alison-Madueke, may just be the start of her legal troubles with America. 720 altre parole


'Crushed babies, disembowelled pregnant women' - Horrific Italian war crimes at Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Near the village of Affile, on a picturesque hillside east of Rome, stands a monument, unveiled in 2012 and built with public funds, to Rodolfo Graziani, one of Mussolini’s most brilliant generals. 569 altre parole


Remembering What You Read

Here are some simple steps to remember what you read:

1-Pay attention

2-Avoid distractions


4-Look at your life style

Other techniques include:

1-Use new information… 71 altre parole


"Dive Into the Comic", Celebrating the 20th Anniversay of BICOF

Credit: Yonhap News TV

Yonhap News TV has lively filmed our audiences trying out ComixV’s interactive exhibition contents. Check it out from 1:55 of the clip. 10 altre parole


The Final Two Executions For Sodomy In Britain - 1835. James Pratt & John Smith - A Travesty Of Justice!

Old Bailey judgements in this case:

“1934. JOHN SMITH and JAMES PRATT were indicted for b—g—y at the parish of Christ Church, Surrey; and WILLIAM BONILL was indicted as an accessory before the fact. 4.343 altre parole


Indonesia: Palm Oil Crisis

The link below is to an article that takes a look at the latest from Indonesia and the Palm Oil crisis there.

For more visit: