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Greenwich - Where East meets West.

As one of the boroughs that make up the Docklands area, Greenwich means a lot of things to a lot of different people. However, what makes it truly special is that it’s known throughout the world without many even realising it, most likely as a Greenwich Mean Time, but how exactly did the borough become a by-word for time and space? 441 altre parole


An Eclipse in the Odyssey?

When he arrives in Odysseus’ household, the seer Theoklymenos gets a little judgy:

Homer, Odyssey 20.351-57

“Wretches! What evil is this you are suffering? Now your heads… 224 altre parole


The Moon Seems to Change

Branley, Franklyn.  Illustrated by Barbara and Ed Emberley.  The Moon Seems to Change.  New York: Harper & Row, Publishers, 1980, 1987.

Here’s a picture to get us started.  457 altre parole

Good Books

Solar Eclipse

As I explained early on in this blog, I am an astronomer and educator, so occasionally that content might appear in this blog. Well, now is one of those perfect times for it! 503 altre parole


Stephen King's Eclipse

Path of the March 1970 total solar eclipse over the east coast of the USA including Nantucket Island…

See the section “In Popular Culture”…
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solar_eclipse_of_March_7,_1970… 386 altre parole


The Great American Eclipse - 2017

If you live within the borders of the continental United States there is a little thing (BIG, BIG THING, THINK HUGE!) coming on Monday August 21st, something that a majority of the three hundred plus million residents have never seen. 1.426 altre parole

2017 Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipses Offer Great Opportunity For Scientific Discovery

The Guardian reports on the opportunities a solar eclipse offers for scientific discovery for scientists and citizen scientists

it is a phenomenon that scientists have learned to exploit over the centuries, having made numerous major breakthroughs – from the discovery of helium to confirmation of Einstein’s general theory of relativity – during eclipses.

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