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Why the Sea is Salt, or, Hamlet (Amlo∂i)

A Scandinavian saga.

Once, such a long, long time ago, a rich brother and poor brother lived, not far from one another.  As the winter solstice and the time of Jól (“Yule”) approached, the poor brother had not a thing to eat, not even the crumbs of a stale loaf of bread.  3.564 altre parole

Here Comes The Neighborhood

My weekend is going good…I hope everyone here is also having a pleasant weekend…..hopefully all are relaxing and enjoying the day….

Before I jump into my post for today I would like to share a couple of bumper stickers I saw this week…… 412 altre parole



On Tuesday a handful of us walked through J’s house touching and picking up his things. J. was one of my oldest friends who drowned himself last spring. 269 altre parole

Cool (FREE!) Astronomy resources from NASA

Some of you may have seen these already so apologies if you have but I got stupidly excited when I found these. Earlier in the year I was actually planning to buy an Astronomy magazine, simply to get some postcards with these designs…then I stumbled upon the official page on the NASA website where you can download hi-resolution pdfs for free! 203 altre parole

Classroom Resources

Book 225: Wrinkles in Time by George Smoot

Wrinkles in Time by George Smoot

Finished reading on August 26th, 2016

Rating: 9/10

Wrinkles in Time is a book about an important discovery in cosmology, the team of scientists behind it, the journey to it a for the most part George Smoot’s part in it all. 248 altre parole

Book Review

The Idea of God (Part-I)

– Dr. Koenraad Elst

Dr. Elst, born in 1959 in Leuven, Belgium, studied Sinology, Indology and Philosophy and did his Ph.D. on the ideological development of Hindu Revivalism. 1.718 altre parole