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Yutu on a Little Planet

Tracks lead to a small robot perched near the top of this bright little planet. Of course, the planet is really the Moon. The robot is the desk-sized Yutu rover, leaving its looming Chang’e 3 lander after a after a mid-December 2013 touch down in the northern Mare Imbrium. 68 altre parole


James Webb's Message

Chello was throwing bits of stale bread over the permafoam partitions and ogling Frenchie in the corner. Weebrum told him to can it, but kept giggling anyway. 2.901 altre parole



In this #cosmic snapshot, the spectacularly #symmetrical wings of #Hen 2-437 show up in a #magnificent icy blue hue. Hen 2-437 is a planetary nebula, one of around 3,000 such objects known to reside within the Milky Way. 156 altre parole


The Planet Report

Earth is somber today. But Mercury is totally mellow.
You may mistake Jupiter for a gossipy neighbor that doesn’t stop talking. Ever. Jupiter is fast forward… 73 altre parole


Weather In Space (the Rocky Planets) Do other planets have...

Weather In Space (the Rocky Planets)

Do other planets have weather? It turns out that, yes, they do! But, the weather isn’t all the same on other planets because of things like atmosphere.

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From Ethan Siegel: "The Future Of Astronomy: The Giant (25 Meter!) Magellan Telescope"

Starts with a Bang

The first of the next generation of telescopes is already under construction. Here’s the audacious new science we’re in for!

“We find them smaller and fainter, in constantly increasing numbers, and we know that we are reaching into space, farther and farther, until, with the faintest… 2.031 altre parole

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