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What space can teach us about curiosity and cultures 

Okay, I’m doing it! I really am. I’m going to buy myself a telescope. I love observing the stars, spotting the planets and contemplating the blanket of constellations in the night sky. 407 altre parole


Analemma On My Wall

A prism of high quality glass sits in a south window above our mantle. It is part of a surplus optical instrument from WW-II. The window crank gives a sense of its 2″x1″x1″ size. 926 altre parole


Possible Dark Matter Found in Andromeda Galaxy

NASA’s Fermi gamma ray telescope recently detected large amounts of gamma rays coming from the center of the Andromeda Galaxy. These gamma rays could signify large amounts of dark matter in the center of the galaxy because interacting pieces of dark matter release gamma rays, or it could be the glow of pulsars (see  28 altre parole


Here is this star

I think of this poem as splattered on the page, like a constellation. There is that brightest star, it represents your smile. A portal of scintillating light. 121 altre parole


A new scientific paper argues the moon is totally a planet—and Pluto is too

Every now and then a scientific paper makes a real splash. We had one recently, to judge from recent headlines. “Moon rises to claim its place as a planet… 895 altre parole

Searching for ‘What Is’ (Jill Tarter)

Many physicists like to throw the word “universe” around: Secrets of the universe. Mysteries of the universe. Origin of the universe. Even parallel universes.

It is a big subject. 1.638 altre parole