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is there Life on Mars?

…in David Bowie’s discography? Definitely yes.

…as viewed on images from the Curiosity rover? No.

The internet is increasingly abuzz with supposed UFOs, iguanas, and people sitting on the surface of Mars. 486 altre parole


Riding Light

In our terrestrial view of things, the speed of light seems incredibly fast. But as soon as you view it against the vast distances of the universe, it’s unfortunately very slow. 32 altre parole


Visible Planets September 2015 - Mercury and Venus

We’re still here, asking about the visible planets and which ones we might see. ┬áKam just loves the planets and is desperate for a telescope! We’re saving and have been for a while as I’d like to get a reasonable one. 630 altre parole


Buckle Up

Verne wins one!

Don’t get used to it.

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