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Going to the Stars, Riding on a Beam of Light!

During his years working in the Swiss Patent Office, Albert Einstein often imagined what it would be like to ride on beam of light. This thought experiment would come to play a key role in the development of his Special Theory of Relativity, one of the four great works produced during his 1905 Annus Mirabilis. 1.415 altre parole


The most mysterious star in the universe

Interesting Ted talk I watched yesterday and food for thought.

What’s your take on Aliens?

In a universe as vast as it is and continually growing is it possible we are the only beings to develop consciousness? 7 altre parole


Ephemera: May 2016

Ephemera: The month of May 2016: Here’s a brief overview of the month ahead, highlighting some astronomical events, and some special days to celebrate and/or think about. 761 altre parole

Christian Thought

Welcome to FE Research Sofia Smallstrom

Another Intellectual free thinkers speaks her truth of a vast conspiracy and amazing discovery of thought and purpose.

Also check out her blog.

In a recent blog post entitled “The Long and Winding Flight” Sofia asks “Why is it that planes flying from South America (Santiago, Chile, for example) to Australia (Sydney, for example) take such a long route (15,000 miles) and refuel in North America or Canada? 24 altre parole

Flat Earth

Cassini Explores Methane Sea on Titan

A new study released on 26 April, using data and images from the spectacularly successful Cassini mission to Saturn and Titan, has concluded that Saturn’s enigmatic moon Titan is host to a vast sea of pure, liquid methane, confirming wide-spread belief that such seas exist on Titan. 667 altre parole