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Tracking The Sun With Solar Photography

As I say to students: “Wouldn’t it be nice if we could reach out with a gigantic marker, and draw on the sky, and trace the paths of the sun and moon and stars? 1.773 altre parole


Stars For All Seasons Part 7 - Spring Stars in the Northern Hemisphere.

Spring Stars in the Northern Hemisphere.

Spring is just around the corner and when the winter constellations begin to make their exits to the west, we will find Boötes, Leo, Cancer, Hydra and Virgo lurking in the wings ready to take their places. 1.343 altre parole

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Super (Cold) Blood Wolf Moon

Cold, and windy, but mostly clear – just some high cirrus passing by every once in a while to give the Moon a hazy halo. 119 altre parole


Eclipse of the Moon!

Last night (Sunday), January 20, we watched the “Super Blood Wolf Moon” Eclipse. It was stunning!   It was “Super” because the moon was passing Earth at its closest point in orbit, so it appeared bigger and brighter than usual.  91 altre parole


“Super blood wolf moon”

So… last night’s eclipse was a “super blood wolf moon”. We’ve had “super blue blood moons”, “full wolf moons”… what’s next in the long line of overhyped minor lunar events with outlandish names? 216 altre parole

Astro Jughead

Every one was speaking yesterday about the Blood Moon lunar eclipse.  So I was up late last night looking for it.

I was pretty impressed.  What do you think of my photos?  17 altre parole


Weather Reports from the 2019 Lunar Eclipse

January 20th, 2019, 08:00 p.m. local time

Cold.  It was really, really cold.

It was near zero (Fahrenheit).  Fortunately there wasn’t much wind.

And there happened to be a total lunar eclipse here in North America yesterday.  316 altre parole