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A Ball on Mars

In New Zealand we are approaching what the journalists say is “The Silly Season”, the reason being that what with Christmas and New Year, and with it being in the middle of summer, a lot of journalists take holidays, and the media, with a skeleton staff, have to find almost anything to fill in the spaces that the media makes available. 970 altre parole

Synopsis: A Test of Gravity’s Quantum Side

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According to Physics – spotlighting exceptional research

Synopsis: A Test of Gravity’s Quantum Side

December 13, 2017…

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Pleiades, Binoculars, and Exam Scores

Sometimes I think I am a terrible blogger as I do not update when I should. But then I think about all that has happened lately and the excitement I have to share it with you. 272 altre parole


NASA Television Updates Broadcast Schedule for Cargo Resupply Mission

NASA commercial cargo provider SpaceX now is targeting no earlier than 10:36 a.m. EST Friday, Dec. 15, for its 13th commercial resupply services mission to the International Space Station. 6 altre parole


New Bird Species Arises From Hybrids, as Scientists Watch

Your daily selection of the latest science news!

According to Quanta Magazine


The Big Bird lineage of Galápagos finches seems to be a novel species that arose in just a few years through hybridization.

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Stuck, with a slight chance of a meteor shower

Unwavering from the usual forecast, today also saw me stuck in my limitations from having a “normal” life, which is what they call an economically productive, socially performative life. 750 altre parole


The Geminid Meteor Shower: How To Catch Tonight's Fireworks

Tonight, the sky’s going to light up. The Geminid Meteor Shower will be at its most visible and brightest this evening, and if you’ve got a clear sky, some warm gear, and a little time, you can see some pretty amazing fireballs and lights. 330 altre parole

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