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Spring means a lot of things for a lot of people: flowers, exams, parks, rain. For me, it means the NHL playoffs.

Or, at least, it did. 1.627 altre parole


Video: Cosmological Constant: A Bone in the Throat of Physicists

The Muslim Times’ Chief Editor’s comments

To me the increasing complexity of our universe, which we can barely scratch at, speaks volumes about the creativity of our Merciful and Gracious Creator. 53 altre parole

The Muslim Times

Hunting Perseids

August 2016 was a very special time for the annual Perseids meteor shower with an estimated 200 per hour at peak.

The Perseids are a stream of debris left by the comet Swift Tuttle. 302 altre parole


Saturn | Cassini | Hexagon

Saturn’s north pole features a hexagon shaped pattern in the clouds driven by fast winds that wrap the planet. The hexagon is about as wide as 2 Earths. 150 altre parole


AlchemyAstrology: April 30-1 May, 2017 - sidereal

PASSIVE – Moon in

Possible Scenarios

A good time to: set things in stone; and yet go beyond the dogma.

Challenges: sense of duty; while retaining versatility and compassion. 137 altre parole


Astronomy: Week of 4/30/17 (Eta Aquariid Meteor Shower)

Seems like only yesterday I was talking about Jupiter coming back into the evening sky, and now it’s shining high and bright early every evening.  Never fails to impress, even through a small telescope. 228 altre parole



Alanís Este Jaloveckas, Joan Izquierdo Borau, Denis Lara Molina, Irene Marcuello Gallardo,

Cosmos és un llibre d’artista que parteix de manuscrits antics de astronomia i astrologia. 138 altre parole

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