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Presentation from Smithonian presentation for SSEP

And here is just a small bit of one of the presentations for the International Space Development Conference at ISDC in May 2015

Persia and Greece....is the current crisis a prophetic sign?

I think it could be assumed that the sudden escalation of problems in Greece immediately on the heels of the alignment, could be further proof of my Seven Seal  69 altre parole


Weekly Psalm 19: Carina Nebula

Here is your weekly reminder of Psalm 19 — the Carina Nebula.

The Carina Nebula is a giant diffuse cloud of gas spanning almost 500 light-years and containing many large, bright, hot stars. 99 altre parole


Advanced Imaging Conference AIC)

AIC registration has passed 80 attendees! Sign up today! As the newest member of the AIC board of directors, I invite you and we hope to see you there! 19 altre parole

Philae's Comet May Host Alien 'Life': Astronomers


Astronomers proposed a novel explanation Monday for the strange appearance of the comet carrying Europe’s robot probe Philae through outer space: alien microscopic life. 517 altre parole

Daily News

Five Supermassive Black Holes discovered

Astronomers have found evidence for a large population of hidden supermassive black holes in the Universe.

Using NASA’s Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuSTAR) satellite observatory, the team of international scientists detected the high energy X-rays from five supermassive black holes previously clouded from direct view by dust and gas. 473 altre parole


Studies in Astrophysics

After graduating college with a biology degree, I find most of my intellectual interest gearing toward subjects that were not integrated into my program. Conventionally this would mean biochemistry, soil science, water science, geomorphology–basically, environmental and related physical sciences. 535 altre parole