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Thoughts about the Sunspot Observatory Closure

From 1995 until 2001, I worked on New Mexico State University’s 1-meter telescope at Apache Point Observatory. The observatory is about one mile down highway 6563 from the Sunspot Solar Observatory. 724 altre parole


To see the stars

Night time light pollution is real. The increasing encroachment of urban artificial lights has wiped out stars from the night sky. On an average, the only things we can see in the night sky from a city on a clear night are the moon, the planets, the blinking lights of aeroplanes and about 20-30 stars. 288 altre parole


Wrap up for AstroLight 2018

What a night it was! A fun-loving celebration of all things light and astronomical.  Sit back and reminisce (or discover!) as we run down Melbourne’s night of celestial festivities.  1.179 altre parole


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Space Facts

10 Space Facts:

  • The four planets in our solar system that are known as gas giants are Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn and Uranus.
  • Pluto is smaller than the Earth’s moon.
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Window Seat over Hudson Bay

On the August 18 night flight from San Francisco to Zurich, a window seat offered this tantalizing view when curtains of light draped a colorful glow across the sky over Hudson Bay. 118 altre parole