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6 Things I Love About AutoCAD 2016 - Part 1

AutoCAD 2016 is here! To celebrate, I’m sharing my top six favorite new features. 2016 seems to be the year of faster, more accurate tools, with improvements that include a stunning visual experience and smart dimensioning. 235 altre parole


LINQ and the AutoCAD .NET API (Part 1)

I recently played around with the AutoCAD .NET API and I want to share some ideas I had on how to make use of IEnumerable<T> when dealing with the drawing database. 1.281 altre parole

I am looking forward to the AutoCad 2016 release looks great..

  Autodesk today announced the availability of AutoCAD 2016, the latest release of one of the world’s leading computer-aided design (CAD) applications.

“AutoCAD 2016 makes detailing and documentation work faster, while stunning visual enhancements bring a new level of clarity and depth to every aspect of a design” 455 altre parole


Final presentation for my Design Project

For part of the submission for my design project on the Vulcan Works, I am to write a blog entry on my final presentation for the project. 260 altre parole


Finding the English Language option for downloads on the Autodesk Account Management Portal

Sometimes it is the small aspects of software that leaves users stumped, and these aspects can be subtle but important.  In the Autodesk Account Management Portal we have found that one such example is a difficulty in finding the right language option for downloads. 173 altre parole


Children's Table/Stool

I was finally able to get around to finishing up a design I had been wanting to do for awhile. These are the conceptual renderings for a children’s table and stool kit that are to be cut from a single sheet of .7500″ plywood that leaves you with a usable material drop at the end. 33 altre parole