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High Tech Archaeology

by Jonathan BrisendineField Archaeologist

So what do I mean by high tech archaeology? By this I am referring to the robotic arms we employ to dig units for us. 283 altre parole


Why can't I attach a polyline layer?

When attaching a polyline layer, I get a message that says “Unable to open object.” Why?

AutoDesk has deprecated POLYLINE entities. TRIRIGA now supports only AutoDesk LWPOLYLINEs. 57 altre parole


Autodesk unveiled 2016 Design & Creation Suites with cloud compatibility

Autodesk just introduced 2016 design suites which will improve the quality of your designs through various desktop and cloud application.

Autodesk design and creation suites come with some wide array of extended toolsets and exclusive interoperability. 529 altre parole

Why is the label spacing not consistent with CAD Integrator?

When labels are applied, additional spacing appears in between the lines of the label. Two drawings are having different results regarding the spacing of the rows in the label when running the Space (Area) label. 161 altre parole


3DS Max Design: Importing and Linking Models.

Linking from Revit. Linked Revit models are connected to their source file and will reflect updates made to that source. To import an existing Revit model into a 3DS scene: 377 altre parole


Want to learn Autodesk Software for FREE?!

Over the past couple months I have heard several of my friends and family mention that they were interested in teaching there Kids AutoCAD, Civil 3D, Inventor…or even Maya and they asked if I know of anywhere they can “get a deal on software”.   201 altre parole