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"My Appetite for Destruction: Sex, and Drugs, and Guns N' Roses" by Stephen Adler with Lawrence J. Spagnola - Book Review

Wow, I think the title really sums up this book.  Steven Adler’s biography details one of the most destructive paths of any rock star out there.  444 altre parole


#048 - Closure

This week we are joined once again by Third Man Dan as we watch the latest Guns N’ Roses Not in this Lifetime Selects video. Then we review the song of the week – Closure by Rapidfire. 152 altre parole

Axl Rose Drags Surgeon General After He Refuses To Tell People To Avoid Crowds: ‘Resign’ 

Guns N’ Roses singer Axl Rose dubbed Surgeon General Jerome Adams a ‘coward’ in a charged tweet posted July 3, adding that he ‘doesn’t deserve’ the high profile job. 560 altre parole


#046 - Ball

This week first we take a look at what happened on this day in Rock N’ Roll history!

Next, it’s the return of the “Shitty Music Video Watch Along”. 18 altre parole

Axl Rose Shades Trump After POTUS Accuses ‘Lamestream Media’ Of Fomenting ‘Hatred & Anarchy’

Axl Rose had some bold words for Donald Trump after the president blamed the media for instigating ‘hatred and anarchy,’ in a tweet on May 31. 548 altre parole


Guns N' Roses stick it to Trump with 'Live N' Let Die With COVID 45' T-shirt

A week after Donald Trump‘s tour of a personal protective equipment factory in Arizona, Guns N’ Roses (GNR) is taking aim at the U.S. president for not wearing a mask in the midst of the… 1.128 altre parole


It's almost Friday (a random assortment of thoughts)

As I write this I am watching three black bears across the road, down about three hundred feet from our yard, picking through the neighbours garbage. 473 altre parole