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Police officer wakes man sleeping on street by spraying him with water

There are definitely more pleasant ways to be woken up. 

But a police officer in Azerbaijan, seemed to care little for how he stirred a man sleeping on the street when he drenched him in water from a hose. 175 altre parole


IRENA and Central Asia Look to Advance Renewable Energy in the Region

Central Asian countries possess a large potential of renewable energy and have been increasingly involved in the renewables dialogue over the past few years. The vast resource potential in the region provides opportunities for increasing uptake. 280 altre parole

Renewable Energy

Iran | Jolfa | Near the Garden of Eden

Our taxi driver is pushing 130 km/h between the red cliffs that rise at the Nordoz border on our way to Jolfa, along the Aras river valley. 976 altre parole


The Case for Outcast Media

If you were an ordinary citizen of Azerbaijan, you’d have little reason to doubt the official casualty count from your country’s recent skirmishes with Armenian separatists. 1.273 altre parole


Russian warships docked in the Caspian Sea port of Anzali in Northern Iran

​The Russian fleet, carrying a massage of “peace and friendship”, was welcomed by Iranian naval commanders and staff, officials said.

The commander of the fleet is scheduled to meet with local political and military officials in Northern Gilan province. 235 altre parole