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Azerbaijan’s ancient city of Sheki will host the second International Festival of National Sweets

Sheki to host sweets festival.

Azerbaijan’s ancient city of Sheki will host the second International Festival of National Sweets, scheduled for July 20.

Sweets are an inseparable part of the national cuisine, that’s why the festival will gather cooks from all over Azerbaijani regions. 309 altre parole

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Baku prepares for Formula 1 Grand Prix

Preparations for the Formula 1 Grand Prix, to be held in Azerbaijan in 2016, are on schedule, according to the Baku Grand Prix company.

The urban highway project in the center of Baku has been designed by Hermann Tilke’s architectural firm. 486 altre parole

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Interreligiöses Iftar-Mahl

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Ramadan ist der Fastenmonat der Muslime und neunter Monat des islamischen Mond­kalenders. In ihm wurde nach islamischer Auffassung der Koran herabgesandt. Fasten im Islam ist eine Form des Gottesdienstes. 164 altre parole

Azerbaijan Student Network

Interreligiöses Iftar

Anlässlich des Ramadans organisieren Azerbaijan Student Network,  Jüdisches Studentenzentrum Berlin, die Evangelischen Studierendengemeinde Berlin und die Evangelischen Jugend Berlin – Brandenburg – Schlesische Oberlausitz zusammen das Fastenbrechen . 71 altre parole


Putin’s Armenia Shock -- Protests break out against a Russian ally in the Caucasus

Ten thousand protesters over the weekend poured into the streets of Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, defying the government’s crackdown. Russian-media reactions suggest the Kremlin is nervous, as Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan is a close Moscow ally. 390 altre parole


Trip to Baku

I went to Baku, Azerbaijan several weeks ago. I was so looking forward to it! We (group of 5 people) went there by taxi (it’s cheaper). 1.032 altre parole