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The Symbol of Modern Baku

By Linda Tancs

In Baku, Azerbaijan’s capital city, the Flame Towers ascend above the skyline like flickering flames. Viewable from most parts of the city, they’re particularly engaging at night thanks to the LED shows. 29 altre parole


Financial Inclusion of Refugees: Azerbaijan Case Study

> Posted by Daniel Balson, Lead Specialist for Eurasia and MENA, The Smart Campaign

The following is the second post in a four-part blog series on the financial inclusion of refugees and the internally displaced. 1.212 altre parole

Center For Financial Inclusion


OK, so not much surprises us anymore, we try not to have expectations, but Baku got us good. Azerbaijan is not a country we hear much about, so in no way did we expect to arrive to what could have been Dubai (not having ever been to Dubai, but we have vivid imaginations). 686 altre parole

Travel Summary

More luxurious overnight travel to counter air travel

At this year’s Innotrans in Berlin, Stadler presented their new sleeping coach for Azerbaijan. The train shows, that even now there is a potential to compete air travel with a very comfortable and luxurious car. 145 altre parole

Railway Operation

Gabala - one of the most breathtaking spots in Azerbaijan

Are you in search of a cool, evergreen place to rest? Then I got a perfect suggestion for you – Gabala city.

Gabala, which is located about 225 km away from the capital city of Azerbaijan, is a perfect place for rest and tourism. 810 altre parole

Latest News

Armenian armed units have once again set fire to the occupied territories of Azerbaijan

The military units of Armenian Armed Forces after completing the illegal military exercise in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan burned a large proportion of the territory Uzundere in occupied Aghdam region, APA reported. 274 altre parole

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