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UNTWO’s Zurab and the legend of Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan was a big supporter getting Zurab Pololikashvil elected as the next UNWTO Secretary-General. Therefore it’s not surprising he is giving one of his first interviews to a Azerbaijan media. 266 altre parole


THE HALO TRUST; A Ray of Hope in Nagorno Karabakh

Sadly, conflicts are a fact of life!  Wars and their weapons follow bringing devastation for generations to come.

As such is the case in  Nagorno Karabakh also known as Artsakh; a de facto post-soviet republic located between Armenia and Azerbaijan. 714 altre parole


The Udi

The Google Map shows the distribution of the Udi, an ancient relict ethnos of the Caucasus, the survivors of the formerly great Caucasian Albanian people. 143 altre parole


The Tsakhur of Dagestan & Azerbaijan

The Google Map shows the main areas of settlement of the Tsakhurs. The Tsakhur are a northern Caucasian people or ethnos with their own Tsakhur language (one of the Lezgic family of languages in the NE Caucasus). 231 altre parole


The 1800's - Ethan's World

My wife moved to the U.S. over 19 years ago. She is originally from Azerbaijan, a former Soviet country located in the South Caucasus between southwest Asia and southeastern Europe. 158 altre parole


Modelsvit 1:72 Su-17M3 'Fitter-H' - build article

Progress shots

Ejection seat consists of, believe it or not, 23 parts! What you see here is 22 parts as I left of the commendably thin ejection seat lever to add at the end. 922 altre parole


Cheeky pink rabbit

This fellow got in my shot – a definite poseur!

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