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Aga Khan Award for Architecture 2014-2016 Cycle (Shortlisted Project # 5): New Power Station - Baku, Azerbaijan

“In the Third World especially, where most of have only emerged recently from colonial rule in the last quarter of a century, architecture has long tended to be dominated by imported aesthetic ideas as well as by Western technology and materials.

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12 hours in Baku

You have already made a great decision to come to spend a day in Baku but as the city center is really big, you should have some plan to discover as much as possible. 575 altre parole

Trouble in the Caucasus

The Nagorno-Karabakh is a heavily mountainous region covered in forest. It sits between Armenia to the west and Azerbaijan on the east. Ethnic Armenians make up the majority of the population but in international law the regions falls under Azeri jurisdiction. 545 altre parole


Caucasian Villages in Azerbaijan

The northern part of Azerbaijan is known for its amazing Caucasian mountains. Once you get tired of the busy capital, Baku, it’s worth to pack your backpack, catch a bus and enjoy the local folklore of Caucasian villages. 743 altre parole

Human Tragedy in Karabakh

By John M. Evans,
Former U.S. Ambassador to Armenia (2004-06)

We Americans are understandably focused on the multiple and interlocking tragedies that have taken place in the last month from Louisiana to Minnesota and most notably in Dallas. 735 altre parole

General Update

Northwest and Out

In which we continue on from Baku, with stops in Sheki and Zaqatala, before finding the exit and moving on to Georgia. With all sorts of adventures around Şəki and Zaqatala, including abandoned churches and fortresses and almost-forgotten monuments. 1.361 altre parole

Former Soviet Union