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11: So Here We Are...

I’ve caught up. My back history is now complete. It’s 7th December. I am now running this blog in real time. I’ve been playing catch up since my online dating baptism on 25th October, hence my updates have been very regular. 889 altre parole

10: What Men Really Want

It’s time for some brutal truths. My brutal truths anyway. Most guys on Badoo and Tinder are not looking for romance or ‘the one’. They are here to sleep with you. 1.321 altre parole

Types of Online Dating Sites

When I first started, I randomly downloaded an App that was available in Google Play. It was not horrible but it had a reputation; if I had done my research I would have been prepared to handle the fallouts. 682 altre parole


9: Tinder Jon

Jon was my second Tinder hit. He wasn’t my standard type, but he was tall, good looking, intelligent, funny, enthusiastic, creative. His Tinder profile was short and sweet. 579 altre parole

8: Tinder Baptism

Just short of my month on Badoo I gave Tinder a go. I said I wouldn’t but I did. Again, it was just one of those experimental things….. 778 altre parole


If I find anything of interest I will add it here and keep updating. This posting has no number because it’s always updated.

This is a very interesting podcast. 236 altre parole

7: They Come They Go...

The Badoo interests came and went. Sometimes I met them, sometimes we chatted and that was it. The drop out rate was disappointing. I stopped bothering to log them in the end. 754 altre parole