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Change is Good

New companion!

Same city but 2 times the work!

And my zone just doubled in size!!

There have been many exciting changes in the great Italy Rome Mission… It gives me the skin of a goose as they say in Italian. 187 altre parole


1.5 Minutes

That is how much time I have to write this! AHHHHH!

I love you guys and I hope you have a great week.

I had the opportunity to go finding for like 2 minutes before an appointment after a full booked day of unplanned changes to our plans and we had a lot all of our finding time. 117 altre parole


Italian Love

Everyone thinks of Italian love as a super deep and passionate love between people and it is… but this week I really fell in Italian love in a different way. 162 altre parole


It Saved our Lives!

Written June 4, 2018

This week was pretty cool and alla fine much happened and I have 5 minutes to tell you allllllll about it! 427 altre parole


Albania 2018: Tirana

So I had five days free at Easter and I wanted a break in a location that was a little off the beaten track. Working in Bari at the time, there were several opportunities across the Adriatic, such as Greek islands or even the Games-of-Thrones-famed Dubrovnik on the Croatian coast. 1.936 altre parole


[Italy] A glimpse of Puglia in Bari

Italy is never a bad idea – history, culture, architecture, beautiful surroundings, great weather, excellent and diverse cuisine are to be found wherever and whenever you set foot in this country. 802 altre parole