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7 Things That Make Ted an Awesome Man

Theodore Evelyn Mosby.
You might have come across many posts about this guy probably always written by women about why they “luuurrveeee Teddy!” But this is something largely different because in the shoes of a bro, I see Ted more as a man from whom we can learn rather just a protagonist of two cute love stories. 576 altre parole


Barney Stinson and Sheldon Cooper as Positive Biblical Examples?

With today being a special day for me, the release of All You Want to Know about the Bible in Pop Culture, I thought I’d cheat a little and include something taken straight out of the book. 569 altre parole


Did I just get Hacked or Stalked?

Well with St. Patty’s day coming and going, so many controversial topics and incidents have come up. Neither of which has anything to do with me, but I guess it’s good to keep up with current events. 1.759 altre parole

Suit Up!

If you are like me then “Suit up!” is a very familiar phrase courtesy of Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris) of the famous sitcom, How I Met Your Mother… 212 altre parole


Review: Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography by Neil Patrick Harris

Have never really been a fan of NPH…but that’s only because I’ve never really watched him and I am not one to follow celebrity gossip. I had no clue he was married and had children. 487 altre parole


A 'How I Met Your Mother' Fan Figured Out Barney Stinson's Annual Salary

This time last year, fans of How I Met Your Mother were wondering and worrying about how the show would wrap up. Would Robin and Barney stay together? 242 altre parole



I’m almost done watching the series How I Met Your Mother. And the story is legend-wait-for-it-dary. LEGENDARY!

For the past months, I’ve been watching this series during my free time. 579 altre parole