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Ruminations on male/female interactions

It’s always fascinated me how difficult it is to convince a guy who’s hitting on you that you’re not, in fact, interested. 94 altre parole


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How I met the perfect series finale

Before I started watching How I met your mother I used to think it was a bad attempt to make a F.R.I.E.N.D.S. remake. Oh, I was so wrong… Yes, you may argue that there’s a lot of similarities, but let’s be honest, ok? 1.056 altre parole


Finding Purpose In Something That Makes You Sad

**Disclaimer** This post contains HUGE How I Met Your Mother spoilers!**

So for the last 10 weeks I have been (practically) binge watching the TV series… 586 altre parole

Anakin Skywalker

Hello World!

Hopefully, this won’t be another cliche blog by a depressed and/or suicidal teen talking about how much their life sucks. I just want to have an outlet to express my feelings and talk about life without judgment from the real world. 425 altre parole

Barney Stinson

"The Time Travelers"

I loveĀ How I Met Your Mother. It’s my favorite TV show, and I’m not easily impressed by what television has to offer. As I write this, I’m watching through it for the sixth time– it’s in a side window on my computer screen so I can see it and WordPress at the same time. 901 altre parole

Why the HIMYM Finale Sucked

I am currently going through a rebound phase that involves rewatching old episodes from How I met your Mother (as well as drooling over ancient pictures of Orlando Bloom and rediscovering my love for polka dots!). 567 altre parole