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Why ask questions?

Now marriage is not a job (or, is it)?! then why is it that I am bothering to collect what I think will be important questions? 347 altre parole

I found the real MacLaren’s Pub From "How I Met Your Mother"!!!

With little tears in eyes, I watched with million others the final episode of How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM). What had started nine years ago with the story of how Ted Mosby (played by Josh Radnor) recounts (with the amazing voice of Bob Saget) to his future kids in the year 2030 the events led to meeting his future wife (who was finally revealed at the end of Season 8 who was being played by Christin Milioti). 222 altre parole

Food Trips

Just for Laughs: Neil Patrick Harris suits up for Circus Awesomeus galas

So what can’t Neil Patrick Harris do?

“I still can’t juggle five items. I’ve got three down really well. I can juggle four — no problem. 1.403 altre parole


Ruminations on male/female interactions

It’s always fascinated me how difficult it is to convince a guy who’s hitting on you that you’re not, in fact, interested. 94 altre parole


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How I met the perfect series finale

Before I started watching How I met your mother I used to think it was a bad attempt to make a F.R.I.E.N.D.S. remake. Oh, I was so wrong… Yes, you may argue that there’s a lot of similarities, but let’s be honest, ok? 1.056 altre parole


Finding Purpose In Something That Makes You Sad

**Disclaimer** This post contains HUGE How I Met Your Mother spoilers!**

So for the last 10 weeks I have been (practically) binge watching the TV series… 586 altre parole

Anakin Skywalker