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Suit Up!

I have always thought that any man’s appearance is instantly improved when they are in a suit. I don’t think this is debatable, really. You will hear men who will comment about how they never get in a suit and that it makes them look funny. 1.542 altre parole

How I Met Your Mother - Season Two (Notes)

S02E01 – Where Were We?

Humour Rating: 6.6, I really like the humour in this episode. A lot of it is sad humour but it’s great nonetheless. 2.156 altre parole

Barney Stinson

Do Organizations Need 'Have You Met Ted's?

I’m throwing this question out there. I started by putting down some jot notes in my journal but then I decided to keep it raw and throw out my thoughts for the blogosphere to read and comment on. 533 altre parole


How I Met Your Mother - Season One (Notes)

S01E01 – Pilot

Humour Rating: 8.7/10, few lines that just make my day accompanied by lines that will end up becoming catchphrases later.

Drama Level: 7.5/10, fair curve balls that accentuate a very well thought out plot. 2.455 altre parole

Barney Stinson

How I Met Your Mother And How It Went So Wrong

There is a certain stupidity associated with being extremely angry at a television show, and yet, there is also a certain necessity, and when it comes to How I Met Your Mother, fans who had been loyal to the show for its nine year air time have the right to want to burn it to the ground. 1.425 altre parole

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Day 12

Disclaimer : To talk about men I am attracted to, and not mention the husband, would be blasphemy of the highest order. Therefore, to not hurt his feelings and because it is… 579 altre parole

30 Days Challenge

If only Neil Patrick Harris' Barney had suited up at London's Soho Hotel

Barney Stinson, Ted Mosby’s barfly friend on “How I Met Your Mother” had a thing for gin tonics. But in one episode, when asked to bartend himself, was forced to confess that he had no clue which ingredients were in his favorite cocktail. 537 altre parole