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Il gatto 🐱

Vieni, mio bel gatto, sul mio cuore innamorato; ritira

le unghie nelle zampe, lasciami sprofondare nei tuoi

occhi in cui l’agata si mescola al metallo. 74 altre parole


The very worst time

to begin something new is when you’re depressed. And I am, unsurprisingly, depressed.

But here is something else I have learned: the very worst time to give up is when you’re depressed. 381 altre parole

Account for the effects of expanding industrialisation on 19th century painting: How did industrialisation impact temporal experience, how was this modern ideology manifested in paint?

As rational beings we, humans, experience life through the reconciliation of dichotomies.[1] Reality has an inherent duality to it as space and time form our experiences. 2.555 altre parole


Invitation to the Voyage

My child, my sister, dream
How sweet all things would seem
Were we in that kind land to live together,
And there love slow and long, 214 altre parole

Bicoq de sable

Image de Cochonfucius

Le coq à double face a rêvé de la mer
Et des pâles étoiles,
Des nuages de feu qui planent dans l’éther… 55 altre parole


A Year of Unfortunate Events - Update

This year, I am re-reading A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket, a series which I quite enjoyed when I was younger. As there are 13 books in the series, I am reading one a month right up until December, during which I will be reading the final two in the series. 814 altre parole