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Art as Communication without a Subject

There are artists who create Conceptual Art and photographers who insist that photographs are about Storytelling. To me art is about communicating at other than a conceptual level. 326 altre parole


Elevación: el estado intelectual de un poeta

Charles Baudelaire era un poeta maldito que poseía una gracia más bien sagrada. El sonar de sus versos representan, más allá de una musicalidad auditiva, una musicalidad espiritual. 592 altre parole


Defying Baudelaire

In The Painter of Modern Life, Charles Baudelaire wrote, “What poet would dare, in depicting the pleasure caused by the appearance of a great beauty, separate the woman from her dress”. 286 altre parole


Hypocrite Reader

But among the jackals, the panthers, the bitch-hounds,
The apes, the scorpions, the vultures, the serpents,
The monsters screeching, howling, grumbling, creeping,
In the infamous menagerie of our vices, 681 altre parole


The Bad Beginning (A Series of Unfortunate Events, Book #1) by Lemony Snicket

I remember watching the 2004 film version of this story (I actually own it) and being very disappointed. It wasn’t a bad film, it just wasn’t the book. 337 altre parole


Article - Paris as the site for the flâneur in the 19th century

by Stephen Nulty, 1997

I wrote this essay while studying towards a University of Sheffield BA (Hons) in Combined Studies (Cultural Studies) at Wirral Metropolitan College. 1.762 altre parole

Setting up The Baudelaire Song Project

When I was awarded £594,000 from the AHRC for The Baudelaire Song Project to research all the song settings of Baudelaire’s poetry, I was naturally over the moon. 295 altre parole

Poetry And Music