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Reading Counterfeit Money: 4. Crossing the Border

Part and Whole (GT, 94-95)

In Derrida’s analysis of Counterfeit Money, as a short story within the collection Le Spleen de Paris, the larger is constantly overrun by the smaller. 286 altre parole

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C̱jēll i vrēnjtun

Njāni kish me thān se shikīmi jot ish mbulue me mjegull,

Syt’ e tu misterjoz (a jan ata t’kaltër, gri a t’g̱elbërt?)

Ndryshe t’butë, āndrrimtār, mizōr, 176 altre parole


A Series of Unfortunate Events: Book Review 13 and overall

So we come to the end of the series and I wish I could tell you I loved it…but I’m sort of sitting on a fence about it. 691 altre parole


Errata - Brief Interruptions. Futurefarmers at CCVA

“In Paul de Man’s notes on irony he asserts, citing Baudelaire, that falling can enable a duplicate consciousness wherein one observes and laughs at oneself without hierarchies of different subjectivities: one becomes aware of oneself as human and an object in the hands of nature.”  Rebecca Uchill, Errata (2017) 7 altre parole


Reading Counterfeit Money: 3. The Dedication

A topological analysis (GT, pp. 87-88)

Baudelaire’s Counterfeit Money was published as part of Le Spleen de Paris in 1855. Derrida uses the book’s spatiality, its… 381 altre parole

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Was it poetry that ate my desire to succeed
and through failure that I succeeded
in thinking only horrible things,
things so horrible poetry could never grasp, 318 altre parole

3. Literature

Reading Counterfeit Money: 2. The Title

Derrida’s analysis of the title of Baudelaire’s Counterfeit Money (pp. 84-87)

The title says: “since I say so many things at once, since I appear to title this even as I title that at the same time, since I feign reference and since, insofar as it is fictive, my reference is not an authentic, legitimate reference, well then I, as title…am counterfeit money.” (86-87) 556 altre parole
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