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Baudelaire the 'Wrecked Priest'

I was once house sitting for a friend of mine and his wife and stumbled upon a collection of poems that were suggested to me years earlier but which I had failed to remember to seek out – ‘Les Fleurs du mal’ by Charles Baudelaire. 985 altre parole


Dans la tete de Charles Baudelaire #Writers

Dans la tête de Charles Baudelaire

Les épreuves originales annotées des “Fleurs du mal” sont rééditées en fac-similé. Une véritable plongée dans l’âme et le cerveau d’un génie de la poésie.

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Boeufs de sable

Composition de Cochonfucius

Nous suivons la route sûre,
Longeant vallons et coteaux ;
Entre des murs de verdure
Va notre vaillant troupeau.

Le coq d’or franchit l’abîme… 49 altre parole


Wicked Little Menagerie: Les Fleurs du Mal

Charles  released Les Fleurs du Mal (or, The Flowers of Evil) in 1857, and a later revision in 1861. Les Fleurs du Mal is a collection of poetry, many of which revolve around rather grotesque or macabre images. 698 altre parole

A Passer-by

My favorite poem: À une passante

The deafening street roared on. Full, slim, and grand
In mourning and majestic grief, passed down
A woman, lifting with a stately hand… 101 altre parole

Autoimmune Disorders

Dream Casting for “A Series of Unfortunate Events”

Netflix recently announced that they secured the rights to the A Series of Unfortunate Events series by Lemony Snicket, a beloved set of books that I worshipped throughout my school years. 297 altre parole

Dream Casting

“A person who stands outside gazing through an open window never sees as many things as the one who gazes at a closed window.” – via scaevities – BAUDELAIRE http://ift.tt/1Ls24tO