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The Paradoxical Power of Memory: On Shanghai Homes & Disappearing Shanghai 記憶之弔詭力量﹣評《上海人家》與《消失中的上海》

The Paradoxical Power of Memory:

Ting Guo on Disappearing Shanghai: Photographs and Poems of an Intimate Way of Life and Shanghai Homes: Palimpsests of Private Life… 2.439 altre parole


Necessity and Hysteria 6

Chapter 6

The Artist as Sophist

There is another side to Odysseus, that of the wandering sophist. Beginning from this aspect of the hero, we can identify the characteristic by which Baudelaire is corrupted and undone, as once his ancestor Euripides too suffered condemnation at the hands of a judging god. 4.873 altre parole

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Necessity and Hysteria 5

Chapter 5

Comic Recovery of the Hero-Artist

In contrast to the tragic heroes of the last chapter, Homer’s Odysseus has the power to counter death-in-life, to recover from the compulsion of events and win through to life, thus surpassing even the deeds of Heracles. 3.521 altre parole

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Necessity and Hysteria 4

Part II

Fate of the Artist

 Chapter 4

Tragic Descent of Artist and Hero

The death-in-life imposed by necessity is contamination: of soul by body across the boundary marked by the neck; by prostitution in the wide sense, specifically that of the artist pandering to an audience. 4.698 altre parole

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'Sylvia Plath You are Dead' and other poems by Elaine Feeney

Charles Bukowski is my Dad

He stands with me in the
holding open my pearl lace
umbrella to the
ravaging Galway rain.
He calls me up on… 2.128 altre parole

25 Pins In A Packet Women Creators

Philosofishal l'ha ribloggato su Philosofishal e ha commentato:

Sheer poetic brilliance from Ireland on this historic day for its people. Do read beyond the first poem; it keeps getting better. The poem "Mass" intrigues and delivers. Review: Poet Elaine Feeney employs mythical imagery but roots the reader, clear-eyed and seeing, in today's realities. This posted collection snags emotion through shades of rich cultural color to present startling kernels of truth both local and universal. With unpredictable trajectories, Feeney's poems of oddly blossoming ideas marry feminist flavor to a gritty sensibility recalling for me Baudelaire's "Les Fleurs du Mal." A poetic body of fresh, clever turns of phrase and challenging political power, the work proves bracingly raw, cohesive in exploring fragments, and beautiful in the dark. I just bought Feeney's 2014 collection "The Radio Was Gospel" sight unseen--today.

Necessity and Hysteria 3

Chapter 3

Necessity Suffered and Overcome

As bondage to fate, necessity represents the intrusion of death into life, as in a procession of slaves or a Baudelairean cortège; this is the transgression at work in hysteria. 4.083 altre parole

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Necessity and Hysteria 2

Chapter 2

The Dual Grip of Necessity

Baudelaire’s “terrible hand of hysteria” indicates that hysteria is driven by necessity. This is fitting, since the former is rooted in conflict, while the latter is dual, indeed in conflict with itself, inasmuch as it promotes life and death at once. 7.324 altre parole

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