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Mezzo mondo 

Ma i veri viaggiatori partono per partire e basta: cuori lievi, simili a palloncini che solo il caso muove eternamente, dicono sempre “Andiamo”, e non sanno perchè.

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Noisy Reading

Some books I can read over and over—such is the case with good poetry and certainly with the poetry of Charles Baudelaire. 847 altre parole


Le Voyage

“…La fronte in fiamme, un’alba,
noi lasciamo la sponda,
col cuore colmo di voglie e di rancori amari,
e culliamo, seguendo il respiro dell’onda,
l’infinito che è in noi sul finito dei mari…” 64 altre parole


Eugene Delacroix - A Poet in Painting

Delacroix has long been one of my favorite painters. But it’s not only his painting I admire, he was an artist in the deepest sense. And like Van Gogh, even his writing was beautiful. 241 altre parole


Souvent, pour s’amuser, les hommes d’équipage

This sonnet from Baudelaire seems to be channeling Coleridge’s “Ancient Mariner” with its description of the shooting of an albatross by the crew of a ship sailing in the southern oceans. 322 altre parole

Chamblin Bookmine, Part One of Seven

The following was written by the always interesting Tim Gilmore on his blog, Jax Psycho Geo.

Source: Chamblin Bookmine, Part One of Seven

But after what happened with…

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H. P. Lovecraft

89. (Andrew Marvell)

When T.S. Eliot, in his essay on Andrew Marvell, offered his incomparably confusing characterization of “wit,” what was he onto? That he was onto something is clear less from his strained reach of eloquence than from his sequence of instances; Eliot’s eye for exemplary passages and for juxtaposition of passages was among his gifts as a critic and they delineate more clearly than the words he chooses. 1.554 altre parole

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