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Démons gardiens

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Nous, les démons gardiens de ces agneaux timides,
Nous restons avec eux pour qu’ils deviennent forts :
Croire, ils ne doivent point que l’inframonde est vide, 93 altre parole



Și azi mă doare fluierul aztec,
Ce n-a ajuns condorul să-l întoarne!
O vorbă-a fost, fără de punte: plec!
Din șapte găuri sfâșia din carne, 66 altre parole

Afternoon Song

Today, I read a rather wonderful poem by a wonderful poet. Perhaps some of you know it, others don’t. Either way, I wish you to enjoy this. 467 altre parole


Opera on acid: make-up in fashion film

Make-up and fashion: they seem to be always inextricably linked. With every season, a new make-up look, endlessly paraphrasing itself in waves throughout make-up history. With every trend, an opposed reaction. 477 altre parole


On dirait ton regard d'une vapeur couvert;

This poem by Baudelaire is a wonderful evocation of the inscrutability of his lover, illustrated by the elusive patterns and colours of the sky – always shifting, always changing, you can never quite pin it down or define it. 274 altre parole

Midnight philosophy without reason

This is a little something I wrote one late night some time ago and that I just found again, just wanted to share it with you. 775 altre parole

Soar Vandergeid