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The Pagan's Prayer

Translated by Jeffrey Dorchen

Don’t turn your heat down, the fire must start
Relight the pilot in my swollen heart
Torture of souls and souls’ delight… 112 altre parole


Posthumous Remorse

Translated by Troy Martin

Rest, my love –
Your bland expression fixed and sculpted as your hair
Severe as the black marble of this monument. 132 altre parole


Unnamed Martyr (by an Unknown Master)

Translated by Troy Martin

Who arranged the dressing table
Placed the various bottles in their glorious array?
The portraits turned their eyes unable,
Positioned as they are to ever look away. 315 altre parole


The Cat

Translated by John Szymanski

Hear her prowling in my thoughts
louder than her silent mews
A beautiful, a charming cat
striding gentle beast so smooth… 203 altre parole


Little Old Ladies

Translated by Joey Spilberg


If you see these decrepit monsters that used to be little girls,
Hobbling around the city,
They’re hunchbacked yet charming, 395 altre parole


Promises Of A Face

Translated by Diana Slickman

Oh mama, I love your eyebrows;
They grow so black and thick.
O sweet mama, I love your eyebrows;
Girl, they always do the trick. 175 altre parole


Damned Women

Translated by Martha Bayne

By the pale light of languid lamps, on cushions drenched with strong perfume,
Hippolyte dreamed of strokes so strong, they could lift the veil of June. 613 altre parole