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The Revolution of Artistic Expression

The late nineteenth century was a period of tremendous change as political empires broke up, nationalism arose, the power of the middle class replaced that of the aristocracy, and colonialism flourished. 528 altre parole

Valentine's Day 101: The Perfect Date?

“Un soir fait de rose et de bleu mystique,
Nous échangerons un éclair unique,
Comme un long sanglot, tout chargé d’adieux;”(Baudelaire, La Mort des Amants, Les Fleurs du Mal) 493 altre parole

"Valentine's Day Gifts"

Baudelaire's "The Ghost"

“The Ghost”
Charles Baudelaire, 1821-1867

Down the street as I was drifting with the city’s human tide,
Came a ghost, and for a moment walked in silence by my side — 606 altre parole

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A Series of Unfortunate Events Netflix Review-The Bad Beginning Parts 1 and 2

This show was forlorn, a word which here means “hopeless; with no chance of success.” In other words…this show was AMAZING. 445 altre parole

Book Reviews!

A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Miserable Mill Parts I & II

Warning, there is going to be spoilers all through this post.

In this episode, similar to previous, Count Olaf donned a new personality to try to score the Baudelaire’s enormous fortune. 191 altre parole



Another batch of books came in. As I’m teaching cultural studies again (yesssss!!!!!), and working on my own projects, and having to replace many of the books I sold off before moving to Singapore, I’m rebuilding my book collection. 28 altre parole


Soul Surrender

Just as there are times on a winding walk when you can not the see the road ahead, so too will you lose visibility on your soul’s unfolding.

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