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Ramblings on Charles Baudelaire's 'The Painter of Modern Life' (1863)

Charles Baudelaire’s ‘The Painter of Modern Life’ (1863) was a thoroughly captivating essay as part of an introduction to Victorian notions of modernity. In essence, Baudelaire’s powerful and inspiring depiction and examination of the artist Constantin Guys leads one to reconsider the meaning of what it is to be modern; to reject the formal ‘traditions’ of the elite and follow a less predictable, more spontaneous creative path. 322 altre parole


Poetry in Prose

Always be a poet, even in prose.
–Charles Baudelaire

Even in the everyday scenes of Nature, poetry is waiting to be discovered.



I was asked the other night by a well-wisher why I wasn’t Famous. At the time I was lost for words (so many reasons!)  but later I realised I should have told them… 1.239 altre parole


Taos is almost a cliché for unusual — even spiritual — experiences. I haven’t been there in a long time — not since 1980! — but today I went with a friend who’s a talented fiber artist. 626 altre parole


Hell's harmonies fade in the twilight

As I write, it is evening in Liverpool and the daylight is fading. ‘Minds exhausted by the toils of the day settle, and their thoughts bathe in the tender half-tones of the twilight’.  202 altre parole

Engineering Soapbox

Baudelaire comes to Chemistry

Could an evil molecule be beautiful? In Les Fleurs du Mal, a collection of poems, Baudelaire argued that there was a certain beauty in evil. Well, if there ever was an evil molecule, it’s the Abeta42 peptide, the main component of the senile plaque of Alzheimer’s disease, a molecule whose effects I spent my entire professional career as a neurologist ineffectually fighting. 534 altre parole

Chemistry (relatively Pure)

Raindrops on Roses....

Je suis comme le roi d’un pays pluvieux,

Riche, mais impuissant, jeune et pourtant tres vieux.

The weather has turned, it is raining, everyone is grumpy, including me. 152 altre parole