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Don Juan in hell.

The night Don Juan came to pay his fees
To Charon, by the caverned water’s shore,
A Beggar, proud-eyed as Antisthenes,
Stretched out his knotted fingers on the oar. 169 altre parole


Book Summary & Review: A Series of Unfortunate Events | Book 1-3

As I mentioned in some posts a few weeks back, I was looking forward to the Netflix adaptation of Lemony Snickets’ A Series of Unfortunate Events (ASUE) starring Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire and that tempted me to re-read the books, especially as I only made it to book 9 when I first started them years ago. 1.170 altre parole

Book Review

Books Lately #2

I had a goal for these past couple of months and that was to read two books. Well, I have achieved my goal.  Actually, I’ve read way more than I thought I would be able to. 415 altre parole



A glimmering prize for the desolate,
Jewelled with stars that pave heaven at her feet,
With breasts full with the promise of release,
And tender, sensual fingers that suffocate. 145 altre parole


The Art of Love and Malice

To me, for mankind there are few greater creations

The way we can take words and artfully arrange them

Lay them out upon a page… 54 altre parole


A Hemisphere (of Shampoo) in My Hair

After my Autumn Stylewatch post, I promptly spilled coffee on the sleeve of my flattering new coat sooooooo…. I guess it’s a keeper! The good thing about the coat’s Obi-Wan Kenobi hood is that it has taken care of my  480 altre parole