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The infinitely small space between you and your dreams

During the time around November 1st, the Commemoration of the Dead Ritual, there were many opportunities to contact and listen to messages from the Beyond. I’ll share one with you, one I heard and interpreted in the Hall of Metals, close to the niche of the Earth portal, while I was guiding a Dutch group of the School of Meditation. 515 altre parole


Birthday and the dreamtime

It’s the month of my birthday. This year when I was completing some ritual aspects around the birthday, I thought about this recurrence and how – in our culture and many others – there is this custom of emphasizing and celebrating the moment of your birth. 739 altre parole


Birth Traditions

As you can imagine, my thoughts are very occupied by the subject of pregnancy and birth in these days (because I am pregnant). A lot of things that I heard over the years about this theme are coming back to mind. 1.229 altre parole


Color codes

This week as I was looking at the images in the Temples of Humankind, I was struck by the colors in the clothes, objects, jewelry and food of the peoples of the world. 843 altre parole


The year of the Fire Rooster

Another year has come to completion in the Asian lunar zodiac as well, and on the new moon of January 28, 2017, we passed from the year of the… 638 altre parole


LEARN #16 - Week 131 of PhD

A new year just started.. and how did I grow in 366 days? Well, apparently I have grown a whole new organ, and you have too (or so they wrongly say) 1.111 altre parole

PhD Life

La Befana the Good Witch & the Epiphany©

The Epiphany is the Roman Catholic day dedicated to the birth of Jesus Christ and is celebrated on January 6.  In Italy, and Italian American Neighborhoods, the Epiphany officially marks the end of the Christmas Season. 1.088 altre parole

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