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And we're... back in the game !! (Preamble)

Helloooo there !

Long time no read ain’t ? (to be pronounced , preferable thinking of me wearing white trainers, a pink polo shirt collar up, short hair, and an Arsenal tattoo – you name it). 362 altre parole

Belarus: Europe's Last Outcast

Thanks to the 272 people who entered to receive one of five free kindle editions of Keepers of the Stone: Book One: The Outcasts and congrats to the five winners! 1.496 altre parole

Russian defense minister talks about NATO's "anti-Russian course"


JUNE 21, 2017, 9:12 A.M. E.D.T.

MOSCOW — Russia’s defense minister says the security situation near the nation’s borders has worsened because of NATO’s activities. 127 altre parole

#8 Nuclear News [ENG/PL], 12-18.05.2017

Today about robot-fish from Fukushima, smoking cigarettes in NPP and new nuclear fuel. :)

  1. In one of the previous Nuclear News I wrote about the new low enriched uranium warehouse in Kazakhstan.
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U.S. to station up to 600 troops to Baltics for Russia's Zapad exercise

The Baltic Times, 19 June 2017

WARSAW – The U.S. is to station three units of up to 600 airborne troops across the Baltic countries for the duration of the large-scale Russian military exercise Zapad taking place this fall, the commander of U.S. 200 altre parole

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