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Unemployment in Belarus: Work or Die

According to the official data, the unemployment rate in Belarus is only 0.5 %.
Falsified data, you might assume? I thought so too but after I’ve discovered the following data I realised that these numbers don’t necessarily lie… 165 altre parole


20150910: Belarus

Julia sent this pencil-sketch postcard scenery from Belarus, I like!


Photo Of The Day: Belarus

Irregular Fighters in Belarus

Photo by Eleonora Giuliani


Minsk really surprised me. I was expecting this grey city with grumpy people, you know? What they show you as a city stuck in time, a communist city, a Soviet city and it didn’t look like that, at least not to me. 1.183 altre parole


The Importance of WATER in German society

A typical dialog during my first months in Germany:

– Oh, I have a headache!
– Have you drunk enough water today?
– Häää? What does water have to do with my headache??? 279 altre parole


Why I'm Angry About Belarus

Yesterday afternoon, International Gymnast reported that two U.S. gymnasts – Alaina Kwan and Kylie Dickson – are going to compete at this year’s World Championships for the nation of Belarus. 1.916 altre parole