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5 Reasons Why I Recommend Visiting Eastern and Central Europe

Only a few countries of the former Eastern Bloc have become popular tourist destinations after the end of the Cold War. At the beginning of my trip around the world, I spent 6 weeks traveling through Eastern and Central Europe. 756 altre parole


Watch Slavianski Bazaar 2016 and Eurostar performances

EURONEWS.COM REPORTS – Have you ever heard a Mexican sing in Russian? Well, this is what it sounds like. Or does it sound familiar to you when an Italian sings in Ukrainian? 509 altre parole


Day 17: "Detained" at the Belarus border

Read the post about the Paris – Moscow train journey first.

Immigration at Terespol on the Polish side of the border was smooth. It got a little strange when the train entered Belarus, where Belarusian immigration officials got on board the train in the middle of nowhere, where the train stopped for them. 1.327 altre parole


124th: Andrew & Alena- Belarus

Dear Alena and Andrew,

Thank you for the lovely painting of The Fiddler from Mark Shagal.
I hope someday I can visit Belarus :)
Anyway, I always keen to a plea market that sell second-hand things (many unique and rare things I able to found). 36 altre parole