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Review: Belarus- Navi Band 'Historyja majho žyccia'

Duos are all the rage at Eurovision 2017, but NAVI BAND are easily my favourite. Arciom and
Ksienija bring their brand of Belorussian folk music to new audiences and their steadfast refusal to sing in any tongue but their own language is admirable, especially this year when they are one of five nations not singing in English out of a field of 43.  229 altre parole


Belarus: Anarchists Hang a Banner and an Effigy of a Riot Cop in Minsk

28.04.17: The last few months in Belarus were marked by an upsurge in protests against Decree No. 3 or the ‘social parasite tax’: Actions and rallies took place across the country which really scared the Lukashenko government. 299 altre parole

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Eurovision 2017 Previews: Belarus

The contest is drawing closer each day but we still have previews to get through! Our next stop is the land of bison, ice hockey and… 432 altre parole


10 thoughts: Baltic trip

At the beginning of April I got a chance to do what I like the most – travel. I was interested to explore Baltic coast, my home country neighbors. 1.078 altre parole

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Poroshenko Compares Crisis In East Ukraine With 1986 Chernobyl Disaster

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has compared the April 26, 1986, Chernobyl nuclear disaster with the ongoing crisis in Ukraine’s east, adding that “Russia is conducting an undeclared war against his country.” 158 altre parole