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Pool Day | Fitness Update!

Since the last time I’ve been in Sydney (about a month ago), I lost another 2 kg (4.4 pounds). I’ve still been doing the same fitness routine at my home gym (which you can find… 35 altre parole


Intimate Hair Removal: Hollywood and Co

One of the demons of human biology is unwanted body hair, including the pubes. Would life not be easier if we didn’t have them at all?  471 altre parole


Should a Pregnant Teen Be in a Bikini on a Family Beach? [POLL]

‪#‎MagicHeSaidSheSaid‬ — A listener on vacation was SHOCKED that a teen who looked about 15 was running around visibly pregnant in a bikini. She thought it was classless. 342 altre parole

Bet On Black

Less is always more

So simple, so stylish, so sexy.

Simple shapes, intense colors. What else does your bikini need?

Just some summer sunlight!


"Stupid people loose their effing minds; mass media regurgitate it"

I wish news editors would insist on writers background checking stories rather that just cut & pasting text and screen grabs from social media and calling it journalism, because a more appropriate title to… 440 altre parole

Hello, again.

Let’s see, how can I put these last few months into one finite sentence?

1. I just experienced the most magical moments of my life. 236 altre parole