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There (Novel Excerpt #2)


I am 23. It is 2016 A.D.

I attended a University. I graduated with a degree in literature and Film Studies. I work at a kitchen in a bar. 1.029 altre parole


Twine Weekly: Bildungsroman

I haven’t covered any of the Twiny Jam submissions in this weekly article for good reason. Of the handful of games I played, the word count restriction was just that: a restriction. 412 altre parole


Sally Slater's Paladin is YA epic fantasy with great characters and action but struggles with the quest

This book started its life on Wattpad and earned a place on the Amazon bestseller list. I wasn’t as impressed with it as I thought I would be, but it was an enjoyable three star read. 587 altre parole


Prophet of the Badlands is a Coming of Age Tale set in a future that is part Mad Max, part Blade Runner

There has always been something appealing about a post apocalyptic setting for me.  I remember watching and feeling very drawn to the original Mad Max movies as a kid (I swear I had parents; I cannot swear my young parents were actually parenting).   707 altre parole

Coming Of Age

OCLW Lunch Seminar: Joanna Kavenna on 16 June 2015

In a wide-ranging lunchtime talk, novelist and travel writer Joanna Kavenna discussed the concepts that preoccupy nearly every writer of biography, memoir and indeed fiction. Through her thinking around the philosophical precepts of time, memory and the self, she considered the questions of how the writer relays the self in time, how the self changes and what constitutes the self. 385 altre parole

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Why Growing Up Is Actual Bullsh*t

Don’t get me wrong, I think at some point everyone needs to give up thinking that Santa can actually fit himself down your chimney and leave presents for you just because you didn’t stick bubble gum in your sister’s hair all year. 449 altre parole

Think To Live

Now posting on Vulpes Libris: Jenny Erpenbeck, The End of Days

I read a delicate, poetic, gripping and depressing novel about German lives during the persecution of the Jews before and after the First World War, the starvation of the German population between the wars, and the appalling administrative tortures of Stalinism, and r… 39 altre parole