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Gentleman and Epiphone Wilshire

And all of a sudden, a mysterious gentleman has (literally) given me an Epiphone Wilshire. This man said “In life, you may get s**t one day, but wit another day” and also “You deserve this because you’ve been sincere and earnest”. 21 altre parole


When Stone Angels Walk

Warning: This post contains spoilers.

I’m going to be honest: The only reason I picked up Thomas Wolfe’s Look Homeward, Angel was because I liked the title. 398 altre parole

Books And Authors

Book Review: Witch Which? Stars an Overlooked Protagonist


I’ve read several of Eva Ibbotson’s books, and reviewed one for this blog. Which Witch? is perhaps one of her best known, possibly for its clever title. 702 altre parole


A One Night Only Performance Turned NYC Tourist Vacation

OKAY.  Stop, listen!

Almost two weeks ago I had the JOY of going to NYC with my amazing mother.  I was going to sing in a “one-night-only” concert, and mi madre and I decided to turn it into a vacation for us!   1.097 altre parole


My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece by Annabel Pitcher

“We meet again, Spider-Man” she said.
And I replied “How many people have you saved today, Girl M.”
She pretended to count on her fingers. “Nine hundred and thirty-seven” she shrugged.

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The Bildungsroman

I’m going to follow up my post yesterday praising the Wachowskis’ widely panned Jupiter Ascending by talking about the genre from which it comes – no, not space opera, I talk about that a lot more often. 417 altre parole


Jupiter Ascending: The movie we never knew we wanted

I’ve had Jupiter Ascending rolling over and over in my brain for the last 18 hours and my conclusion is this:

Damn if I didn’t know this at the time but this is exactly the kind of film we should be encouraging, not discouraging, our filmmakers to write. 484 altre parole

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