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The First Part Last

Spencer T. White

Dr. Tonya Perry

EDR 541

February 3, 2016

The First Part Last: Highlighting Growth through Flashbacks

Johnson, Angela. The First Part Last. New York: Simon Pulse, 2003. 800 altre parole


The Alchemist IV

Jacques fled his country. He did have sympathetic observers such as Vernes, and was even invited by a King to come and stay with him. This King, at the moment, was in the middle of a war with another country. 265 altre parole


A Book: Invisible Man

If Jazz was a piece of literature, Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man would an accurate representation of this genre that aims to communicate the struggles of an early-20th century community. 528 altre parole


Two Worlds, One Family

College is described as a time for growth, where we students join clubs to explore our interests, or discover new ones, and take classes that are supposed to help us figure out a profession to pursue. 1.045 altre parole

Everyday Life

The Alchemist III

The whispers began. He had bewitched the old man, he had killed him, or he thrust the old man to sign over the estate to him. 225 altre parole


The Alchemist II

When Jacques turned ten, his father one day packed up and abandon him forever. Jacques went to go live with his great Uncle, another alchemist that had better success than his father. 206 altre parole


World's Best Boyfriend

It’s me. I’m the world’s best boyfriend. That’s a thing I forgot to mention in my post yesterday – I’m dating a person now. I’m not going to go into a lot of detail about them because people that I know in real life read this and I don’t really want them knowing who it is. 362 altre parole