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Snipe Hunt

I was a senior in high school, and my friends and I were hanging out at my cousin’s house.  We had a huge group of very close-knit friends; all of us were bright and busy with life.  927 altre parole

Books #27 and 28 reviews

As I said in my last post, I’ll not just be posting/updating my reading list for this year’s 52 books challenge — I’ll post brief reviews for each read as well… 456 altre parole


Book | The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach

I know nothing about baseball. Nothing. For this book I had to look up what a shortstop is, how many bases there are and why the field is called a diamond. 693 altre parole


The Hate U Give: Super. No clickbait. Just super.

I like to walk around the big chain bookstore, with its carefully crafted display tables and candles and blankets, and not buy books (or anything). Instead I have my library app open and as I see a book that looks interesting I order it up. 486 altre parole


1958- (III)

  I said that I was the sixth of seven children.  If you know anything about kids, being one or having one or two or maybe even three, on its own that statement should raze the meaning of those single digits.  1.278 altre parole

1958- (II)

I was born in the autumn of 1958, due at dawn but prolonged the auspiciously sunny day so I could instead be guided into life just moments before rain blew in off the water and pummeled the sun-warm pavement of the hospital parking lot.   1.706 altre parole


It’s so easy not to write. Busy life keeps me running, and being busy allows me to hush that voice. The voice that is quiet, but insistent. 153 altre parole