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While Justin Timberlake said it best when he said, "What goes around comes around," Life Unaware may illustrate it better than most YA books designed around the bullying message.

I wasn’t really sure about Life Unaware when I picked it up. The premise sounded like it might be something you read because it is good for you rather than because it is just good. 401 altre parole

Sweet Dreams


It’s rational, and no it’s not that I just can’t my legs closed. I think the best way to actually explain this is to actually point out some of the craziest logic behind monogamy and monoamory. 369 altre parole


As I have written about myself, I’m a student pursuing a degree in history, politics, and global development, so correct me on the science if I’m wrong. 235 altre parole

Critical analysis of Lowood institution in Jane Eyre and the importance of Helen Burns Character.

Charlotte Bronte, one of the most acceptable woman writer of her time and of all times used the male pen name “Currer Bell” to publish Jane Eyre. 674 altre parole


Nothing Like Looking - the witty, YA geek Bildungsroman that your strange little heart has been looking for

If you find yourself enjoying slightly irreverent books that make light of social norms, this book is for you. I enjoyed it as much as Mothership (where pregnant teens battled aliens), and that is saying a lot. 442 altre parole

Sweet Dreams

Your Invisible Alligator

You have an invisible alligator. You do not know his name. You do not know where he came from. You simply know he is there. You, of course, can see him while others cannot. 2.136 altre parole

Reflecting Rooms

Its not easy to live, much more, live a life. But since when was life ever easy? It certainly isn’t any easier when you live behind a lie or live a life that isn’t truly yours. 2.278 altre parole