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Il Giornale di Emilio

A month after the flooding and the death of his classmates he experienced a loss himself. His best friend had taken ill. He visited him when he could but because the streets were miry and at times engulfed in still water, he couldn’t. 207 altre parole


Il Giornale di Emilio

When I was a young child I began to collect books. I heard of a bibliomaniac who had owned more than one hundred books. I was besot to have more than a hundred myself. 377 altre parole


The Fortress of Solitude

By: Jonathan Lethem
Subject Matter: Brooklyn; New York, NY; Male friendship; Race relations; Teenage boys
Rating: 2.5/5

The Fortress of Solitude is exhausting. 504 altre parole


Books Read in 2015 51. Looking for Alaska - John Green

Genre: Young Adult, Bildungsroman

Narrative Style: First person

Rating: 4/5

Published: 2006

Rating: 4/5

Format: Kindle

Synopsis: Miles Halter thinks that going away to boarding school is going to be a great adventure but little prepares him for the way his life is going to change when he meets Chip Martin and Alaska Young.  232 altre parole

Book Reviews

Father Clery

Father Clery was a mild manner man. He was tall and handsome with bright brown eyes and dark hair, not someone you would expect to be a priest. 239 altre parole


The Fantastic World of Writing: Johnny Appleseed

It was 1774 when John Chapman later known as Johnny Appleseed was born to a poor family; his father was a minuteman like so many other patriots who were willing to defend the thirteen colonies from the British troops. 353 altre parole


Go Tell It On The Mountain by James Baldwin

Go Tell In On The Mountain is a powerful novel that draws its strength from exploring pairs of opposites: black versus white; south versus north; country versus city; grace versus damnation; heaven versus hell; male versus female; strength versus weakness; hatred versus love; the world of God and the world of humankind … and I could go on. 598 altre parole