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Alfa Romeo Erases History

Its own to be exact. This week Alfa Romeo announced a new visual identity. The signs are not good.

It’s invariably worrying when auto manufacturers fiddle with their marque emblem. 426 altre parole

... Is Now

Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo (originally called A.L.F.A. for Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili, which is translated as Lombard Automobile Factory, Public Company. It was founded in 1910). It was only in 1920 when the companiy’s name was changed to Alfa Romeo, with the Romeo named after when the companiy’s name was changed to Alfa Romeo, with the Romeo named after Nicola Romeo who acquired the company in 1915. 251 altre parole


Hai mai visitato i più caratteristici luoghi… pardon, LOGHI di Milano?

Milano, di solito, viene raccontata attraverso i suoi luoghi (più affascinanti). Ma vi è mai capitato che qualcuno ve la raccontasse attraverso i suoi loghi?… quelli di ogni tempo ben prima di quello tanto in voga dell’Expo!  354 altre parole


Alfa Romeo

There are many stories about the origins of the coat of arms adopted to be the badge of Milan’s famous car maker, a badge which has so often been the emblem of Italian honour on the battlefields of motoring sport. 269 altre parole



The Alfa Romeo badge is the quintessential milanese logo.

In 1910 a draughtsman named Romano Cattaneo was given the job of coming up with a badge for a new Milan-based automaker company, ALFA (Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili). 190 altre parole