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The 1998 Wesley Snipes Movie ‘Blade’ Should Win Best Picture At This Year’s Oscars

The whole point of making movies is to entertain people. Sometimes I worry that we lose sight of that. There’s room for serious movies, obviously. Serious movies are great and can be entertaining in their own way. 668 altre parole

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A Wandering Swordsman, His Blade For Hire

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Manilyn Toledana is an artist from The Philippines. That’s not Geralt, but if you squint hard enough, you can imagine a very welcome cameo in Cyberpunk 2077. 79 altre parole


Replicants are like any other machine?

I first watched Blade Runner in about 1992 around the time of the Director’s Cut from Ridley Scott. It was an interesting revival for both the film and for me. 545 altre parole


Question: What makes a good Vampire?

In 1819, John William Polidori published The Vampyre, which birthed the conception of the modern vampire; this idea has grown exponentially into the innumerable representations that we see in contemporary literature, and more specifically, cinema. 1.547 altre parole

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Top Games - Blade Symphony

Top Games – Blade Symphony

Prove you’re the world’s greatest fighter in Blade Symphony: a slash-em-up that includes a extremely elaborated and in-depth blade fighting system. 27 altre parole


The Blade Reboot

Very soon, or not so long ago, in either this universe or an adjacent one, Hollywood will green-light the production of a Blade reboot fitting for a generation that demands fan service. 804 altre parole