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The April Fools’ Day jokes are already streaming in full-force, and Samsung is kicking theirs off a day early with the “announcement” of the new Galaxy BLADE edge smart phone/knife. 235 altre parole


Did Vince McMahon Allow Brock Lesnar to "Blade"?

There was a lot of speculation during WrestleMania 31 that Brock Lesnar did a “blade job” and cut himself open when they did the ring post spot. 63 altre parole

WWE News And Events

I'll show you a [word] blade and mount it up your ass!

In the title, replace with “fucking”; even I have standards. 

After finally finishing up a bunch of shit to be done in “real life” , I decided to play Mount and Blade for the weekend. 1.001 altre parole


the kind of tired that sleep cannot fix

“How are you?” “Tired.”
“Are you okay?” “Yeah, just tired.”

It’s not a lie. You are tired. But it’s a different kind of tired that most people know. 250 altre parole

Anime Review - Blade Dance of the Elementalers

I like to go into new anime with an open mind. I’ve been surprised by animes that I would consider too short, and have been very satisfied overall. 570 altre parole


She's Sharp

My go-to. I bought this double-edged razor blade necklace at a table in an outdoor shopping area in New Orleans a few years ago, and I wear it almost every day. 94 altre parole


Modern Tech.

We have all watched the steady progress of many types of technology that has been occurring with-in our life time. This progressive creep into our construction industry is almost unnoticeable in it’s apparent slow pace, that is, until we look over our shoulder. 290 altre parole