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This photo was taken with a Cannon 5D Mark II camera fitted with a Tameron 90 2.8 lens.

I love how dew looks up close with the camera.


Harrison Ford will return in 'Blade Runner' sequel

Need more good news after today’s net neutrality ruling? Deadline and Varietyreport it has been confirmed that Harrison Ford will return to the role of Rick Deckard in the… 119 altre parole


[The Assassin, Rollick][Part 7]

Jumping from roof to roof

Shadows climbing every wall

Was there men following?

Did the dead man speak?

Blood flowed heavily, easily

Thirsts quenched

The blade was satisfied… 78 altre parole


Best gifts 2014: Shun Premier Hollow Edge Santoku Knife

Shun Premier Hollow Edge Santoku KnifeStyled after the classic Japanese cook’s knife, this ultra-convenient Santoku knife features a sharp 7-inch blade that comes in handy when preparing a wide range of cuisine, anything from fine Asian to modern American. 24 altre parole

Best Gifts 2014

Blade Headcanon

Blade recently formed a new incarnation of the Nightstalkers, which includes: Hannibal King, Karen Jenson, Rachel van Helsing, Nyssa Damaskinos, Harold H. Harold and Abigail Whistler.


self-harm awareness: my story

March 1st is self-harm awareness day.

I have struggled with self-harm since I was 10 (wow, it’s been eight years). I had never heard of the term “self-harm” before. 781 altre parole