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Jumbled July - Shave of the Day - Soap Commander - Refreshment

Happy Independence Day to my American readers!

Late in posting this because I got stuck watching Battle Bots on On Demand (Charter) with my son. He is at this moment, designing his own battle bot out of Legos. 258 altre parole



Copyright 1990.

The Cavalry has been having a spate of disappearances lately. They finally get a witness to an abduction. People are being abducted in the night by winged creatures. 200 altre parole

Post Apocalypse


Without the strength to stand,
Though she is so trying,
And will not leave this dying land,
Oh so quickly it is dying.
A thousand fallen before her blade. 75 altre parole


See Photos Of Girl Who walks On Knives For A Living

A teenager from China has amassed fans on the streets as well as the internet by walking on steel blades barefoot.

The 13-year-old school girl, who is surnamed Xie, has followed in her father’s footsteps as a street entertainer and now plans tour around the country, reports the People’s Daily Online. 239 altre parole


'Salem's Discotheque

Undead bloodsuckers go to play
down at ‘Salem’s Discotheque.
Gaunt and lithe, Count Orlok
grooves to “Stayin’ Alive”
as the shimmering ball throws light
on his grin filled with stained canines. 125 altre parole


Jumbled July ~ Shave of the Day ~ Stirling Soap - Bonaparte

After learning that my badgers are better at lather making than my boars and horses on these soaps I test lathered and rinsed out my Parker brush to try and get rid of the Texas on Fire scent from testing last night. 222 altre parole


Jumbled July ~ Head Shave of the Night - Stirling Soap - Texas on Fire

Having more than 31 soaps means more frequent head shaves and I figured last night was a good time for it. I love Stirling Soaps for the way the soap leaves my skin soft and conditioned. 243 altre parole