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‘Blade’: Wesley Snipes Says Another Movie Is a “Possibility”!

The last time Wesley Snipes appeared on screen as the half-vampire vampire hunter Blade was in the third installment of the film franchise, 2004’s Blade: Trinity… 310 altre parole


CerealSensei Gaming Review-Broforce

I’ve been chillin in the dojo lately and I had to kick out my students because there was a ton of video game bonding to be done. 502 altre parole

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MM Top 5: Reasons why superhero films won't survive

Another day, another superhero film. X-Men Apocalypse has prompted many things that come around with a superhero film. Fans showing how little shame they have and dressing up in tight spandex to hang around at conventions to generate sweat, tons of fan-art of Quicksilver making out with Loki, and of course, movie critics insisting that superhero films are about to die any second, no seriously it’s about to happen. 1.309 altre parole


Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener

I’ve got a lot of knives…I mean a lot of knives. I also like them sharp…I mean really sharp. I have been using a Smith’s diamond stone and I am pleased with it. 617 altre parole

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"Time to Die."

Speculative Sci-fi fiction aside, this is one of my favourite speeches concerning death. We are mortal beings, mortal beings who think; and as such are cursed to spend a large portion of our lives thinking about our deaths. 709 altre parole

Netflix Rumor: Moonknight? Blade? Ghost Rider?

Oh, Netflix. Have you been reading our blog?

Last year we did a Tuesday Top Five Post that included our favorite Marvel characters that deserved a Netflix show. 241 altre parole