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Unhinged thoughts

Sometimes i think about what a blade might feel like against my skin, will it be prickly or ticklish or painful..

Sometimes i think about what it’d  be like to smash my car into the divider, will the glass fly in slow motion, will my life flash before my eyes, or will it be sudden darkness.. 113 altre parole



Like a machine finger scans skin

Stopping with every bump

not moving on until it is again smooth.

You’re obsessed,

hate the bumps

but they are the exact reasons why you continue. 28 altre parole



I did a critique the other day on a Vampire Story.

My first thought was, “oh… Another one of those.” How… commonplace.  I’m not going to lie; these days I wonder often which undead will win the great war between vampire revolution or zombie apocalypse. 475 altre parole


Weapon of Choice

Don’t you find it confusing,

That what was once a cooking utensil,

Sometimes a utility tool,

Is now a lethal weapon?

A weapon of choice for young men, 155 altre parole

Knife Crime

Review: I, Frankenstein

You’ve heard the same whining for years now: “Hollywood have run out of ideas”. “They’re just doing remakes and reboots and sequels now.” “Oh look, another comicbook-to-movie adaptation – what a suprise”. 3.426 altre parole



You know I’ve been thinking, if someone stabs you
in the back
it’s better than if they got you on the other side.
At least if you get stabbed… 194 altre parole

Top 5 Best Lord of the Rings and Hobbit Melee Weapons

This is another Lord of the Rings/Hobbit list and this time, it is about melee weapons. That means it only includes weapons such as swords, spears, hammers, etc, although this list only has swords and spears. 641 altre parole