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Characteristics of four known 'Inner Fiber' blades - Comparison

1.  Introduction

‘Fiber’ blades can be divided into two categories. One is ‘Outer Fiber’ blades, and the other is ‘Inner Fiber’ blades. ‘Outer Fiber’ blades are the ones with artificial fibers placed directly under top layers, which is the most external placement allowed by table tennis rule. 2.052 altre parole


Viking Tomahawk

This Viking Tomahawk, the blade hand forged by Stonewall Forge, was engraved by Hotchkiss Leather with a Norse knot, Mjolnir, the Vegvisir, and the Valknut. 7 altre parole

PODX Power on Demand Entered PH Electronics Industry

PODX (Power on Demand), a series of world class mini jump starters, personal power solutions and accessories for professionals and consumers, are proud to announce an exciting major distribution deal with… 257 altre parole


[Cảm nhận] Vice Versa (fanfiction)

Warnings: spoilers, ngôn ngữ không đứng đắn, xen lẫn tiếng Anh và tiếng Việt

Tên: Vice Versa (tạm dịch là Ngược Lại)

Tác giả: 6.263 altre parole


The Blade

The blade that stood in defense, ended the maiden’s curse.

A stab to the heart was not how she thought it would end.