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Magic Monday - How 'bout the power to kill a yak from 200 yards away... with MIND BULLETS!

Blade of Hate

The caster’s wish to harm an enemy is manifested as an invisible cutting force that projects wherever they direct their gaze. Any target must be fully visible to the caster; intervening obstacles will take damage instead of the intended target until they have been cleared away, possibly by the Blade’s work. 119 altre parole


Is Reality Too Twisted ?

 The song posted was featured in the cult nightclub scene of the movie ‘Blade”. I remember watching it , totally terrified,in New Delhi in a then recently refurbished film theater, with Dolby NR and 70 mm,that ushered in the era of great cinematic experiences. 63 altre parole



This short lived Blade series didn’t get the attention it deserved. The writing and the artwork were excellent, and it added an additional layer to a character that doesn’t get the exposure he needs. 21 altre parole


Dawn Blade Part 3 (Fiction)

Nora’s foot smashed into the door with a blistering force. The old frame crumbled beneath the weight of her attack, dust billowing up as the full weight of it hit the floor beneath. 474 altre parole


wheat flour

wheat flour
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This is a 1998 comic book movie about the half-vampire Blade (Wesley Snipes) kicking the (un)living shit out of some vamps. And by vamps I mean vampires, not the British pop group. 218 altre parole