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160-1112 Denso First Time Fit Windshield Wiper Blade

The First Time Fit wiper line showcases DENSO’s design innovation through and through. Features include a high precision cut that delivers a cleaner wipe, a low profile insert that reduces streaking and haze and an all-metal frame for durability and stren
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Fiskars 8 Foot Power-Lever Gator Blade

Patented Power-lever compound action design reduces cutting effort by 50%. Shock-absorbing cushion bumper reduces jarring and forearm fatigue. Unique gusseted lever adds strength to prevent bending or twisting. 31 altre parole

Film Dungeon Commentary

Hey guys for the last couple of years I been doing something with various guests called Film Dungeon Commentary where I sit down with someone and we talk about a film while watching it. 91 altre parole


Machete Conscious

Machete Conscious

I want to be
that blade,
unaware of what
pain it causes,
in the hands
of someone else
meaning harm.

I’d rather be… 18 altre parole