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Blair Witch (2016)

Another one of those movies that I wanted to see in theaters but somehow never had the time to. Blair Witch was initially filmed and marketed under a different title,  392 altre parole


Movie Review- "Phoenix Forgotten"

I was 21 when the Phoenix Lights happened. Unfortunately, I wasn’t paying too much attention while it was happening. All the details of the incident went right over my head. 311 altre parole

Movie Review


You should know straight off when one of the main cast members of A Night in the Woods – yet another feeble entry in the handheld camera / lost footage genre – is called Scoot McNairy, that you’re in for trouble. 512 altre parole


Investigating The Blair Witch Project

Less is more.

In the first movie to ever utilize the “handicam” approach to horror, this phrase becomes more than just a platitude for frugality. 464 altre parole

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Armand Petri's 'Reel Nightmare' Movie Review

I love movies about witches or the occult. I can’t help but to feel like it’s a dying subgenre of horror, save for one or two movies ever year like Blair Witch or The Witch that do a good job highlighting the source material. 799 altre parole

Blair Witch Project

Blair Witch (2016) Review

Author: Laura Cosheril

Before we start, I need to get this out there – I was (and still am) a massive fan of the 1999 “The Blair Witch Project”. 732 altre parole