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Are Jumpscares Scary?

It may seem like a loaded question, but it’s one worth asking.  Are jumpscares scary or not?

Now, I’ve already talked about my frustrations with the horror genre… 1.164 altre parole

Dylan Nordberg

How to Scare the Snot Out of a Paranoid Person

I work Sundays in a very large building attached to several other very large buildings for an organization that employs thousands of people, only 1/5 of which work on Sundays. 284 altre parole


Blair Witch: The lazy train keeps rolling

Looking through all the reveal trailers from this year’s Comic Con in preparation for something I’m writing,   I spotted something else that whipped me up into a familiar frenzy of frustration. 683 altre parole


How 'The Blair Witch Project' Influenced me as a filmmaker

By Paul Downey

There’s no doubt that ‘The Blair Witch Project’ influenced its audiences, but what about other filmmakers? How did it change how they made films? 506 altre parole

Secret Blair Witch Sequel Revealed

I remember being 15 years old when ‘The Blair Witch Project’ was released, and the idea of a found footage film, in mainstream cinema, was at this time, unheard of.   303 altre parole


The witch is back

An official trailer has been released for Blair Witch, a sequel that is sure to get bums on seats. Whether this revisit will get those bums squeaking like the original did remains to be seen. 139 altre parole