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Rebirth (web series)

Director: Kristopher Stoltz
Writer: Kristopher Stoltz
Production company: Non-Human Films

Rebirth is a horror web series that follows a group of survivors who are being hunted by a faceless enemy. 196 altre parole

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Movie Reviews: Troll Hunter

Troll Hunter by Andrew Overdal

There have been many movies to use the “found footage” format. “The Blair Witch Project” and “Cloverfield” are two movies that most people point out that exploit this type of storytelling. 323 altre parole

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Mortal Remains review

By Paul Downey

Have you heard the urban legend of Karl Atticus? Well by the close of the twisted documentary horror Mortal Remains, you will be dying to know more, 162 altre parole

A Fright In Foundry Wood - teaser and tickets

The LUC media dept has produced an even cheaper video than usual to tease you into a frenzy for our forthcoming atmospheric outdoor screenings in Foundry Wood. 34 altre parole


Blair Witch & Dog Soldiers confirmed for A Fright In Foundry Wood

After the spookily successful screening of Evil Dead 2 during the LUC Festival 2015, we are teaming up again with the Foundry Wood and Playing The Field for two nights of immersive and atmospheric outdoor film action with ‘A Fright In Foundry Wood’ on the 6th and 7th of May. 214 altre parole


ALTAR - this movie gives Blue Lights a 'bad' name !

Stars: Michael Wainwright, Master Dave Johnson, Deep Rai and Jesse Parr.

Write & Directed by : Matthew Sconce.

Okay, Very Scary this outing was ! 117 altre parole

Leading Men

Marketing - (ostatnia) deska ratunku, czy kura znosząca złote jaja?

Nie od dziś wiadomo, że dobrze rozplanowana strategia marketingowa niejednokrotnie wypromowała całkowicie przeciętny, a często nawet kiepski produkt. W przemyśle filmowym nie jest inaczej – wielkie budżety wydane na produkcję muszą uwzględniać także koszty reklamy. 1.249 altre parole

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