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Hello all and welcome to my next review in “Extra Butter Please…”, a review based on movies.   1.167 altre parole

Extra Butter Please...

Four Horror Movies I Like

1. 28 Days Later: Brilliant acting and storyline in a post-apocalyptic setting – Beware of drippings from above!

2. Brain Dead (also known as Dead Alive):  Because violence has never been that funny – Be careful while you eat your soup! 36 altre parole


The Little Ominous Church in the Vale

Yesterday the boys and I went to find Bethania Lutheran church outside of Perley, MN.  I heard about this congregation from one of my current parishioners who grew up in Perley.  1.216 altre parole

Abandoned Church

Are you recording? The life and death of the found footage horror film

Every generation of horror is dominated by some new gimmick. In the last decade, that gimmick has been found footage. It’s a concept that can often be well utilized, but quite often can just be a shameless way of keeping budgets as tiny as possible. 2.734 altre parole

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Movie review: Dark Mountain [2013]

About twenty minutes into Dark Mountain, one character turns to another and asks, “Are you afraid this will turn into The Blair Witch Project… 506 altre parole

Horror Movies

Why we love Darth Vader and other villains

For a culture that is getting more and more irreligious, we have an abiding and growing fascination with evil.

One of my cherished memories as a kid is waiting in line for hours to see the original Star Wars movie and then the spectacle itself. 673 altre parole