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Blair Witch Review

The Blair Witch Project (1999) is considered to be one of the most innovative, polarizing, and controversial horror films to ever be made. Three teenagers embarked on a journey into the Black Woods in Burkittsville, Maryland to investigate and document the urban legend of the Blair Witch. 641 altre parole


T.H. Review: Blair Witch (2016)

There was once a man, let’s even go so far as to call him a pioneer, named Val Lewton. He realized that moviegoers who look for a good scare will invariably find them if you put less on-screen. 939 altre parole

Frank Mitchell

2nd Annual Fall Carnival Blog Hob!

Fall is back and so is our Carnival Blog Hop! So grab some Kettle Corn or funnel cake, and hop on board.

Let’s talk scary movies, since it is the season of spooky. 387 altre parole

The Blair Witch Project Review

The Blair Witch is a movie that changed horror forever. It brought about a new sub genre of horror: the found footage genre. The Blair Witch is so interesting because it feels so real. 269 altre parole


The Other N-Word 46: Clowhen ain't gonna get nun!

We’re back!

Det blir lite Blair Witch (och andra Blairs), lite clowner, lite American Horor Story och en massa nonsens!

Thrill me!


The Other N-Word

Exists review

By Paul Downey

I must admit I wasn’t expecting very much from ‘Exists’, directed by Blair Witch Project veteran Eduardo Sanchez.

The premise was intriguing as five friends on their way to a secluded cabin in the woods, get more than they were bargaining for after hitting something on a forest track. 160 altre parole

Review: 'Blair Witch' There Is Something Evil In The Woods

When “The Blair Witch Project” hit theaters in 1999, audiences were tormented by a film that would change the horror genre forever. The real magic of the “Blair Witch Project” however came from the incredible marketing behind the film that sold audiences into believing that it was a real documentary. 679 altre parole