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Studio Marketing Guru Amorette Jones Launches Blockchain Network For Hollywood

Blockchain, the technology that underlies digital currencies, is finding fresh application in Hollywood.

Veteran entertainment industry marketer Amorette Jones joined with technologist Matej Boda to build a blockchain-based platform for the film industry. 286 altre parole

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Unsane is as crazy good as iPhone-shot psycho-thrillers get

By Steve Newton

There’s a lot to fear around the world at this particular moment in time, and we’re not just talking spiders and snakes. There’s the ongoing fear of your kids getting shot while they’re attending high school. 347 altre parole

Scary Movies

Film Recensie: Blair Witch (2016)

Titel: Blair Witch
Regisseur: Adam Wingard
Cast:James Allen McCune, Callie Hernandez en Brandon Scott
Speelduur: 89 Minuten
Genre: Horror 158 altre parole

All Of The Above

The Ritual

“They should have gone to Vegas.” The Ritual’s tagline says it all. Especially juxtaposed with the imposing forest as four friends hike towards it.

Both an exploration of manhood, friendship and guilt and at the same time a horrific encounter with demons and Norse mythology, it’s a recipe for cringe. 504 altre parole

The Ritual(2017) Review

I saw the trailer for The Ritual last year and I’ve wanted to watch it ever since. I tried to go to the cinema but it had awkward times like 10pm on a week day, that might not sound too bad but when I have to get up at 5am for work the following day it was never going to happen. 901 altre parole

Madness Cinema Reviews: Blair Witch (2016)

Blair Witch (2016) is a movie directed by Adam Wingard and tells the story of a group, shock of all shocks, that goes to a haunted wood. 437 altre parole


Elise Has Been Watching: Blair Witch (2016), The Witch, The Blackcoat's Daughter & 10 Cloverfield Lane

I haven’t been reading too much but I have been watching movies!!! The past four days, I’ve watched a movie each day so below I’ll be giving each of those their own mini review 😊 518 altre parole