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What's the single scariest moment on screen?

Horror/suspense fans out there, I’m talking to you.

Admit it. We love watching scary edge-of-your-seat movies for the same reason we love roller coasters: that rush of adrenaline, that supreme thrill that gushes through your body when fear jumps right out at you. 240 altre parole

Blair Witch 2

Coming on the heels of a crap-your-pants scary movie that was even scarier thanks to an innovative “found footage” technique, the sequel to the Blair Witch Project can only improve on the original. 119 altre parole


UCF alumni talk about directing the Blair Witch Project

UCF alumni Eduardo Sanchez and Daniel Myrick both ended up at UCF’s film program by a twist of fate, but they ended up creating one of the most successful independent horror films of all time, “The Blair Witch Project.” 18 altre parole

Central Florida Future

It Follows Review

We as humans are a perplexing creature; we build roller-coasters that ascend us to alarming heights and crazy speeds, just so our hearts can beat so furiously that they threaten to punch through our chests. 917 altre parole


31 Days of Halloween Day 25 - The Blair Witch Project

31 Days of Halloween – Day 25

The Blair Witch Project (directed by Daniel Myrick, Eduardo Sànchez, 1999) Whether you like it or hate it, The Blair Witch Project is a polarizing film. 563 altre parole


Boo! My Top 10 Horror Film List. 10-6

Halloween is only 8 days away and I know its cliché to do a top ten list of Halloween themed stuff but these top 10 horror films are not your typical Hollywood money making only films. 522 altre parole


13 Days of Halloween - The Blair Witch Project


This film was so hyped up in 1995  that I bit the bullet and actually watched it with my Mom who looooovvvveeesss  scary films!!!  Mommy was in hog heaven while I was shivering under a blanket and yet again sleeping with the lights on for weeks!!! 72 altre parole