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The Plan!

It’s all part of the plan.

So we’ve got a plan, kids!

The first set of posts for this movie blog will cover my pick of one major cult movie classic from each of the last four decades: 00s, 90s, 80s, 70s. 312 altre parole

Nightlight - Trailer

Five friends play a game in a ”mysterious” forest with a long history as a beacon for troubled young people contemplating suicide.

I have three words for you – Blair Witch Project.


Movie Review: Exists

For many years, Bigfoot, or some version of the cryptozoic creature, has been a staple in films. The legendary Sasquatch creature has been portrayed as a bloodthirsty animal and also as a family-friendly “pet”. 296 altre parole



EXISTS (2014)

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Blair Witch Project co-creator and director of the creepy… 747 altre parole

Horror You Might Have Missed

Ithaca is Gorges and also now has Monsters there too

More good news, everybody – Love in the Time of Monsters is now scheduled for yet another theatrical screening, this time in my hometown of… 302 altre parole


Blair Witch Project director Eduardo Sanchez returns to the found footage sub-genre, for a film about a group of teenagers making a film in some woods and getting lost in the process, only this time we get to see the beastie! 212 altre parole


Disaster of the Year -- "The Pyramid"

by Gabriel Valdez

The Pyramid is a calamity of rare proportions. Sure, more expensive films have become greater disappointments because of the expectations we place in them. 1.123 altre parole

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