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First Gameplay Glimpse of Blanka in Street Fighter V

Capcom finally unleashes the green beast as Blanka appears in this debut gameplay trailer. Will be the first to admit that I wish he and his troll play style was left in the past, he doesn’t look like he’s as much of a nuisance this time around. 90 altre parole

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Blanka Playable In SFV After Chinese New Year; Comes With Cute Story Costume

Street Fighter’s most annoying troll character is back. That’s right; Blanka (or Jimmy) will be back this February 20 with mash-centric Electric attacks and Blanka Rolls/Rainbow Rolls aplenty in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. 306 altre parole


Episode 235: Clueless to the Blanka Hate


Way back when Street Fighter IV was new, I was torn between two characters with who I was going to main. The first one was Vega, the narcissistic, claw-wielding ninja bullfighter from Spain, or Blanka, the green man-beast from Brazil. 1.026 altre parole

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Tier Lists Are Full Of Shit

(Source: compete.kotaku.com)

Almost no one played as Blanka in Street Fighter IV. This is because the low-tier green Brazilian is weird, doesn’t play like any other character in the game, and is widely considered not to be very powerful. 2.422 altre parole


Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition coming in 2018 | [Major News]

Includes DLC, new Arcade mode and more

Capcom will be releasing Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition, which is an updated version of the fighting game Street Fighter 5, this updated version will include new modes for the first two seasons of downloadable characters, which will be released on January 16th, 2018, the company announced this via their official blog… 338 altre parole

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Capcom Cup Ends With A Bang With Character Reveal Trailers

After a weekend of upsets and amazing comebacks, Capcom Cup 2017 wasn’t done until news of upcoming content was reveal.

There was speculation as to who would be included in the season 3 update and the Arcade Edition but fans were screaming and jumping out of their seats as the reveals played following the award ceremony. 339 altre parole

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