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Jimmy was my slave name, call me Blanka

Oh, hello, I didn’t see you there; I still don’t because it’s the internet.

You ever see that sf2 ending for Blanka? you didn’t? well, let me refresh your memory\show you, and to knock out 2 rocks with 1 bird, show you how to identify a child in need of help in this article!! 423 altre parole

Street Fighter D&D 5E: Blanka!

Welcome to the 12th post for Street Fighter D&D 5E! If you dig this please comment or share it about or like it or what have you, check out last week’s post ( 2.194 altre parole

MIke Myler

Blanka Fan Art Sketch

Most of my sketches have been looking at a reference and trying to draw it as it is.  Gotta take a break and draw from imagination from time to time, then after drawing an imaginary sketch, looking up reference for anatomy and such to make it believable. 49 altre parole


Bonus P-P-P-Poem


Drop your quarter in the slot
and kaCHUNK another kaCHUNK
and two more kaCHUNK kaCHUNK

Ready player one? Ready
player two? Ready
Zangief? Ready… 128 altre parole


3. Tiago Lemos - 'Press Play'

Tiago Lemos is Brazilian and switch ollied over the back of a handrail into a switch backside smith grind. Tiago Lemos wears baggy khaki shorts and fakie hardflipped out of a switch frontside crooked grind on a thigh-high picnic table. 102 altre parole

fail, falling, trolling, mashup, blanka Gif For Fun

fail, falling, trolling, mashup, blanka Gif for Fun at your Time