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Charles Cross, an innocent witness to a crime, or, was he Jack the Ripper?

In my new history blog post, I look at a man called Charles Cross.

Charles Cross was a man who found, what is now regarded as the first Jack the Ripper victim, Mary Ann Nichols, in the middle of Bucks Row, in Whitechapel. 47 altre parole

Find Your Audience Without Using WordPress Plugins or SEO (3 min read)

1. Learn from what others have found.

This is entry-level market research at its finest. Read up on some case studies, examplesĀ and psychological analyses by marketers who have come before you. 604 altre parole

Millionaire's Digest

I'm Back.

Yeah, I am back for real.

Setelah hengkang cukup lama dari dunia nge-blog, saya memutuskan untuk kembali mencemari dunia maya dengan berbagai postingan tidak berfaedah. Lagi. 26 altre parole


Something to check out...

You’ve probably noticed already, but I am a huge wrestling fan. I will often make recommendations involving wrestling. That brings us to this edition of “something to check out”. 197 altre parole


Elephants Never Forget

I actually had a hard time doing this ad. I fretted over it for days. I had the idea of incorporating the phrase “Elephants Never Forget” come to me when I was half asleep and it just kind of stuck with me from that point on. 374 altre parole


Day 13 - [The End Of] Tokyo

I can’t believe our trip is already coming to an end. Two weeks flew by so quickly. We are now on the Narita Express heading to the airport to catch our flight. 250 altre parole


Podcast news...

For a while our podcast was down on iTunes. It was showing all the episodes, but not allowing anyone to play them. That has been fixed. 115 altre parole