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Some days I feel like electrified and full of energy.

Other days, I feel like all the energy is being sucked out of me. It’s like all the light switches are turning off in me one by one. 37 altre parole


Looking for an apartment to share

My name is Edoardo Martini, I’m from Turin, but I’m currently graduating in Vancouver, Canada.
I will start the Triennale in September and I’m looking for an apartment to share. 16 altre parole


Looking for an apartment to share with another person

hey everyone ,

my name is jill , i am looking for an appartment for two person , two room , anyone have imformation , plz share with me , thank you !!! 7 altre parole


Species Spotlight: Giants

Originally, these colossal beings were once the fire-breathing Cyclops that had fled Graecia. After mating with humans due to a special medallion that allows them to shrink, they have now diversified themselves. 225 altre parole


Looking for a shared apartment

Hello all!

My name is Dheepakkumar Khyadi and I am from India. I will be starting my Master’s program in October (World Food Cultures and Mobility) and I am looking for rooms or apartments to share with fellow students. 40 altre parole


Feet of Clay, Masks of Paint (Monstrous Gender, Part II)

How does monstrous gender differ from our own? What understanding might this difference bring us of the way in which our own genders function?

Terry Pratchett’s… 687 altre parole