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Hi guys! It’s been a while since I posted. meheee sorry. such a lazy girl posting and also busy on schoolworks but hey hey I’m going on a trip. 75 altre parole

Paternoster Tales: Chapter 15

A child catcher

Two things happened when Agatha’s mother screamed.

First, everyone and everything on Paternoster Square froze. And second, what had been invisible suddenly became starkly, glaringly, point-at-it-and-judge-it visible. 355 altre parole


The notebook version is spread over several pages

The notebook version is spread over several pages, alongside simple doodles of a grave and male and female faces, possibly representing Oscar and Isola. An additional verse in the poem changed everything: 333 altre parole



I see but
your voiceless
sound presence
from a craft

A handful of flour
A handful of oil
with incense

And in the rusty arms of fire… 11 altre parole


12.5km (round 1)

This October I am determined to run a half marathon at the Leicester marathon, since it didn’t happen last year. Training for such a distance involves plenty of exercise, determination and time management. 549 altre parole