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Day 16 The Proverbs 31 Woman | She Smiles at the Future

Other Reading: Ecclesiastes 3

I’m sitting here at the kitchen table, Come Alive by Bethel Kids playing for the boys while the play with play dough.   513 altre parole

Not Without My Morning Coffee

Blog Directory & Like Mindedness

For a long time I was the ONLY person that I knew that was about that occult life. Over the years, a trend has formed and more and more folks are attempting to understand Paganism, Witchcraft and Mysticism. 172 altre parole


New Year's Resolutions- For an Advocate

By: Jeré Anthony

It is a new year and you are now faced with a clean canvas to paint your next year of experiences. What will you choose to do with your blank slate? 493 altre parole


Design Diary: Introduction

One of our ambitions for 2017 here at the Crafty Players is to put out more higher quality articles. If you read our post about our… 1.232 altre parole


The Challenge of Fashion

Fashion is a precarious beast indeed.

Wearing something that shows off your individual style preference is a tricky thing. I think that’s why I’m so drawn to that world. 280 altre parole


Halfway through january and how are we all doing with the resolutions we made 18 days ago?  Is it really only 18 days as it feels like forever, I bet it feels even longer if your waiting until the end of the month for payday. 202 altre parole


Discovering me | part 1

“I dedicate these series of posts to young teenagers going through necessary changes. We’re gonna be alright.”

– norxamonxca 🌻

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