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hear this heart as it counts to you

#1 creative writing prompt //  10.14.17 (sat night)

1. tofu 2. sweet pea 3. freckles 4. dapples 5. cobbled
6. curtain 7. kimchi 8. wind… 183 altre parole

aesthetic research

A few weeks ago I posted an image where I mentioned my visual research about a certain mood (soft, usaturated)  of color palette when taking landscape photographs. 47 altre parole


This Week Ahead

Life can sometimes be sweet or bitter. At some points, you may find yourself at crossroads! You can decide to go forward or go back. You can even decide to stay right where you are. 95 altre parole


The constant battle with coffee . ☕️

The constant battle with coffee.

Shall I drink it or shall I not?

If I drink it I know I will feel better, but eventually if I drink too many it will stop working and it might stop working when I really need it. 68 altre parole


Monday Magic - Inspiring Blogs for You!

Another week has flown by, there have been yet more storms – why did ours in the UK get the name Brian? – more Brexit and the increasing #MeToo campaign.  415 altre parole

Chronic Illness

My Daily Observation: 10/23/17

It is supposed to rain all day in Charlotte; at times the rain will be severe.  I enjoy the rain because it’s like the Earth is getting a bath.  54 altre parole



it’s hard to not start feeling like trash
when people often treat you like dirt
I manage, I cope, but still wonder why
this life can’t be without all that hurt