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GPS Works

If you aren’t stupid.

Hello dear reader(s)!

I’m in the waiting room of my new oncologist.   Finally.

I have a new phone, which has working turn-by-turn GPS directions.   48 altre parole


What do kids read?

Honestly I don’t have an answer to the question! A comment from one of my colleagues, along the lines of “It’s a shame children don’t want to read classics”, has stirred the question up in my head. 258 altre parole

Learning And Mastership

Workspace Wednesday for January 18, 2017

This workspace was my daughter’s room. She said that the large window made her feel like she was on always display, like fish in an aquarium or animals in the zoo. 35 altre parole



Halfway through january and how are we all doing with the resolutions we made 18 days ago?  Is it really only 18 days as it feels like forever, I bet it feels even longer if your waiting until the end of the month for payday. 202 altre parole


The Aesthetics of Spirulina (or not)

It’s also called blue-green algae. Turns your smoothie a dark turquoise color, doesn’t add to flavor but does supposedly add to nutrition, with a high level of protein and essential vitamins. 187 altre parole

Dear Past, I'm Grateful for all the Lessons Learnt

Have you ever taken the time to thank your past? To acknowledge the wisdom, courage, understanding, and experiences it has given you?

Well…I have, and so I decided to write this post. 526 altre parole


400 Followers: THANK YOU SO MUCH!

400? 400? 400? Followers for this blog that I randomly started one boring summer day, without a clue as to what and how I’m suppose to run this… 410 altre parole