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Horn OK Please ....

With the ambient temperature at 36 degrees, Cauvery water supplied once in a week and daily power-cuts by Bescom, we are left in no doubt that summer is here. 222 altre parole



Xeranthemum flowers symbolize immortality and eternity.  They are part of the sunflower family.  The common name for one kind of xeranthemum is imortelle or everlasting–you get the theme.   127 altre parole


X is for Xcaret

X” is for Xcaret. Xcaret is a pretty cool attraction on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. Not too far from Cancun. They call it an “eco-archaeological park”. 302 altre parole


Maybe this won't work

I was excited to get into blogging and the past couple of weeks I have fallen behind.

The first week I missed posting was Easter weekend, then this past weekend I had a baby shower to attend. 657 altre parole


Thank you for 200 followers!

I wanted to send this announcement out to everyone who’s a part of my blog. You’re what makes this world turn! If I didn’t get a chance to stop by and thank you personally, consider this your shoutout. 38 altre parole

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The Real Crisis of Authority

So you may have noticed the parody that I published yesterday of this article in Christianity Today. Parody and satire are great for blowing off steam, but they don’t quite explain how the steam came to rise in the first place. 1.012 altre parole


I'm Going Home! (and first things I'll do when I return...)

Greetings, bloggers!

Now, having been living and working in France for almost two years now (with the exception of returning in the summer due to VISA purposes), I have to say that, while I do enjoy being here, there are times when I do miss home, along with the things that come along with it. 877 altre parole