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I can't lie. It's hard to watch her fly.

I won’t speak for other parents as I have learned we are absolutely not the same and definitely want different ‘things’ for our children regardless of age. 407 altre parole


Life is like a Whirlpool



Sometimes life leads to a point of no-return & that’s the Go of Life.

The more we go closer to our inner self the place of Inner Tranquility we all can feel.Have you ever sat on the shore of a sea side or on the banks of a river ? 124 altre parole



Only took me an hour to write a new list of twitter followers to title my blogs after. Ugh I’m actually follow back only a hand full of these people, because I don’t a million people on twitter. 180 altre parole


Being able to accomplish something proficiently really makes us feel good about ourselves and feel like all our efforts are worth it. However, being able to do something and you are disappointed with your work, makes you want to turn back time and wish you had done the most important thing: priorities. 417 altre parole


This happens sometimes

When I’m not here on wp as much as I want to, this happens. From way over 100 views per day to 2 views a morning after a away-from-wp-period. 195 altre parole

Annas Art

NJM~Personal Quotes~Moving Stars~

See you can’t move the stars, you can chose the ones to gaze upon, you can make a wish, say a prayer then take life on an exiting dare~

Bipolar Disorder

The Liebster Award

Yesterday morning I woke up to the most wonderful surprise; I had been nominated for The Liebster Award by the lovely ranteatsleeprepeat! You can check out her own post… 704 altre parole