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Blu x Union Analogtronics - LA Counting (Video)

Blu and Union Analogtronics are set to release their LA Counting EP on May 6.

Hot off his collaboration with Madlib and MED (Bad Neighbor), SoCal ambassador Blu has teamed up with the Paris-based production team UNION ANALOGTRONICS to present “LA COUNTING”, the lead single off their forthcoming album Cheetah in the City.


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Blues spill from every star;
clouds, like dream catchers
for fear.

I see your face
in every reflection,
shimmering at river’s edge;

feel your smile… 29 altre parole


Happy 29th Birthday {Again}

And the third workshop project has arrived.  Good thing too, since tomorrow is workshop! I often know further in advance what I want to do, but not this time.   284 altre parole

Whisper White

Rapper Big Pooh & Nottz - Grass Aint Green (feat. Blu)

Rapper Big Pooh & Nottz – Home Sweet Home
Album Available Now!
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This is soul food, an audible feast, a form of mental science, and a collection of memories reminding you why you first loved hip-hop. 125 altre parole