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Super Simple Streusal-Topped Blueberry Peach Pie

I can hardly drive past an enticing roadside stand with fresh peaches, corn on the cob and bright red tomatoes glistening in the sunshine without stopping. 448 altre parole

Some Kinda Good

Summer Cobbler (plum & blueberry)

I know one should never try out a new recipe for big dinner parties, and yet I seem to be incapable of remembering this wisdom. So true to form, for a recent dinner of 8, I tried these two cobblers, adapted from a… 1.092 altre parole


Blueberry Crumb Muffins

Do you ever notice that you don’t normally see oddball (maybe that’s not the best word choice) muffin flavors like you do for cupcakes? I guess since muffins are traditionally a breakfast food people don’t want to eat anything to out of the ordinary that early in the day. 291 altre parole


Cottage cheese berry bowl

The easiest meal for the breakfast. A big bowl of berries, some yogurt and cottage cheese sweetened with cinnamon and honey. Fresh berries are just best food on this planet:D Enjoy!:) 47 altre parole


Wanna feel the next season with you...


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Custom Blueberry Rabbit Wedding Couple

I enjoyed creating the original custom Blueberry Rabbits so much that I decided to add a wedding couple to the family.  Meet Lee and Viola Blueberry! 619 altre parole


Collagen Gummies

Back in May I went to a free workshop on collagen that Kardish had given. We learned many things like that collagen is the more dominant protein and that a quarter of our body is made from it. 459 altre parole