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Interpreting Scripture with the Great Tradition: Recovering the Genius of Premodern Exegesis by Craig A. Carter

Craig Carter’s argument in this book is that modernity has changed our attitude toward Biblical interpretation, and if we wish to interpret as the church whose doctrine and practice we inherit interpreted, we need to recover the premodern attitude toward biblical interpretation. 854 altre parole


Review of "Rules for Radicals" by Saul Alinsky

Who’s afraid of Saul Alinsky?

There’s a footnote in the book, an excerpt from The National Observer in 1967. The article says of Alinsky:

“His basic philosophy, as he has often stated, is that the poor, who lack the money or authority to challenge the ‘power structure,’ must use the only weapon they have at their command – people and publicity.” 419 altre parole


The Future Tense - Amalgamemnon (1984)

It was only after reading Christine Brooke-Rose’s short experimental novel Amalgamemnon that I noted its original year of publication. Nineteen eighty-four has a dystopian association, thanks wholly to George Orwell’s story of the same name, published in 1949. 1.497 altre parole


The Summer Kitchen

When I stepped across the threshold,  into this land of the unknown, I could feel the magic of its splendor surge through me. I knew…I knew this was no ordinary place. 397 altre parole


7 of The Worst Book to Film Adaptations

There are some great book to film adaptations (think Matilda, Harry Potter and Gone Girl) but there are also some that just don’t manage (in my humble opinion) to capture the same magic and create the same feelings that the book does. 938 altre parole


Time for Reflecting

Deep reflective thinking is something I think most of us tend to shy away from. On a daily basis, we reflect on a lot of inconsequential moments, but how many take time to sit down and really reflect on their day? 467 altre parole



It’s release day! Remember me fan girling? Now is your chance to see what I was raving about!

Happy reading ⭐️