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Fade-Out by Patrick Tilley - DNF Review

Title: Fade-Out
Patrick Tilley
Genre: Sci-Fi
Publication Date: Dec 14th, 2017 (first published in 1975)
Pages: I have no idea at Goodreads doesn’t say and I have an ARC of it (Loc 7604) 659 altre parole


Seduction of Santa

I’m pleased to host Emma Calin today. One of my favourite authors, she has written another hot police romance for us.

If you like a good story and a bit of hot spice added into the mix, you’ll love this book. 561 altre parole


The Invitation Only Zone: The True Story Of North Korea's Abduction Program

“So, for the next quarter century, dozens of abductees were fated to languish in North Korea.”

Today I want to talk about North Korea. Specifically Robert S. 387 altre parole


Can’t Keep Your Readers…? Here’s What Will (2 min read)

1. Make a strong first impression

Most people’s attention span lasts just four seconds across 20 percent of website content viewed. So, when it comes to your website, think about first impressions.  483 altre parole

Millionaire's Digest

Take a Walk on the Dark Side: Rock and Roll Myths, Legends, and Curses by R. Gary Patterson

I think Robert Johnson is haunting me.  At the very least, he’s keen to look in on me from time to time.  Perhaps it’s his way of saying “thank you” for playing his music.  727 altre parole


10 Essentials to Becoming a Millionaire in Your 20’s (3 min read)

1. College and graduate school are irrelevant.

If your number one goal is to become a millionaire, not to hold a specific type of job, then college and graduate school are pretty much irrelevant. 734 altre parole

Millionaire's Digest