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Within the week, I’ll be finishing my book title Forever Amish by Kate Lloyd. It’s been sitting on my shelf for several years and I never touched. 37 altre parole

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Duke University Press Selects Silverchair for New Digital Products Platform

Silverchair Information Systems (Silverchair) and Duke University Press announced today a new publishing technology partnership to redevelop and host Duke University Press’s extensive collection of scholarly journals, books, and electronic collections in the humanities and social sciences on Silverchair’s online publishing platform. 241 altre parole

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Want to Join Our Millionaire's Digest Team? (Open for Anyone)

Struggling to get your blog/website to grow…? Happens to the best of us! We can help you get more followers, more likes, more views, more visitors and more comments on your posts, and we’re willing to do it all for free! 1.056 altre parole


Burkina Faso: Corruption, What Else Is New?

What would you say is a generally known fact when it comes to African countries? You might come up with a few things, but most likely ‘corruption’ is amongst these words, if I’m not entirely wrong. 440 altre parole


Day 7 - What I Want - 30 Days to Clearly Defining It

Going to bed last night I was still uncertain of what I’d write about today. I only had a clear feeling that it would come to me. 928 altre parole

30 Day Challenges

Book review: Ice Station Zebra

Drift Ice Station Zebra, a meteorological station at the North Pole, has suffered a catastrophic fire. USS Dolphin is sent to make contact and rescue any survivors. 138 altre parole


Chapter 1: The Ancient Near East: The First Civilizations

The earliest human-like creatures-known as hominids- existed in Africa as ling as 3 to 4 million years ago. Known as Australopithecines.

A second stage in in the human development occurred around… 66 altre parole