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Awesome 1969 Early Bay Westfalia Camper

Spotted this truly beautiful Early Bay Camper at last year’s Berlin Bus Festival. It is from 1969. The Westfalia badge quotes the “Year of Manufacturer” as 1970 which will then be the year of conversion. 315 altre parole


The Karmann Gipsy

Here is a campervan one sees relatively rarely on the road in Germany: The Karmann Gipsy, a T3/T25-based campervan conversion, built by the German car manufacturer Karmann. 230 altre parole


Sleeping Beauties

Last weekend I went over to the garage where our two kombis are asleep. Taiga Lily (sage green and white) just for her winter break, the Old Lady (red and white) taken off the road permanently and waiting for better times and a full-blown restoration job. 211 altre parole


New Kid On The Block

Some months ago a friendly fellow with a VW T25/T3 campervan moved into our neighborhood. Now I pass by this van once or twice per day when I walk Leon dogwonder, and enjoy the occasional chat when I bump into the owner. 197 altre parole


Brazilian Bay advertising for Ireland

Just found this on German television: The Irish tourist authorities (Ireland.com) advertise Ireland’s 2500 km of Atlantic coast with a beautiful blue and white late bay campervan. 63 altre parole


New Zealand Splittie Campervan, re-visited!

A friend just returned from a four-week-trip to New Zealand and sent me photos of this beautiful T1 split window campervan. He spotted it this January 2015 in… 104 altre parole


All in...

It’s happened we have moved! We now live in Bulli! I am commuting into the fine city of Sydney and Chris starts his fine furniture making course at Sturt School for Wood next week! 438 altre parole

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