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alda: living in a tuscan farmhouse

My partner and I are renting a portion of a farmhouse turned into an apartment building in the middle of Tuscany Italy. It is in the most beautiful part of the countryside. 244 altre parole


Buongiorno Design

Hi everyone! So this month I was feeling particularly Italian, and for that reason I was inspired to create this design. I’m currently experimenting with florals and incorporating calligraphy and hand lettering into my doodles. 21 altre parole

Formal/Informal italian letter

Writing letters

Today we will learn how to write a formal or informal letter or email in Italian. The main structure is simple and it follows the normal structure of an English letter: addressee, date, greeting, main content, closing, signature. 514 altre parole

Italian greetings

Sometimes it is hard to understand how to say “Hello” to someone in Italy. The main problem English speakers have to face is: is “Ciao” too informal? 410 altre parole


Vorrei essere una lacrima per nascere dai tuoi occhi, vivere sul tuo viso e morire sulla tua bocca.

Cit. Jim Morrison

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