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Why do we collect?

In 1974 the Italian writer Italo Calvino wrote an essay called ‘Collection of Sand:

In a recent Paris exhibition about bizarre collections – collections of cowbells, bingo games, bottle-tops, terracotta whistles, train-tickets, spinning-tops, toilet-paper packaging, collaborators’- badges during the German occupations, embalmed frogs – the case with the collection of sand was the least showy but also the most mysterious, the one that seemed to have most things to say, even through the opaque silence imprisoned behind the glass of the jars’.

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Cronache in un giorno di sole    

Non si presta mai abbastanza attenzione alle piccole cose della vita. Eppure, nella maggior parte dei casi, sono quelle che provocano i cambiamenti più importanti della nostra esistenza.

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Foto E Pensieri


Today has been a tough day… There are so many things to be done, not so much time to do them, and I feel like everyone around me is so secure and confident. 369 altre parole


Italo Calvino: Mr Palomar - Review

Still undecided as whether to rate this 4 or 5. Brilliant little book. To try and assimilate a great book into a few words: it’s a series of literary meditations on the everyday world around us. 459 altre parole


Connections: Italo Calvino and Rabee Jaber on Memory

“The memories are still there, hidden in the grey tangle of the brain, in the damp bed of sand deposited on the bottom of the stream of thought: assuming its true, that is, that every grain of this mental sand preserves a moment of our lives fixed in such a way that it can never be erased yet buried under billions and billions of other grains. 60 altre parole

Literary Studies/Criticism/Theory

Italo Calvino in NYRB

The Movies of My Youth

An excerpt from Calvino’s intro to Fellini’s

Making a Film (Contra Mundum Press, 2015) 22 altre parole

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