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Cosmicomics, As a Whole

Cosmicomics is separated into 12 short stories, all of which follow tales of the formation of the universe we know today. Each short story begins with a description of the scientific process that the story will be based on. 104 altre parole

Cosmicomics (3/3)

Reading a Calvino novel always goes so fast for me. His writing flows so smoothly that I can easily go from page to page and forget.. 744 altre parole

Cosmicomics (2/3)

I’m going to start this continuation with…

Without Colors

Is about the world before colors (shocker), and everything around them is gray, without much physical definition. 604 altre parole

Cosmicomics (1/3)

Writing about Cosmicomics, seems to me to be a bit overwhelming. It is a collection of short stories about the moon and the Earth, told from a Qfwfq! 539 altre parole

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The Daughters of the Moon

This is my first time reading Calvino’s short story, published in the February 2009 issue of the New Yorker, called The Daughters of the Moon… 729 altre parole

#CALVINO : Esce GLI ELEFANTI, il primo disco del cantautore milanese


Esce oggi 14 maggio 2015 GLI ELEFANTI, il primo disco di CALVINO, progetto del cantautore milanese Niccolò Lavelli per l’etichetta DISCHI MANCINI. 578 altre parole

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