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Dargli spazio

« L’inferno dei viventi non è qualcosa che sarà; se ce n’è uno, è quello che è già qui, l’inferno che abitiamo tutti i giorni, che formiamo stando insieme. 59 altre parole


Mezzo mondo 

Ma i veri viaggiatori partono per partire e basta: cuori lievi, simili a palloncini che solo il caso muove eternamente, dicono sempre “Andiamo”, e non sanno perchè.

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The Metropolis’s Reflection – Mrazek & Calvino

I very quickly became aware of the fissures and dislocations within Bypasses and Flyovers, written by Mrazek. His language drifted off, mentioning a small detail along the roadside in Jakarta, to then veer off into a quote from some 20th century philosopher, only to return back to his own positionality. 485 altre parole

Philosophies of Heaven and Hell

I was asked to do this for my literature unit “Philosophies of Heaven and Hell”.

A creative writing piece that combines in an original piece of writing ideas from one city represented in Calvino’s ‘Invisible Cities’ and one painting representing ‘Heaven ‘ or ‘Hell’ (450 words); Paintings selected from google image or can be selected from the illustrations by Blake that accompany his poem ” The Marriage of Heaven or Hell”). 504 altre parole


18. Dissolving Time – Part 1

‘Essentially virtual (our past experience) cannot be known as something past unless we follow and adopt the movement by which it expands into a present image.’ (Bergson 1950: 173) 1.303 altre parole

The Whale and the Wind

I liked the whale weathervane at my aunt’s neighbor’s house and the idea of a whale being light enough to gauge the wind. Reminds me of Calvino’s essay on lightness.