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A predestinação e o show de marionetes

Deus não é um garoto brincando de queimar formigas com luz solar refletida em uma lupa. Deus não é um idoso sentando sobre o banco de uma praça jogando xadrez e eliminando os peões. 623 altre parole

Opinião, Crítica E Reflexão

Book recommendation: "Palomar" by Italo Calvino

I read this book when I was around 12 and I felt it matched my thoughts so exactly that it was almost scary. I have kept re-reading it, partly because I still like it a lot, and partly because it makes me remember the first time I read it. 171 altre parole


Bookstore Quotes and Memories

Loving bookstores and libraries is a trait I inherited from my parents (and theirs) and probably share with many readers of this blog.

Sad to say they are a dwindling breed in D.C. 396 altre parole


Calvino's American Cities

The Venetian traveller Marco Polo sits with Kublai Khan, who realizes his empire, like himself, is fading. Khan searches for a pattern in Polo’s recollections of cities travelled to and cities to come. 273 altre parole

Prior Affairs

Post-It Note Poetry 2018

It’s almost that time of year again*.

This February sees the return of Post-It Note Poetry (PINP) for the 6th year. Yes, this will be the sixth time I will have dedicated myself to writing very small pieces of poetry (of dubious quality) on post-it notes, or created poems of an equivalent size in honour of the original dare I had with Adam Byatt – to commit to writing a month of bad poetry on post-it notes. 340 altre parole

Micro Poetry