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Bookstore Quotes and Memories

Loving bookstores and libraries is a trait I inherited from my parents (and theirs) and probably share with many readers of this blog.

Sad to say they are a dwindling breed in D.C. 396 altre parole


Calvino's American Cities

The Venetian traveller Marco Polo sits with Kublai Khan, who realizes his empire, like himself, is fading. Khan searches for a pattern in Polo’s recollections of cities travelled to and cities to come. 273 altre parole

Prior Affairs

Post-It Note Poetry 2018

It’s almost that time of year again*.

This February sees the return of Post-It Note Poetry (PINP) for the 6th year. Yes, this will be the sixth time I will have dedicated myself to writing very small pieces of poetry (of dubious quality) on post-it notes, or created poems of an equivalent size in honour of the original dare I had with Adam Byatt – to commit to writing a month of bad poetry on post-it notes. 340 altre parole

Micro Poetry

Brussels as an Invisible City

Here in Brussels, I am part of a book club. We meet every month or so and select two books beforehand of which we have to read at least one. 385 altre parole


Stories Sans Speeches

This week I’ve come across two books that share an unusual link in their use of language and dialogue. The first – and more well-known – is William Faulkner’s… 784 altre parole