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Lovers' Cannibalism

‘When I first saw this,’ I told him in front of a Dali painted as if with brown melting cheese, ‘I didn’t think about the significance of cannibalism in the story of our senses, our desires and our loves – I didn’t ponder on the benefits of sampling the flavour we’ve instilled in the other. 331 altre parole


McElroy on Calvino

Yet then I remember the closing stories of t-zero in which the mind makes new space within patterns of imprisonment, and does so in speculations that accept analysis and technology not simply as the enemy but as models and targets of intense and vital attention.

My Invisible City

Sussurat is a city of dust and air. Varying ratios of each make up the walls of the homes and the grounds to be roamed. The inhabitants float through life, with an evolved sense of delicacy and prudence. 91 altre parole


Sotto il sole giaguaro

Hi all, I hope your 2016 is going well. Mine started under the sun of Mexico, where I’m spending a whole month relaxing, reading and working on my next book about the science of sensory perception. 279 altre parole


Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino: A Book Review

One of my closest of friends once read me a quote from this book that I could never really forget.

And Polo said: ‘The inferno of the living is not something that will be; if there is one, it is what is already here, the inferno where we live every day, that we form by being together . 413 altre parole


Italo Calvino: t zero - Review

To me, there’s virtually no doubt that Italo Calvino is a literary genius. Each one of his works create either a beautiful compendium of light and airy magical fables or tricky Borgesian fictional puzzles. 982 altre parole


¿Qué es el Día de la Reforma?

por R. C. Sproul

Un solo evento en un solo día cambió el mundo. Era octubre 31, 1517. El hermano Martín, un monje y erudito, había luchado por años con su iglesia, la iglesia en Roma. 639 altre parole