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“Di poeta cavallar mi feo”: il genio di Ludovico Ariosto tra vita cortigiana, narrazioni cavalleresche e... “viaggi lunari”!

Kirjoittanut: Domenico “Miko” Pardo

Ludovico Ariosto (1474 – 1533) fu uno dei maggiori esponenti della letteratura cinquecentesca. Ricordato soprattutto per il suo Orlando furioso, scrisse anche le… 988 altre parole

Kirjallisuus - Literature

What Makes a "Classic"

Why Read the Classics?

The existence of a “classical canon” in literature raises a multitude of questions when we begin to examine the idea itself. Which pieces of literature are considered classics? 651 altre parole

Invisible Cities - the joy of Italo Calvino's infinite possibilities

The book slides off the shelf, self-effacing, second hand. It’s bought and opened on the underground, and in the cliché so often employed to describe the magic of great fiction, it transported me to another world, or, in the case of… 778 altre parole

Postcardia-cum-Poetica #1

I’ve been writing postcards to my friend Kim since 2014. Changes to Australia Post operations this year (combined with life) have seen the number of postcards slowly dwindle. 101 altre parole

Micro Poetry

The Bookish Time Travel Tag!

As I rule, I don’t often get tagged for memes and the like, but englishlitgeek mentioned me in connection with a rather nice bookish time travel tag and I really couldn’t resist. 1.035 altre parole

Apartment Vibes

I moved into an apartment in Pézenas, France this week. Finding a French apartment has been one of my biggest stresses/excitements since I was accepted into TAPIF, and it turns out that none of that (for months and months and months) was actually necessary: my school had an apartment for me on campus, free of charge, furnished, with a roommate who (for the first time in my roommating-life) is even tidier than I am. 437 altre parole


Two Glimpses

The City-State of Calvino

The palace of President Emmanuel Vilgo sits between the city of Calvino and the sea. In the past, it was a magnificent sight to behold, with its white towers rising over the messy collection of two and three story buildings that is Calvino’s West Ward. 688 altre parole