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LCA-lookalike: Minolta AF-C

The Minolta AF-C is an autofocus 35 mm camera with a 6-element 35mm 1: 2.8 lens. The ISO can be adjusted from 25 to 1000. There are 2 × 3 v lithium CR 1 / 3N or 4 × 1.5 v LR44 batteries. 348 altre parole


Could someone edit pit stains out of a photograph for Me?

It’s an amateur photo of my sister. Just looking for someone who could edit out the sweat stain on the armpit after walking around all day 😂


Copal Shutter FStop Label Replacement?

I recently received a lens in a Copal #0 shutter that is missing the fstop label. It looks like that label is made of metal and screwed in, so I should be able to just get a new label and put it on. 11 altre parole


Why are blown-out highights pink instead of white with raw files from my Lumix LX100 in Darktable?

I switched to Linux and started using Darktable as my RAW processor. It is great and I love all of its functions. Lately I’ve tried to do some HDR shots and I noticed that the parts which are blown out have a pink hue. 142 altre parole


Home Alone... with Furbo

This blog post was kindly sponsored by Furbo via Karkalis Communications, all views and opinions remain our own.

Separation anxiety is something many dogs, and their owners experience. 634 altre parole


Why does my camera's automatic mode render both white and black cards as more of a medium grey?

Can anyone tell me why when taking the following 3 photos, in a room with natural light coming in and fill my viewfinder…

a) when I take a photo of a white piece of card it comes up as grey in colour? 45 altre parole


Leica M Accessories

Hi guys, I just made a video of my Leica M accessories. Check it out.

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