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The View Isn't Too Bad


On Thursday, it was finally warm enough to go outside. The sky was a bit gray and rain was potentially in the forecast, but it’s impossible to sit in bed all day when you’re in Rome. 525 altre parole

The Capitoline Museums: So sculpture, much good, wow.

Lots of people, when they visit Rome go up the huge Capitoline steps to see the Marcus Aurelius equestrian monument, the fancy pavement, and enjoy the view. 215 altre parole


Ciao! Inspirations from Rome

It seems unfair that we’ve posted about Paris and Singapore more than once when Rome is our most visited city. Maybe it’s because our creative director is learning the Italian language, or we love the visual and design flair of Italian magazines like… 57 altre parole

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Sometimes Italy Surprises You

It’s not really a secret that Rome is full of surprises. Most would agree that it’s a city lacking any semblance of organization, whether regarding city planning (but what can you expect from a 2,000+-year-old place built on top of itself dozens of times?), driving, bureaucracy, or even just standing in line. 817 altre parole


The Capitoline Hill, Rome

The Capitoline Hill, between the Forum and the Campus Martius, is one of the seven hills of Rome. It was the citadel (equivalent of the ancient Greek acropolis) of the earliest Romans. 77 altre parole