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Stirred's Guide to Fresh Pasta

Fresh pasta is made with eggs and a soft flour which the Italians call ‘00’ flour or ‘doppio zero’ as it is extra fine. Fresh egg pasta is traditionally from Northern Italy and in particular the northern region of Emilia Romagna who have perfected it into a velvet like pasta which matches sauces that are often meat or cream based. 1.515 altre parole

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Caviar Restaurant Spotlight: Osteria Morini

As a Foodie in Residence, I have the opportunity to get behind the scenes at one of Caviar’s partnering restaurants and learn about how some of their dishes are prepared. 499 altre parole


Cappelletti di Natale (Christmas Cappelletti)

If you thought that 400 different kinds of cheeses was a daunting variety, you should be aware that almost every household has its own recipe for tomato sauce. 501 altre parole


pasta-making class

results of pasta class:

hand-pulling orecchiette:

agnolotti filled with rabbit and pork


Golden Day 115: Reggio Emilia with Marilena Maioli

I’m so grateful to have connected with Marilena Maioli. She is a corporate lawyer who has traveled the world, loved all her experiences, but always comes back to her home town: … 914 altre parole