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Book Diary - February to April 2015

‘Excursion to Tindari’ by Andrea Camilleri

Sunday 1st February – Friday 6th February

‘The Scent of the Night’ by Andrea Camilleri

Friday 6th February – Monday 9th February… 488 altre parole

Book Diary

Floris e la Rai

Ecco la notizia di giornata: Floris lascia la Rai.

Va premessa una cosa: per affrontare seriamente il tema bisogna fare attenzione a non cadere nella trappola della demagogia, il perché è presto detto. 239 altre parole

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As part of The Metropolis Blue Literary Festival, I attended readings by three renowned international crime writers.

The readings were held at Drawn and Quarterly… 450 altre parole

Koethi Zan

Saturday Eurocrime: Inspector De Luca 4

And so our sojourn in mid-century Italy, and its volatile political background,comes to a somewhat indeterminate end with the final Inspector De Luca of four. ‘Via Delle Oche’ adapts the final book of Carlo Lucarelli’s trilogy, in which the theme appears to be that of return, albeit a temporary one. 1.467 altre parole

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Saturday Eurocrime: Inspector De Luca 3

This series is getting increasingly fascinating.

I’ve been doing a little research (about time, I hear some of you say) in to Inspector De Luca novels. 1.133 altre parole

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Saturday Eurocrime: Inspector De Luca 2

It appears that I misinformed myself last week (never a difficult thing when relying on an Italian Wikipedia entry through Google Translate), and only the first episode of the… 1.092 altre parole

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Inspector De Luca: not a fascist, not a partisan. Just a cop

Bernie Gunther is probably the most famous fictional police detective who struggles to hang on to his principles while working within a fascist state. But Philip Kerr’s creation isn’t the only investigator at work in wartime Europe. 650 altre parole