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The Declawed Paw: The Leopard By Giuseppe Di Lampedusa (1958)

There was no Italy in 1860 or for centuries before that.  Pieces and principalities controlled by different powers existed, to be sure.  Among these was the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies in the south, comprised of Sicily and Naples and ruled by a Bourbon king under thrall to Austria. 1.269 altre parole

Would you like to prepare a delightful tiramisù? It's easy! (I. Level B2).

“Carry me up”, that’s the meaning!

Ingredients you need:

500 gr Italian mascarpone cheese
4 eggs
120 gr sugar
400 gr of Italian savoiardi cookies… 742 altre parole

Italian Grammar


 Il Risorgimento italiano

Il nostro Paese conquistò l’indipendenza dopo una serie di moti rivoluzionari, che diventarono poi vere e proprie guerre contro gli occupanti stranieri. Per conquistare l’unità in Italia si combatterono tre Guerre d’indipendenza.

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Discovery: Cavour's maternal grandmother was buried in Livorno.

In Italy, notwithstanding a profound religious culture, cemetery studies are a very understudied subject if one compares what other countries are doing. This is one of the main reasons for which, when analyzing Livorno’s cemeteries and their archives, the potential for discoveries is definitely high as very few researchers have studied many of their aspects in depth; this is also one of the reasons which fueled my curiosity and engagement in this research spanning almost two decades. 984 altre parole


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