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Why Choose? The Latest in Makeup Offers Both Color and Skin Care Benefits

Is it makeup? Is it skin care? Yes and yes! These days, high-tech makeup offers more than just coverage and color.

It’s a light-as-air matte tint that goes on like a fluid and transforms into a sheer wash of powder color. 293 altre parole


Althea Haul & Unboxing

Times they are a’changing in the US for Asian Beauty fans! KBeauty is now available at CVS, Japan Post is banning sunscreen shipments, and Memebox US, the  536 altre parole


February Beauty Favorites: From Tigers to Snails

It’s been a busy month of new beauty, a new job, and wrapping up the latest issue of Composure (my last — sob). But in the middle of what should have been a calm, post-holiday month, I’ve been testing products like crazy, which may account for the sudden itchiness I feel around my jawline. 698 altre parole


Product Review: Make P:rem In-Shower Face Mask

The upside of winter: nice, long, hot showers. The downside of winter: dry, tight, crinkly skin after those nice, long, hot showers.

Enter Make P:rem In-Shower Face Mask. 622 altre parole


Vallarai Thuvaiyal

Vallarai keerai or Centella Asiatica is a wonderful herb mainly used for improving memory. It is always better to use these fresh leaves in our food than taking as capsules. 204 altre parole


Pengalaman Hidup di #UsiaCantik yang Mendewasakan

Pengalaman Hidup di #UsiaCantik yang Mendewasakan  Tanpa terasa tahun 2016 akan segera berlalu. Begitu pula bilangan usia yang terus bergerak maju. Belakangan aku sering berpikir tentang apa yang sudah aku lakukan di sepanjang usia. 1.171 altre parole


3 Day Creams that Didn’t Work & Lessons Learned

This independence day weekend, I decided I am going to emancipate myself from the backlog of half-finished reviews taunting me from my drafts folder every time I log into my wordpress account. 1.343 altre parole